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Forspoken: Chapter 1: Links Walkthrough

 Complete Chapter 1: Forspoken Bonds with our guide. Roam the streets and escape from a series of unexpected problems on the way home.

After a brief intro, where they will explain the situation of Frey, the protagonist of Forspoken, in detail, you will be able to read three documents that tell you a little more about her past. Pick them in any order. After the sequence, you will be shown how to use the objective interface. When it's done, head towards the target, there's not much else you can do. Yeah, this game should have been out a month ago, right? Everything would have fit much more... but oh well.

Keep going until the marker moves and you will see a sequence.

Hey, the chick is a Spider-Man wannabe. The game is from Sony, they have the rights, it could be. Once the sequence is over, it will explain the basics of basic parkour. It is simply to sprint and press X when you come to obstacles, the classic control of most games. Once you have left the alley, you must run in the direction of the works. After the short sequence, the marker to follow will appear again to continue with the story.

Once safe, you have to interact with the fire escape to get to the balcony and enter the apartment. Let's see, I see some security problems in this approach, but hey.

When you're in the apartment, the Archive walkthrough will appear. It's... well, that's what it sounds like. A file with all kinds of information that can be useful to you or be simple lore. Ha! Check out Frey's last name in the Archive! I told you, IT'S SPIDER-MAN. Hey? Ah yes, back to the guide. Take a look around the apartment, interacting with the objects of interest (an icon will appear on the interface when you get closer) to know more about your surroundings. The last one will be a bag in the closet in the back room, it won't activate until you examine the others.

Once the sequence is over, go back to the living room to watch another sequence. When you regain control of Frey, look for Homaer under the sink. He interacts with the door you exited through and then the cardboard blocking the window. At the end of the sequence, he goes down the ladder from the platform and towards the marker.

Forspoken: Chapter 1: Links Walkthrough

When you get to the window and see the golden bracelet, continue along the ledge, go up to the container and you can enter the building. Go downstairs and interact with the artifact. You will get the Bonds trophy and proceed to Chapter 2: Lovers.