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Emergency wall in the Escape From Tarkov shelter - how to destroy, where to find a sledgehammer and how to build a gym


Emergency wall in the Escape From Tarkov shelter

With the release of update, many interesting mechanics have been added to Escape from Tarkov. Today we're going to talk about a strange emergency wall that has appeared in the hideout of all players. And also tell you why it is needed and how to destroy it.

Why do you need an emergency wall in a shelter? How to get rid of debuffs

After another reset of statistics, which took place shortly before the onset of 2023, many players noticed a new activity in their shelter - a crash wall . When aiming at an object, you may notice that in this state, the wall not only does not give any bonuses, but also adds some debuffs to your fighter.

Standard debuffs:

  • Fuel consumption +10%;
  • Energy Recovery -6 EP/hr (56 EP/hr total);
  • Health regeneration -46 HP/h (411 HP/h total);
  • Additional experience in the raid -6%;
  • Speeding up the leveling of the "Physical" skill group -6%.

To temporarily reduce these figures, you need to wipe the floor with fleece. In this case, the negative impact will remain but will be reduced by exactly two times. There will also be a new action - "Disassemble the wall". If you press the button, you will see that this will require a sledgehammer "Fierce Blow".

How to destroy the emergency wall

The cracked wall in your shelter is leaking and, as we have already noted, you will first need to wipe the floor with a fleece cloth several times. This item is in the inventory of all fighters from the very beginning of the game, but you can also find it in raids.

To destroy the wall, you need to find a sledgehammer. You will have to do this yourself since at the moment it is not possible to purchase an item at a flea market. This bug will probably be fixed in the future.

Where to find a sledgehammer

During the search, we came across this item three times on different maps, but always in large wooden boxes of technical supplies. Similar containers are scattered throughout all existing locations.

However, some players report that they have found a sledgehammer on the ground, in some hangars or former repair shops. We recommend carefully inspecting the following cards:

  • "Customs" (we managed to find a sledgehammer on this map twice);
  • "Forest" (here we were also able to find a sledgehammer);
  • "Reserve" ;
  • "Decoupling" ;
  • "Lighthouse" .
The sledgehammer itself is not too heavy and weighs only 5.5 kilograms, but it takes up a lot of space in the inventory - 10 slots (5x2) . If you really plan to find this item, then you will have to stock up on a capacious backpack, otherwise you simply won’t be able to carry it away.

Why destroy the wall and how to build a gym

After you wipe the floor, find a sledgehammer and destroy the main part of the wall in the shelter, you will have to break the wall with other tools. To do this, you will need some items and 3 hours of real time:

  • Tool kit (1);
  • Metal shears (1).
These items are also easy to find in tech crates and various caches. Metal shears , for example, can often be found on shelves in large hangars, so carefully inspect such buildings. A set of tools can be exchanged with merchants, but it's easier to find it yourself. If it seems to you that the number of tools is incomparable with the construction of an entire gym, then you are right, because the work with the wall does not end there.

The next step will be the complete destruction of the emergency wall, behind which you can already see the door to the mysterious room of your shelter. To get rid of it, you will have to find an impressive list of various resources:

  • Corrugated hose" (2);
  • Mounting tape (1);
  • Tool kit (1);
  • Elite pliers (1);
  • Metal parts (5);
  • Mounting foam Xenomorph (1);
  • Wires (2);
  • Incandescent lamp (2).
All of the above items can be found in raids or purchased at a flea market . Note that access to the global market opens at level 15 of character leveling.

We recommend going into raids on your own, as it will bring you much more fun from the gameplay. First, you will need to wait 12 hours of real time before the wall is completely dismantled. After you are done, you can proceed to the construction of the gym.

Construction of a gym

Now that the wall that so much time and resources have been spent on is completely destroyed, you can start building a full-fledged gym for your fighter. The list of resources, as well as the time spent on building, are not as significant here as, for example, in the previous steps of this guide. To do this, you will need to spend the following items:

  • Tool kit (1);
  • Electric drill (1);
  • Metal shears (1);
  • Nuts (3);
  • Bolts (3);
  • WD-40 100 ml (1);
  • Insulating tape (1).
After collecting the necessary resources, you can finally start building. It will take 4 hours of real-time to complete it completely.

Why do you need a gym? What characteristics can be pumped to your fighter

After a hard search for a sledgehammer, collecting various resources and waiting a considerable amount of time, you have finally finished the job of establishing a gym in your hideout. But why is it needed? The answer is quite simple: the gym allows you to pump some characteristics of your fighter outside the raid, namely "Strength" and "Stamina" . It is worth noting that before the last major update, there was no such possibility in Escape from Tarkov.

You need to press LMB in time when the circle reaches the green mark. If you stop him in the right place, then your fighter will receive bonuses for pumping.

Don't forget to feed your character before the start of the mini-game, as the Energy and Hydration scores drop rapidly as you train.

Be sure to make sure that your fighter does not train too much, otherwise you can get debuffs that will negatively affect "Strength" and "Stamina" :

  • "Mild muscle pain" - the increase in skills in the gym is reduced by 50%;
  • "Severe Muscle Pain" - when you get this condition, the increase in skills in the gym is reduced by 100%.
Battlestate Games is constantly refining and improving its project. The construction of a shelter segment such as a sports hall is a welcome innovation. We are confident that the developer will continue to delight us with unique content and new mechanics.