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Fire Emblem Engage: Change class and get master seal - Game Guides

 Changing classes is an important mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage to get the most out of your characters. There is a wide variety of classes that all of your characters can switch to as well. In this guide, we will tell you exactly how this works.

Fire Emblem Engage: Change class and get master seal - Game Guides

Requirements to change class

Your characters are initially assigned to a base class. If you train them enough, you have the opportunity to switch to an experienced class. You must meet the following conditions for this:

  • Your character must be at least level 10.
  • Your character must master the necessary weapon skills.
  • You need a master's seal.

In addition, you can switch from one base class to another base class. It is also possible to switch from an experienced class to another experienced class or to a basic class. For this, you need a secondary seal and the appropriate weapon skills. However, there is no level requirement.

When all this is in place, you can perform a class change. To do this, open the menu and go to “Inventory” . If you now select a character, you will find the "Change class" option in the next window. The class menu lists all the classes you can switch to. For classes that are greyed out, the character does not yet meet the requirements.

Acquired Master's Seal and Sub-Seal

The class change will only be interesting for you from Chapter 8. Starting in Chapter 8, you can buy master and secondary seals in the Somniel's shop for 2,500 gold each. The number is limited but will increase as chapters are completed. Beginning in Chapter 18, the store offers unlimited master and secondary seals. But you also get the seals here and there as a reward or find them in chests. Because of this, it's possible to get hold of a few seals before Chapter 8.

learn weapon skills

If you want to experiment and see your characters in completely new classes, you'll need to learn new weapon skills. You can learn these skills from emblems as you level up the band. For example, if you want a character to learn how to use a sword, you can give the character the Ring of Marth and then strengthen the bond up to level 5. The fastest way to do this is in the arena during emblem training by investing in a few ribbon fragments. For level 5 you only need 400 fragments.

When should I change classes?

The maximum level is 20, but you can advance in the class from level 10. So you're probably wondering when you should move up to the higher tier. If you wait until level 20, your character will eventually have higher stats. Ultimately, though, it's not as crucial as it was in older Fire Emblem games. If you later reach level 20 with the experienced class, you can reset your level back to level 1 with a second seal (the status values ​​remain the same), so that you can keep leveling up.