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Fire Emblem Engage Permadeath mode: what does the "Permadeath" mode add?

 The new Fire Emblem Engage game released recently offers already-known game mechanics that will spice up your gaming experience such as the “Permadeath” mode.

Fire Emblem Engage Permadeath mode: what does the "Permadeath" mode add?

The new game from the Fire Emblem license was released on January 20, 2023, on Nintendo Switch. One of the most anticipated Nintendo games of the year along with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This opus is a return that pleases fans and the press with very good reviews. 

Fire Emblem Engage is a JRPG that stays in line with the old ones with new characters and similar and simple-to-understand combat mechanics so as not to lose old players, but also to reach a new audience. For those more experienced in the fighting style and strategy of Fire Emblem or those who want a challenge, Nintendo has set up a mode that might interest you: "Permadeath".

What is special about the "Permadeath" mode in Fire Emblem Engage?

For those who are afraid that the lifespan is too short, we can advise you to use a mode specific to the Fire Emblem license: the " Permadeath " mode, or Permanent Death. 

This mode is especially important in the combat phases of the game, since if in the middle of a confrontation, you lose an ally, then this means that it will be unusable for the rest of your campaign. This mode is very strategic and will force you to think carefully about the positioning and attacks of your units because the pressure of losing an ally will always be present. 

It is also possible not to play with this mode, the choice is made at the start of the game since you have two possible choices: 

  • Classic mode with “Permadeath”
  • Casual mode without “ Permadeath ”
Despite the choice at the start of the game in previous Fire Emblems, it was possible to change the mode from Classic to Casual, but the reverse was not possible. 

If you start a "Permadeath" game, it is still recommended that you are used to playing strategy / tactical games. Even if in this opus, you can (once per fight) use a rollback to change your choices or recover a character lost in combat. 

This “Permadeath” mode will see you resume your saves to avoid losing characters to whom you have attached yourself or continue the adventure with several losses in your ranks.