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Forspoken: Chapter 5: Might and Main walkthrough

Tannta Sila's shot

After the events of Cipal, it was imperative that you go to Praenost to give back to Tannta Sila. The path has not been easy, but the hour is approaching, and so is Tannta Sila Castle. Don't hesitate to visit the Sealed Labyrinth and the Monument in the area to improve your stats and your equipment before heading to the castle. 

Forspoken: Chapter 5: Might and Main walkthrough

As you approach the castle, you must dodge giant fireballs thrown by soldiers from the stairs leading up to the building. Eliminate all the soldiers before entering the enclosure. Examine the three options on the map, and take the time to go to the Pilgrim's Point on the left to rest and improve your equipment before the big fight.

Fight your way to the main gate, which will turn out to be inaccessible. Turn back to take the passage indicated on your map. You will be greeted by a group of Gruagach that you will have to eliminate before you can begin your ascent. Stay on your guard, as enemies lurk in the way.

Keep climbing until you find a ladder, and a new fog storm will start. Visibility will be extremely reduced, so be careful not to fall when fighting against the soldiers, especially against the Apostate Knight. The latter is beaten, and you will receive a new Nail Polish design.

A door will then open near you. Enter it, and go up on the left to progress in a corridor where you will have to observe all the paintings.

With that done, make sure you're well-prepared before heading into the throne room. You will find Tannta Sila there, whom you will have to face. The fight will be done in several stages. Initially, you will fight a duel, and you will have to help yourself from the pillars to avoid his devastating attacks, and move quickly to reach him in the back, his weak point. Note that Tannta Sila cannot be immobilized, so the Carcan spell will not help you against her.

Once you remove about a third of his life, Tannta Sila will call on 5 soldiers to help him in battle. Get rid of it quickly so as not to lose life unnecessarily, and continue to attack Tannta Sila until a cutscene is triggered.

She calls on the power of the Mist and transforms, regaining her whole life. His defense will be reduced, but his attacks will become more powerful. She will be able to bring magma out of the ground, so you will have to keep moving as much as possible, but the Multijet attack and the Dissemination support spell should help you defeat her quite easily. With Tannta slain, you will be able to unlock a new range of spells: the Magic of Sila, and you will have to face A difficult choice.