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Best characters in Tekken 7, who ends up at the top of the tier-list?

 We've put together a short list of the best characters on Tekken 7, to get you back on track before the next installment arrives this year.

To prepare well for the arrival of Tekken 8, we suggest you warm up on the current opus, and to do this, we have prepared a small list, as objective as possible, of the best fighters according to their strengths, and their weaknesses. and their difficulty.

If you are looking for a good character to start with, the list we have compiled for you in this article can also help you!

Who is the best character in Tekken 7?

Here is an anthology of the fighters who are considered the best on the roster: 

  • Akuma: famous fighter from the Street Fighter franchise, Akuma represents an unstoppable and destructive force, it is felt in his gameplay as in his lore. It has devastating combos, quick to start that will do a lot of damage during your matches. He excels at harassing, so avoid getting too far away from your opponent.
  • Leroy: This old man may seem weak at first, but think again, this experienced fighter is often seen as a good choice for new players thanks to his easy to execute combos while having the ability to be played at high levels thanks to its strong ability to extricate itself from combos. 
  • Fahkumram: the Muay Thai champion is considered by many to be the best character in the game, despite some nerves, especially on his mobility, he has powerful pokes that can easily prevent the opponent from starting his combo. Its greatest asset remains its potential to charge the opponent and block him against a wall, to chain him with terrible combos.
  • Paul: the martial arts champion, not being exceptional in poke, shines through very powerful combos and excels in keeping his opponents under constant pressure, particularly thanks to his ease in blocking an opponent against a wall, which usually seals the outcome of the fight if Paul is in good hands. 
  • Geese Howard: Geese, the organized crime boss meanwhile, is a solid choice if you're an experienced player looking for high versatility. His particular asset is his counter which allows him to swap places with the opponent, which can easily turn a match in his favor.

We present below our overall tier list of the Tekken 7 season 4 roster. In our opinion, you may not agree, but these are the vagaries of the tier list!

Who is the best character in Tekken 7?

Well, there really isn't one character that's vastly superior to the others, in itself the game has over fifty playable characters so it's unlikely. Depending on your style of play, you will have more difficulty fighting some of them, whether they pokent often, whether they are very good in combos or in escapes, it depends on you. So find a character you like and jump into battle!