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Forspoken: Chapter 6 Damned If You Do... walkthrough

 Fanfare welcome

After using Brute Force to eliminate Tannta Sila, you must return to Cipal to announce your victory. Now that you've unlocked Red Magic, you can move through the air more easily by pressing EDGE to launch yourself to the right places, like ledges and golden objects. You can also change magic in combat by pressing L2 + R2 + Right Stick or just the left and right arrows.

Feel free to explore the area before returning to Cipal, but feel free to fast travel to a Pilgrim's Stop near the city gates to get there faster. Inside, walk towards the marker until you come across Johedy, then continue your way to the inn where a party is taking place in your honor.

Forspoken: Chapter 6 Damned If You Do... walkthrough

After the cutscene, your objective is to talk to the villagers with a marker. However, we advise you to look into the Detours and Events available first as these will disappear once you have spoken to the last villager.

The rise of corruption

Your last chat will trigger a cutscene, and you'll need to quickly get to the Krav marker. The villagers who were there will be transformed by the Mist, and you will have to defeat them all, just like the wave of Nightmares that follows. Stay constantly on the move, multiply the Support spells, and do not hesitate to retrace your steps to pick up Healing decoctions on the circular square if necessary.

Unfortunately, you will not come out of the fight unscathed, and you will have to go to the Council Chamber to find help. Climb the stairs to find Auden and Johedy, and you will find that your future seems to be painted with The color blue.