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Forspoken: Chapter 3: The Interloper walkthrough

 Complete Chapter 3: The Forspoken  Interloper with our guide. Head out of town and explore the surrounding area while searching for the Xenos Guild.

The end of Chapter 2 does not promise great things for the Forspoken plot at the beginning of Chapter 3: The Interloper. Interact with the window and door to trigger a sequence. Follow your unlikely ally once you regain control of Frey. You will be going down for a long time.

Once you are on the street, follow your ally to avoid being discovered by the soldiers.

Forspoken: Chapter 3: The intruder walkthrough

There will be some short sequences. Don't rack your brains and do the obvious, go with the NPC when he moves, and when he doesn't, stand still. Follow his route and nothing will happen to force you to repeat the sequence. It will be quite a long walk, even when you are safe you will have to continue after Auden for a stretch to see sequences and different explanations about Athia. Once in the room, examine the points of interest. Then go to bed to sleep and let the morning come.

Upon awakening, you will have a cloak and will be given a Map of Athia.

Now you will leave the house and they will introduce you to the Plaza de Cipal. They will tell you that you have several side activities. If you open the map, you will see that different locations of interest are marked with question marks and other icons. In some ponr Events, they are optional conversations. At the west end is the tavern, at the bar you can play Partha. It's just rolling the dice to get a random power-up.

Make sure you exhaust all Events, in some cases, like the conversation with the innkeeper, you will get experience points for Frey. Be sure to talk to the Innkeeper, Wallace (you will meet Milia Chisty), and Counselor Treahy, all of whom are marked with question marks. There are more NPCs to talk to and have common conversations with. There is another optional marker: Detours, to the northeast of the objective.

When you arrive you will find a cat. Interact with it to trigger Calico Cat Hunt. Basically, you have to chase it around Cipal until the animal stops. Interact with the bag to get a Puppet and experience points. When you have collected it, a new Event will appear next to the square. There you can exchange Puppets for special rewards.

Come on, go to the main marker, you've already done enough laps. After the sequence, follow the girl. Olivia will teach you how to craft items. She creates a Revitalizing Drink and you will get the Handyman trophy. Exit the menu, use the Scanner, and collect the items before going back to the workbench to upgrade your cape. The story will advance when you exit the menu after applying any upgrade. Go to the anadmium that the girl has indicated to go out into the outside world.

You will be in Los Páramos . He crosses the gorge and defeats a few new minor enemies. Before moving forward, we recommend that you do the following:

At all times, open the chests that you have nearby on the map (they do not count as collectibles per se ) and incidentally nearby mana sources.

  • Interact with the Fontana de la Morera (you will get the Call of the Fountain Trophy: Baptism ).
  • Defeat the Altered Mylodon (or save it for later if you want).
  • Clear the camp.
  • Arrive at the Refuge of the Fells.
  • Clear the Monument of Strength #1 (you will get the Pilgrimage: Initiated trophy ).
  • Complete Sealed Maze - East.
  • Clear the Monument to Love #1.
  • Clear the Broken Road.
  • Find the Cipal hostel - Refugio oriental.
  • Take down the altered Llingoceros mutant.
Now go to the main quest marker, at the northeast end of Cape Dead Man. When you get to the Xenos Guild, go up the stairs, and don't forget to use the Scanner to locate some chests.

They will tell you to stop looking for books on a more open floor, and interact with the two (one on each side of the table) to learn more about the shards of the Tear and the nails of the thantas.

Open the chests under the stairs and grab the items on their side and you will be able (in fact they will force you to) to create your first couple of nail sets: Carnage and Blue Flash. Go up another level and examine the book to see a sequence. When you go down you will see some gentlemen. The easiest way to take them down is to use your shield to block. Keep it up and when you hit, the soldiers will fall on their backs, you can stab them then.

At the end of the sequence, you will be in a new area, but we are not going to explore. Head to the marker and go through the town.

Forspoken: Chapter 3: The Interloper walkthrough

Once you regain control of Frey, move to the right. Although it seems that there are other options, you will only be able to advance on one path to the objective. Then follow the instructions on the screen. At the end of the sequence, you will have to defeat the Abject Knight.

First of all, obviously, he can hit you with the spear. It is possible to block this attack with the shield. You can use it both at close range and at medium-long range, in a jump attack that is easy to see, but difficult to block if you don't anticipate it. Then, if you see it take flight, cast Charged Explosive Projectile to make it fall to the ground. It's the magic he's most vulnerable to, you'll be able to knock him down and hit him with a good stab (even on the ground) after hitting him a few times.

If you don't take it down, it will launch a barrage of fireballs. Luckily, they are quite slow and easy to dodge by moving to the sides. As the fight progresses and takes damage, he will lose a wing. Then he will ram you instead of flying and you will be taught to do counterattacks. Continue the fight until the knight is down.