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Gears of War 6 would have been confirmed in an alleged leaked image

 The 'insider' Nick Baker shares a screenshot showing the supposed logos of Gears 6 and Gears Ultimate Collection, a compilation that would include some classics from the saga.

Gears of War 6 would have been confirmed in an alleged leaked image

Gears of War 6 has been rumored since mid-2021, although at the moment neither Xbox nor The Coalition have officially confirmed its development. Despite the fact that over the past year, we have detected some indications, such as that the development studio was looking for a motion capture technician to work specifically on a game in the saga, it was not until just a few hours ago that the first image of the logo could have been leaked on the internet.

Gears of War 6 would have been confirmed in an alleged leaked image

As reported by Insider Gaming, the image that you can see just above this text belongs to the most recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast and has been shared by Nick Baker, a regular insider. This capture would confirm not only the development of the sixth numbered installment but also a collection of titles known as Gears Ultimate Collection, which by the way has also been rumored for some time.

Despite the fact that Baker himself confirmed two weeks ago in another episode that the collection was still in development, he cannot fully confirm that the image is real. In any case, we recommend that you take this information with some caution to avoid disappointment, although taking into account the previous reports it seems that we would know news about Gears of War at some point in the not-too-distant future.

How was the last numbered installment?

" Gears 5 lives up to what anyone could expect, no matter how high their expectations. If you are big fan of the saga, you are going to enjoy it in an indescribable way, with which it is undoubtedly the largest and most ambitious installment, full of epic content. And if you simply like action and shooters, it is a totally essential title, with impeccable gameplay, few things are more satisfying in a video game than busting Locust heads for dozens of hours",