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Forspoken: Chapter 11 – Forspoken walkthrough

 The Third Tannta

Your Misunderstandings got the better of your relations with your Athian friends, and Tannta Olas took the opportunity to play a dirty trick on you. It's time to pay him back and to do this, you must reach his castle west of Visoria. Go through the main door and you'll be greeted by a horde of Mist zombies, Gruagach, and a Goliath. Focus on the oryggi lanterns at the four corners of the enclosure to get rid of as many enemies as possible at once. Then you just have to eliminate the Gruagach and the Goliath, then hurry to destroy the3 bardaga lanterns on the platform in the center. Once done, you will receive +100 stamina.

Go down to the city, and don't hesitate to take a trip to the Pilgrims' Stop to rest and improve your equipment. Then take the stairs to the south and enter a new enclosure. There you will find a Knight's Illusion and a Prosecutor's Illusion, each tied to a Bardaga Lantern. Get rid of one of the enemies, then its associated lantern, and repeat the operation with the other. As a reminder, aim for the Knight's wings to weaken him quickly, preferably with Prav's Magic. As for the Prosecutor, he is vulnerable to the Magic of Sila.

The freeway, enter the castle and search a little to recover decoctions of care if necessary. Note that each floor has a board you can look at to populate your Archives. On the first floor, you will come across some arbitrary Assessors and an oryggi lantern that you will have to destroy in order to continue.

On the second floor, soldiers protect a bardaga lantern. Eliminate them all and you can get rid of the lantern.

On the third, you will see a kastala lantern. It spawns more powerful enemies than usual, which must be eliminated to remove the lantern barrier. Then, you must destroy the lantern before the protection takes shape again, but this one is more resistant than the bardaga lanterns, so you will have to multiply powerful spells to overcome it.

Take the door, and don't forget to save before entering the throne room. After the cutscene, you will no longer have access to your spells or your Magic Parkour, so you will have to hide behind the debris. You can sprint with L3 and climb debris with it CROSS (X) to avoid attacks. After a while, you will be able to exit through the door.

The truth

After the cutscene, you find yourself in Svargana, the Well of Souls. Approach the light and interact with it. Repeat the operation 4 times.

At Junoon Castle, follow the guiding light and interact with it 4 times to learn about your past. Once this is done, you will be able to use Frey's Magic and Magic Parkour again.

Then follow the guiding light again and enter the torana.

In Visoria, follow the guiding light 4 times, and enter the torana.

Interact with the light to see a new memory, and The Beast will materialize. Get rid of it and you will have access to the Magic of Olas.

Back in Junoon, interact with the 4 lights, then follow the guide light to the crater.

You will then be transported to a child's room where you must interact with three objects: the books on the table, the gift in the cabinet, and the cradle.

After the cutscene, you will have to make a choice between two toranas. We advise you to save on a new location before choosing one because your decision will influence the end of the game. If you choose to return to New York, the adventure will end there. But if you decide to save Athia and the people of Cipal from the clutches of Susurrus, The Awakening can begin.

Forspoken: Chapter 11 – Forspoken walkthrough