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Forspoken: Chapter 7 The Hue of Blue walkthrough

 a new day

The fate of the people of Cipal has caused you to make A Hard Choice, and the death of Tannta Sila and the consequences it has had on the town weigh on you. Those around you expect you to battle the other Tanntas to restore balance, but you disagree. That's why you're looking for Robian, so he can help you get home. You will find it in the Grove, near the Balombra. Note that access from the upper town is sealed off, so you'll need to go through the lower door to access it.

Forspoken: Chapter 7 The Hue of Blue walkthrough

Robian 's condition seems to be deteriorating, and Councilor Treahy sends you to Avoalet to fetch Balombra Resin to try to halt the spread of corruption. As usual, be sure to complete all of your current Detours before entering the south gate.

Essential balombras

Similar to your journey to Praenost, the road to Avoalet is quite long, and the enemies you encounter will be all the more powerful as you approach the fortified town. Travel south of the Fertile Plains to find the Avoalet Border there, where you will be greeted by many Mist Zombies.

This done, climb the wall and follow the path to the bridge. There you will meet new enemies, namely the Arbitrary Assessors and the ruthless Prosecutor of Tannta Prav. Arbitrary Assessors are adept at ranged combat, so it's best not to stray too far from them to avoid their volleys of arrows. Stay at a medium distance and preferably take them from behind, as they tend to counter melee combat. As for the Ruthless Prosecutor, do not stick it too much because its blade is devastating. You can bombard him from a distance when his balance is shining, but it is better to clear off when he prepares his attack. You will gain +1 Magic at the end of the fight.

Before continuing, we recommend that you take a trip to the nearby Benevolent Spring to learn the Magic Parkour spell "Climb", which will allow you to chain an additional jump while climbing.

Then you just have to cross the region to reach the Abyss of Corruption of Avoalet. As in Praenost, this place is full of creatures very affected by the Mist, so you will have to be on your guard while exploring.

At the gates of the city of Avoalet, you will unlock three new markers indicating the position of three Balombras. Fight your way to them to try and collect resin. Be careful though, as the city is filled with monsters, including Ogres, and some parts are very steep, so you'll have to be careful with Magic Parkour if you don't want to fall.

Unfortunately, none of the three Balombras had resin, so you have to keep looking. To do this, follow the hook points to the east of the city. Be careful landing, as you will be greeted by a group of Kelainos. Once cleared, follow the marker and interact with the Balombra.

As usual, things don't go as planned and in addition to taking a dizzying fall, you haven't harvested enough resin yet. Do not hesitate to take a break at the nearby Pilgrims' Stop before taking the wall until you reach the door indicated by Krav because you will soon have to chain some fights.

Inside, you'll first have to deal with arbitrary Assessors, then two ruthless Prosecutors. You will gain +100 Stamina at the end of the fight.

Outside, you'll run straight into a lot of arbitrary Assessors, and they'll keep multiplying as you go. A Miststorm will begin as you approach the wooded area, and you'll need to advance to the marker to discover a huge Balombra guarded by a new type of Nightmare. It is a degenerated Ursidae, it is sensitive to Sila's Magic, but don't stay too close to it because its attacks are very powerful.

The Nightmare defeated, you can interact with the Balombra, but we strongly advise you to drop by the Pilgrims' Stop in the area and complete your current Detours (especially Sila's Oath, Johedy 's quest which will no longer be accessible after this chapter) before you jump in, for The truth will soon come out, and your trial will be far more tumultuous than you have been accustomed to on earth.