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All codes for Race Clicker Roblox (November 2023)


All codes for Race Clicker Roblox (January 2023)

Race Clicker is a popular simulator in Roblox where players have to click on the screen as fast as possible before each race to increase their top speed. Winnings here are a special currency that can be used to purchase pets that provide bonuses to the character's maximum speed. In this guide, we have collected all the active codes for this game.

How to activate codes in Race Clicker

  1. Launch the Race Clicker game.
  2. On the right side of the screen, look for the checkmark icon that says "Codes".
  3. Click on this menu item to open the input line.
  4. Paste one of the valid codes and click "Redeem".

Current Codes for Race Clicker

All codes below are checked by us at the beginning of each month. If you encounter a problem or find an inaccuracy, you can write about it in the comments.

  • ULTRAHUGEUPDATE – ten x3 luck boosts and ten x3 win boosts (new!)
  • happyanniversaryraceclicker – boost bundle
  • sorryforanotherrejoin – two x5 acceleration boosts
  • 500mvisits – x3 luck boost
  • goodupdate – x3 win boost
  • happy4thofjuly – free rewards
  • freepet – win and luck boosts
  • forgiveusfornoupdate – win and luck boosts
  • x330min5  – two times triple win boost
  • x3wincode2 – triple wins
  • x3upd1 – triple wins
  • winsop2 – triple wins
  • NEWCODEWIN1 – triple wins
  • FREEPET1 – limited time free pet
  • X3WOWCODE – triple wins and triple luck for 15 minutes
  • obbyboost – free wins and boosts
  • UPDATECLICKCODE – temporary free auto clicker
  • 500KLikes – 100 free wins
  • Almost100MVisits – 25 free wins
  • ThankYou50M – 25 free wins
  • 1MGroupMembers – 15 free wins
  • ThanksFor5MillionsVisits – eight free wins
  • LetsGo5KLikes – six free wins
  • NewUpdate – three free wins

Codes that supposedly work or are not active at all

  • hallowx3
  • Accelhidden
  • candy500

Why didn't the code work?

There are several types of promo codes. Some come with a limited expiration date, while others come with a limited number of activations. If you entered a promo code and it didn't work, check the spelling of the code, and also remove the extra spaces that might have appeared while copying the text.