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Forspoken: Chapter 12 – Awakening walkthrough

 Definitive outcome

Now that you are no longer under Krav's spell and have chosen to save Athia, you will have to face Susurrus. But before that, you must protect the inhabitants of Cipal from the beasts of Mist released by the demon. The first stage pits you against Protosuchus with a Sebecus. Use Sila's Magic to defeat them.

Forspoken: Chapter 12 – Awakening walkthrough

The second stage makes you fight many Vorona, so don't hesitate to use Frey's Magic, and especially support spells like Dissemination to eliminate as many as possible. Note that there will be at least four or five waves of enemies during this stage.

The third and final stage brings many Canis Dirus and an Altered Goliath. Get rid of the Canis dirus with Dissemination and Lifevine, and switch to Magic of Olas to deal with the Altered Goliath.

The last fight

In the archives, take the time to talk to everyone before you go out. Johedy will give you a nugget, and Councilors Bellette and Dax will offer you healing concoctions. You can also have a choice conversation with Auden, and upgrade your gear at the crafting table near the exit.

This done, talk to Pilo to get out of the archives and face Susurrus. The first part of the fight is quite special since you are fighting on the back of a dragon. Just aim at the flocks of birds with the left stick and ignite them with R2. You will occasionally see Susurrus in the distance, do not hesitate to aim for it to lower the life bar faster.

Next, you must perform a QTE by pressing L2 and R2 simultaneously.

For the third part of the fight, you benefit from a new spell: Teleport. To use it, press L3 and R3 at the same time. Note that you cannot take damage while moving this way. During this sequence, Susurrus protects himself by sending numerous Mist Beasts. Take advantage of your teleportation spell to avoid Susurrus ' extended attacks, and especially to avoid his golden lasers. Take the time to weaken him by destroying the wards around him with Frey Magic, to which he is vulnerable.

Once his life bar is empty, you must face him again, this time in his humanoid form. This one has the ability to move very quickly and disappear momentarily, so stay alert and on the move. He can fire a devastating laser at you that takes a bit of time to charge up, so you can avoid him quite easily. He can also charge at you, but putting some distance between you should be enough to avoid him.

After a few moments in combat, an acronym appears on his back. This corresponds to the magic to which he is vulnerable. The first is the Magic of Sila.

The acronym changes during a short cutscene once you've removed about a fifth of his life, and he then becomes vulnerable to Prav's Magic. Note that he stays mostly in the air and launches targeted attacks on the ground and his laser during this period, so keep moving.

Once his life bar is half empty, he becomes sensitive to Olas' Magic. During this sequence, he is back on the ground and more aggressive.

When he only has about a third of his life left, he becomes vulnerable to Frey's Magic, and this until the end of the fight. It goes back into the air and sends energy balls, so don't forget to use the teleport when it does. He can also send a golden bird, which must be avoided.

As soon as you start to approach the end, he sends a devastating attack that is very difficult to avoid, so we advise you to teleport and finish him from a distance.

To finish, you must perform another QTE by pressing L2 and R2 simultaneously.

Congratulations, you have completed Forspoken! Be aware that there is another ending, which you can trigger by choosing the other torana in the previous chapter. As for side content like Detours, Sealed Labyrinths, and other Collectibles, be sure to check out our complete Forspoken walkthrough to find them all – you'll need them to wrap up the game's bonus chapter, New Beginnings.