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Forspoken: Chapter 2: Stuck walkthrough

 Complete Chapter 2: Stuck below Forspoken with our guide. Roam the ruins of Junoon and encounter wild animals as you search for a place to rest.

Chapter 2: Stuck begins automatically at the end of Chapter 1, the protagonist of Forspoken has been involved in a strange light... and we have been able to read that far because the chapter ended there. To go by the last name Holland knows little about the multiverse, she should ask her Uncle Spider-Man. She walks towards the balcony outside the room where you are to watch a sequence.

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Forspoken: Chapter 2: Inseparable walkthrough

After the sequence, go to the right from the balcony, following the railing. At the end, there will be a ladder that you can go down.

Continue along the only possible path and turn left as soon as you can, to go down the stairs. You will see another sequence when you reach the ground floor. If you want you can choose all the dialogue options to know more about what happens. When you finish, you will see a golden trail that you must follow. It is the Stocks Compass, which will always indicate the path to follow to reach the main active objective. For now, just follow him.

After crossing the bridge, you will see a cutscene, and the combat tutorial will take place.

Once you've defeated all the Limnocyon, which is what these bloody wolf/ boss bugs are called from Dark Souls, follow the compass in the direction of the marker. You can't explore too much for now, and you won't be able to interact with items or collectibles, so don't wander too much. Of course, you can collect some objects along the path, such as some revitalizing drinks in a log and various herbs. If it's not nailed to the ground, take it with you.

You will see another sequence when you reach the objective. You can now use the Trap Scanner, which is used to launch a sonar-like wave and locate nearby objects and enemies, just like you can in... well, almost every open-world game these days.

Follow the path and you will see a few enemies. Getting closer will activate the Support Magic tutorial. With the Canis Dirus area cleared, you can pick up the items that the Traps Scanner has marked for you. Follow the path past the second chest to see a wall with the middle part shattered. Go there for a sequence and defeat the bear (a Chapalania). You will learn how to use overload magic and knockouts.

At the end of the fight, you will have to unlock the Agility magic. You will get the Unlocked Potential trophy by doing so. Your new magic will allow you to flee the area with magical Parkour.

Upon reaching the scoreboard things will get really ugly. You will have to hit the dragon with what you have and dodge it until it falls to the ground. Use a Coup de Grace to view a sequence. From this point you have to continue the same, attacking the dragon and hiding behind the wall when you see that it charges the fire attack. Continue until another new animation and leave the city by following the marker. You will lose no matter what you do, but at least try to stand up to him.

When you regain control of Frey, you will have the marker in front of you, at the top of the stairs.

The good news is that the guards won't say anything about arrows in the knee. The bad news is that they don't seem to like you. Go to the building in front of you. You will get the Stuck trophy and go to Chapter 3: The Intruder.