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Forspoken: Chapter 10: None the Wiser walkthrough

To where?

After saying goodbye to Robian, you've reached the Breaking Point and cut ties with Auden, and your only chance to return to New York may be in the Cipal archives.

Unfortunately, Johedy can't help you, and you have no choice but to find Tannta Cinta to learn more about the toranas. However, as you exit the city, a storm of Mist engulfs you...


You wake up in your apartment in New York. Interact with the cat food in the kitchen, the sneakers on the wall, the magazine on the cabinet by the window, the book next to the TV, and the gym bag in the bedroom to trigger a phone call.

Forspoken: Chapter 10: None the Wiser walkthrough

Put on your coat from the closet in the bedroom, and exit the building.

Outside, follow the markers until you come across Judge Maya Bird. Then keep moving forward, and you'll see a few question marks on the way. Approach it to trigger events, and continue to your destination.

After getting to know Tannta Olas during the cutscene, you need to find a way out of her delusion. To do this, you must destroy the oryggi lanterns on your way. This will allow you to get rid of all enemies at once, and open new paths to progress. You must destroy 4 lanterns. The first is surrounded by a few Mist zombies, the second by a small group of Gruagach, the third by a horde of Mist zombies, and the fourth by Arbitrary Assessors.

Then, the operation must be repeated with bardaga lanterns, which are protected by an enchantment. To release and destroy them, you must eliminate all the enemies present, and break the lantern before the enchantment takes shape again. This time, there are 3 lanterns to destroy. The first two follow the same pattern as the Oryggi Lanterns with first Mist Zombies, then Gruagach, and the third pits you against a Goliath.

This done, a new cinematic is triggered, and you are transported to a new area with a new type of enemy: the Fanatical Docte. All magic works against him, but he is particularly vulnerable to Prav's Magic. On the other hand, it resists Magma, Confusion, and Immobilization. Pay close attention to his attacks, as most can stun you. It tends to send spheres that move slowly on the ground and continuously follow you. It can also send a kind of shock wave to confuse and send you flying, and a particularly odd attack that targets you from the ground and can only be avoided at the last moment or by climbing a wall.

When you reach about half health, he will turn invisible, and you'll have to trust Krav's words and pay close attention to the murky form moving around to avoid his well-timed attacks. This will cause it to respawn and you can attack it again. At this point, he can also surround himself with a huge green sphere that does a lot of damage when it hits you.

As soon as his life bar is empty, he will pretend to be defeated, but it is not: you must face him again, and with handicaps. During this part of the fight, he can rob you of your senses, starting with hearing, so you don't hear the enemy. It can also blind you, making it difficult for you to see it coming, so you need to keep moving as much as possible to avoid attacks. It can also prevent you from using your attack magic, so focus on supporting spells in those times.

But that's not all, as he also has the ability to create clones, which are very dangerous as they tend to surround themselves with huge green spheres like during the first part of the fight. He can create two clones at a time, and almost always creates new ones when both have been eliminated. We, therefore, advise you to eliminate at least one to gain security and to multiply the support spells to keep all enemies at a distance. Note that if you manage to beat the true Docte Fanatic while there are still clones in the field, these will disappear. Once defeated, the illusion will be shattered, and you will find yourself in the middle of Visoria, with one goal: to find Tannta Olas and make her pay for her Bewitchment.