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Forspoken: how many chapters for the new Square Enix game?

 Forspoken, the new game from Square Enix is ​​available on PC and console. If you are wondering its length, here is its number of chapters.

Forspoken is available now on PS5 and PC. Square Enix's long-delayed new game is finally playable and offers all-new gameplay and an all-new story that you'll experience as Frey Holland. If you haven't made up your mind about the game yet, you can check out ourfull PS5 Forspoken review.

Forspoken: how many chapters for the new Square Enix game?

Square Enix games are renowned for their story as well as artistic achievement with jaw-dropping cutscenes and epic music. Forspoken is no exception since in addition to the innovative gameplay, you will experience an original story divided into several chapters. 

How many chapters for Forspoken?

The main story of Forspoken ends quite quickly, if you decide to skip the side quests and open-world exploration, you can finish the game quickly. The main story is ultimately not very long since it only has 13 chapters. It's all the faster if you choose to skip the cutscenes. 

However, we recommend that you do not consume the game in this way because it is truly enhanced by the cinematics and the exploration of the open world which is gigantic. Exploration with parkour is fluid and you will find a significant number of activities with mazes, bosses, etc.

So, take your time while playing Forspoken and enjoy the game cutscenes and story.