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Forspoken: Chapter 4 - What Must Be Done walkthrough

Forspoken: Chapter 4 - What Must Be Done walkthrough

promise of revenge

Now that you are no longer a Stranger but likely a beacon of hope for the inhabitants of Cipal, they are less reluctant to interact with you, which gives rise to several possibilities for Detours. Auden advises you to go to the Archives to learn more about Tannta Sila, but you will have to go to the Grove to find Robian first. The latter stands near the balombra, the large tree that shines with a blue glow in the circular courtyard of the Bosquet.

After the altercation, you can go to the Archives where you will meet the archivist, Johedy Kladivo. Your conversation over, consult the 4 volumes available to learn more about the Tanntas, starting with the one on the table in front of you. Interacting with the blue-lit library will also allow you to unlock Sorcery Challenges, which allow you to strengthen your spells by completing particular objectives.

Once the 4 volumes have been read, you can take the path to the south door. There you will meet two children who will ask you to take pictures of the outside world, which will add the Photogenic Places to your map. Remember to complete all of your current Detours before exiting, as some may disappear.

On the way to Sila Castle

Outside, several key locations will be added to the map, and you will need to head towards the Fortress, south of your current position. The road is long, so take the time to stop at the various Pilgrim's Stops that you will encounter, and do not hesitate to take up the challenges that stand in your way to train. Also, consider upgrading your gear to reduce poison effects, as your first marker will take you through a tunnel filled with Varanus, fast-moving and poisonous creatures. Keep them in place with Carcan and hurry to get rid of them without getting too close.

The new area available to you is filled with many points of interest, such as a Monument to the animals of the Tanntas, a Flashback but also villages and fortresses to explore. Take a trip around it before heading to the next marker, because before you can reach the Fortress of Praenost, you'll need to jump into the Abyss of Praenost's Corruption, an enclosed area filled with enemies that are heavily affected by the Mist. It is, therefore, necessary to train beforehand.

Clean the area as much as possible to gain experience, and take the time to visit the Beneficial Spring in the area to obtain the Magic Parkour spell "Throw Away", which will allow you to accelerate by leaning on the ground with CROSS (X) it, this which can be very useful in combat.

Then, follow the Krav markers to the Ramparts. Prepare well before venturing there, because you will have to face two apostate Knights. Concentrate on one of the two by destroying its wings and avoiding the attacks of the other until you can fight it in a duel. Feel free to use support spells like Disseminate and Straitjacket to occupy one while you take care of the other. You will gain +100 stamina at the end of the fight.

With that done, exit the Ramparts and you'll face a storm of Mist and the Nightmares it entails. The storm is taking you out of your life little by little, so don't drag yourself too long on the path, and just avoid the enemies until you find the cave indicated by Krav. This is where you will rest until the storm passes, as you will soon need Brute Strength to challenge Tannta Sila.