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Black sites on Warzone, how does it work?

 Have you ever wondered how black sites work in Warzone 2? Breakflip tells you where to find them and what they are for.

Black sites on Warzone, how does it work?

Warzone 2 is an FPS game developed by infinity Ward and published by Activision. It was released onNovember 16, 2022forXbox SeriesS|X,PS5, PS4, Xbox One,andPC.

Blacksites in Warzone 2 can be found in specific locations and allow you to get many things like weapon blueprints or better yet. Breakflip tells you where to find them.

Where are the black sites in Warzone 2? 

Black sites are located near fortresses. You will then have to face many AIs or bots. You will have to defuse a bomb present in the place. Once the bomb is neutralized, you will then be rewarded with a key that will allow you to access a black site.

Many players covet this key and you will most likely have to fight in order to stay alive and keep it. Once this key is in your possession and secure, you will then have to go to one of the areas marked on your map and then use your key in order to enter the site.

You will then once again face many AIs or bots that you will have to eliminate. Once this is done, you can then head to your loot. Weapon blueprints and many high - level rewards are yours! 

Congratulations! You now know how to get a key to go to black sites. You can now conquer black sites alone or with friends.