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FF7: Crisis Core: Defeat Wrath Bahamut - Here's how - Game Guide

 The Wrath Bahamut is very durable, because you don't just meet her once, but three times. A version of it is nearly invincible unless you know what its weak point is. Here we show you how to emerge victorious from the battle.

FF7: Crisis Core: Defeat Wrath Bahamut - Here's how - Game Guide

Where can I find the Wrath Bahamut?

A battle with the Wrath Bahamut is mandatory throughout the story. In Chapter Four, you face the monster for the first time. You have to unlock the other two opportunities first because these fights are missions.

Unlocks Missions 5-1-4 (Experiment #104) and 8-5-6 (Treasure Hunter Info-6) to compete against them in them. We show you the exact activation conditions in our linked mission overview.

Battle with Wrath Bahamut

Due to their oversized size, you will find yourself on a large battlefield, at the end of which stands the Wrath Bahamut. Since she's more than twice your height, camera work can be a bit tricky. All three fights are similar, but the monster is getting stronger and more resistant to your attacks.

The first fight increases Zack's emotions for Aerith, so the healing wave will come more often than usual. A blessing to you as you will need every healing. Each version of the Wrath Bahamut has a special attack called Exa Flare. She shoots herself into space and charges you with devastating damage.

Since Wrath Bahamut first halves elemental damage and later completely negates it, you should focus on physical attacks. This is especially important when she launches the Exa Flare attack and you need to get the 100% gauge down as far as possible. You only have a short window of opportunity here, and spells are sometimes relatively slow.

As protection, you should always conjure up a ban or wall on you. This minimizes the damage you take by a good bit and you are not always at the bottom of the LP bar. Regena is also useful, but we only recommend this if your MP points are still low. Because the TPs come steadily, but very slowly.


Before the fight, you can also stop by the foyer of the Shinra building and speak to a lady who will be handing out test samples there. This test sample has the same effect as a phoenix feather and Zack will be revived after a deathblow. While this only works once, you can get the potion as many times as you want once you've used it up.

Except for exa-flare, the attacks of the Wrath Bahamut can all be blocked or you can dodge them directly. When she charges up an attack, run to the other end of the platform. This also allows you to avoid many attacks, as they only have a limited range.

Wrath Bahamut takes no damage - what to do?

At times, the Wrath Bahamut can be immune to magical or physical attacks. You can tell by the fact that she casts a barrier and your hit points go to zero. Pay attention to the barrier she casts. A physical barrier requires you to damage and dispel with magic and a magic barrier with normal attack techniques.

It becomes particularly problematic in mission 8-5-6, because there the Wrath Bahamut conjures up a complete barrier several times, which means that normal attacks and magic simply fizzle out. You can only do damage with Genesis' special attack "Apocalypse" or you can equip a special attack.

The Hammer Strike, Magic Strike, and Desperate Strike are materia that can break through barriers. You can either find the attacks in chests or craft them yourself with Materia. To do this, use a high-level materia that acts for the DBW wave and a powerful spell such as Flare or Ultima.

The Hammer Blow breaks through physical barriers, the Magic Blow breaks through magical barriers, and the Desperate Blow breaks through both barriers. However, he always takes a piece of your own life from you, so be careful when using it. You can get the Desperate Blow, for example, with the following fusion: "Hammer Blow + Lion's Courage = Desperate Blow"

You can now permanently damage the Wrath Bahamut with this materia. If you break the damage limit at the same time with the help of items (e.g. the Genji circlet), you can do more than 9,999 TP damage. If you level up high enough, you can get the maximum 99,999 damage out.

Now you should be well prepared against the Wrath Bahamut and emerge victorious in the battle. By successfully completing the 8-5-6 mission, you will also receive the Wrath Bahamut as a DBW and unlock its special attack.