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For Honor Crossplay, can we play the game in cross platform?

 The game is not very recent, in place for several years, one can always wonder if it is possible to play crossplay in For Honor.

Released in 2017, the medieval fighting game made a lot of noise when it was released for its new mechanics and its customization system which brought freshness to the genre.

The game from Ubisoft is intended to be mainly multiplayer but also designed to be played with a controller. It may happen that you want to play with your friends, but you are not on the same platform, one on PC and the other on Xbox, this is where Crossplay comes into play.

Is crossplay available on For Honor?

For almost a year, crossplay has been implemented in the game on the occasion of the launch of the 6ᵉ year, bringing together PC, PS4, and Xbox One players, in a single matchmaking.

This is good news, because, unlike the FPS, For Honor is designed to be played with a controller and crossplay is therefore optimal since console and PC players are finally on an equal footing! 

Is crossplay available on For Honor?

While this is good news, the arrival of crossplay in these war-ravaged lands did not bode well. The reason is simple, the drop in players on each platform had caused a matchmaking queue that was way too high. 

After many patches and well- stocked seasons , the game is now in a fairly stable and mature state, unlike the servers at the start of the game. You can now engage in the battle with body and soul!