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Deck Thor Marvel Snap, what is the best combination for the character?

 In Marvel Snap, do you have to match cards to create a deck? You are given the best association for the character Thor.

Marvel Snap, the new card game centered on Marvel comic book heroes, has been available since October 18, 2022, on PC and Android, and iOS mobiles. Within the title, you will be able to collect different characters.

Among the set of existing cards, there are some that work with different effects such as Discard or even Continuous. However, players are wondering what is the best deck for the Thor card and according to the Marvel Snap Zone site, it would be a combination with Lockjaw.

What is the best card combination with Thor in Marvel Snap?

If you're looking to find out what the best deck for Thor is, well, according to the site and user Mateto ( source ), it would be a deck around Lockjaw and Jane Foster Mighty Thor. You will also associate Wasp with it. To learn more about the strategy of this deck, you can consult the instructions given by Mateto.

What is the best card combination with Thor in Marvel Snap