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Elden Ring: leak of a massive extension of the game

 Some Elden Ring players are wondering if the content could be renewed soon. Leaks seem to indicate that a DLC could be released.

Elden Ring is available since February 25, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and some players are wondering if another extension could be added soon.

At the moment we have no official information that has been communicated by From Software or Bandai Namco Entertainment. However, leaks seem to indicate a possible arrival of a DLC.

A major expansion coming to Elden Ring?

If you're looking to find out if a major expansion will be coming to Elden Ring in the coming months, well, at this time, we don't have any official announcements made about it or any teasers from the developers. However, a well-known dataminer, Lance MacDonald has indicated on his Discord that a huge DLC is coming to Elden Ring. A screen of the discussion is also available on Reddit.

A major expansion coming to Elden Ring?

According to the leaker, this possible future DLC could be as long as the base experience on Elden Ring . Obviously, these remarks are to be taken with tweezers and finally, the leaker does not indicate much about this possible extension.