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Fire Emblem Engage: Recruit all characters and unlock Emblem rings - Game Guides

 In Fire Emblem Engage, the characters are the most important component of the game. There are over 35 playable characters to recruit into your army. In addition, you will receive emblem rings that you can use to summon legendary heroes. In this guide, we will tell you how to get all the characters and rings.

Fire Emblem Engage: Recruit all characters and unlock Emblem rings

Characters you automatically recruit

Of course, since many players enjoy Fire Emblem Engage in classic mode with permadeath, there must be enough characters that automatically join you as the game progresses. In fact, most of the characters in the game are unmissable. In the following table, we summarize which heroes these are and in which chapters you get them.

van derChapter 1
clanneChapter 2
frameChapter 2
AlfredChapter 3
EtieChapter 3
BoucheronChapter 3
CelineChapter 4
ChloéChapter 4
LouisChapter 4
YunakaChapter 6
AlcrystChapter 7
lapisChapter 7
citrineChapter 7
diamondChapter 8
ambergrisChapter 8
ivyChapter 11
zelkovChapter 11
KagetsuChapter 11
FogadoChapter 12
PandreoChapter 12
bunchChapter 12
TimerraChapter 13
MerrinChapter 13
panetsChapter 13
HydrangeaChapter 14
SeadallChapter 15
RosadoChapter 16
gold maryChapter 16
MauvierChapter 21
VeyleChapter 22

Optional characters you can recruit

There are also four characters that you can optionally win for your team. In order to do this, you must go to the appropriate character as Alear for the "Talk" command to appear. In the following table, we summarize the activation conditions very precisely.

characterunlock condition
jeanAfter completing Chapter 5, the side quest "Burning Talent" appears on the world map, with which you have to help Jean, among others. Go with Alear to Jean and talk to him to recruit him.
annAfter completing Chapter 6, the Mysterious Merchant side quest will appear on the world map with Anna hiding in a chest. Open the appropriate chest and talk to her as Alear to recruit her.
jadeIs an ally in Chapter 9. Talk to her as Alear or Diamond to recruit her.
sapphireIs an ally in Chapter 19. Talk to her as Alear to recruit her.

All Emblem Rings

Since it is your task in the game to collect all the emblem rings, you will get them all automatically as you progress through the game. Only the DLC emblems, which you can buy as part of the expansion pass, are optional. Below we summarize in which chapters you get all the rings for the first time.

MarthRing of the Hero Kingprolog
SigurdRing of the Holy KnightChapter 3
CelicaKind Princess RingChapter 4
MicaiahRing of the Daughter of LightChapter 6
RoyRing of the young lionChapter 8
LeifWise Lord's RingChapter 8
LynRing of the Lady of the PlainsChapter 11
LucinaRing of the ExaltedChapter 11
IkeRing of the Radiant HeroChapter 13
BylethMagister's ringChapter 14
CorrinRing of the World ChangerChapter 15
Eirika and EphraimRing of the Azure TwinsChapter 16
Edelgard, Dimitri and ClaudeRing of RivalsDLC
TikiRing of DragonsDLC