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Fire Emblem Engage: how long does the game last?

The new Fire Emblem game has just been released and many questions arise around this second opus on Nintendo Switch. In particular, what is the lifespan of the game?

Fire Emblem Engage: how long does the game last?

Fire Emblem: Engage is the brand new title of the now legendary license released on January 20, 2023, on Nintendo Switch. Since 1990, the Fire Emblem license has had a lot of fans and has expanded its community as new games are released. The latest installment Fire Emblem Three Houses was released in 2019 so fans were eagerly awaiting this new title.

With the arrival of Fire Emblem Engage, players are asking a lot of questions about the gameplay, the items to collect for your allies. Questions can also be asked about the lifespan of this Fire Emblem opus.

What is the lifespan of Fire Emblem Engage? 

Just released, of course, we don't have many numbers yet from players who started the game today. On the other hand, we already know information about the game like the number of chapters it has. This can allow us to make assumptions about the duration of the game: 

  • Finish the main story: between 35 and 42 hours
  • Speedrun: between 25 and 28 hours 
  • Do 100% of the game: + 80 hours 
All these figures are of course only estimates because the experience will vary for many people, especially with the choice of the difficulty mode. In addition, if you take the “Permadeath” mode,  this risks increasing your playing time by thinking more about the combat phases since if you lose an ally, you lose him for the rest of the other confrontations. 

If you want to follow in the next few days precise figures of the lifespan of the game, we advise you to go to the HowLongToBeet site.

You can even participate by entering the time you took to complete the game, whether it's the main story alone or with the side quests, but also 100% of the game which will take you a long time. You can also on this site compare with the times of the old Fire Emblem including the "Three Houses" to have another range of additional time.