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Fortnite: the crossover with Family Guys would have leaked

 A new crossover with Fortnite has just leaked, the Family Guys universe will land very soon, surely during the next update.

There is no shortage of crossovers in Fortnite, Doom, Star Wars, DC, or Marvel, Epic games likes to expand its universe with franchises of all kinds. 

With the 23.20 update, delayed to January 18, a leak has just appeared which reveals the next crossover. The Family Guy series is entering the Fortnite universe! 

A Fortnite x Family Guy leak, all the information

A leak from Fortnite News tells us that a Peter Griffin skin should be released as a purchasable cosmetic. But is the leak reliable?

We can say yes, the account is a very reliable source and we know that a crossover between the two universes has been announced for two years now when a texture code-named " FrenchFry " was found in the game files. 

This file contained screens from the series of a fight between Peter and Ernie the giant chicken (a recurring gag in the series), where the blood had been removed. The frames edit suggests that Peter or Ernie was intended to serve as a model for a skin, Fortnite not containing blood.

A Fortnite x Family Guy leak, all the information

 We also saw during the State of Unreal event, the name of several files, 'C3S2_ArmTease', 'C3S3_JONES', 'C3S3_VADER', 'Doom' and 'FamilyGuy' . With these skins released, this hint seems to indicate that a Family Guy skin is coming to fruition and should be released very soon, likely during update 23.20 on January 18, 2023. 

Obviously, without an official announcement, everything can change from moment to moment, even if it seems very reliable.