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Forspoken: Chapter 8: The Truth Will Out walkthrough

 The Tannta ordeal

Your trip to Avoalet has allowed you to understand the words of Robian, and The Blue Color now takes on its full meaning. You've managed to collect enough resin to help the people of Cipal, but before you can get back there, you need to find a way to reason with Tannta Prav. Unfortunately, this one is consumed by madness and condemns you to the test of water.

Forspoken: Chapter 8: The Truth Will Out walkthrough

You then find yourself transported to a prison of water where you have to chain the clashes. The first battle pits you against Arbitrary Assessors, the second against Canis Dirus and Syntheras, and the third pits you against Arbitrary Assessors and Ruthless Prosecutors. Be careful during this third fight because some arbitrary Assessors come to position themselves in height to attack you from afar.

Once all the enemies have been defeated, you will have to face Tannta Prav. Note that she is immune to Magma and Immobilization, so you won't be able to pin her down or use some attacks from Sila's Magic, so prefer Frey's Magic which is slightly more effective against her. When Tannta Prav surrounds herself with a ball of water, you can riddle her with Multijets for a while, but remember to keep moving to avoid her water jets.

Around the middle of her life, she will propel herself into the air to prepare a big attack. Hurry to get up high to avoid the ice spikes that will spring from the ground.

As soon as it only has a third of its life left, it will change the scene and you will find yourself in the water. Hurry to get on a platform to avoid its waterspouts. Then, you just have to pound her with blows as long as she is in the air to finish it off and unlock Prav's Magic. In her final moments, she will reveal a few things to you about another Tannta, and Frey will suddenly find herself at a Breaking Point.