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Goose Goose Duck guide - how to earn silver and gold coins, where to invest gold

 Tips for maximizing silver coin farming and using gold wisely, as well as instructions on how to gift gold.

There are two main types of in-game currency in Goose Goose Duck. And if silver coins are earned right in the game, then the main way to get gold coins is donat (real money).

How to earn silver coins

Silver coins are awarded after almost every more or less long match. Their number can be increased with the help of pets - three times a day for each pet. You can also earn Silver Coins through Twitch Drops as daily rewards.

How to earn silver coins

How to increase silver for matches

Classic and Draft are the best game modes for earning Silver. In them, you can spend enough in-game time to accumulate coins. Here you will have much higher chances of getting a bonus for pets.

We strongly recommend:

  1. If possible, stay until the end of each game.
  2. If you are the host, start the next game as soon as possible. Otherwise, suggest to the host to hurry up and start a new match.
  3. Try to get rewards for playing roles - Grave, bodyguard / assassin, moneybags.

Daily Rewards

You can also earn Silver for logging in daily. Try to visit the game every 24 hours. Just run it, it is not necessary to enter the lobby. This is the easiest way to farm silver, especially if you use a trading app.

Daily rewards can be claimed every 23.5 hours. You can do this from the mobile application using your account information. The rewards for the first 31 days are the same for everyone, and then the daily random starts. You can set an alarm so you don't miss your daily reward.

In the first month, you can get silver, gold, tokens, experience, experience boosts, and exclusive cosmetics. Progress cannot be lost or reset. Then random items will drop out, which are listed below.

Exclusive cosmetics are items that can only be obtained as a daily reward for logging into the game. These include:

  • Silver coins - 100-200
  • Gold coins - 3, 5, 7
  • Tokens - 2-4
  • Experience - 400-600
  • Experience boost for 4 hours

claw machine

When using this device, you can earn from 50 to 350 silver per game. It all depends on the color of the car.

Twitch Drops

In the monthly campaign, you can earn up to 1000 silver coins per month by watching up to 11 hours of streams with Twitch Drops enabled. Don't ignore the opportunity and get rewards monthly.

Obtaining and using pets

There are two ways to get a pet - knock it out of the set or buy it for gold coins. Here are some tips for using pets:

  • Try to participate in several matches every day in order to get at least a few bonuses for pets every day.
  • Be sure to change your pet every 3 matches.
  • Always choose the pet that gives you the most silver (usually the pet of the week).

Where to spend silver coins

The main items that you can buy with silver coins are outfits and banners. Here it is already worth deciding on your own, although we will share a few tips:

  • Between matches, explore the collection and decide which cosmetics you would like to receive. Leave appropriate notes if necessary.
  • Be sure to only spend money on things you need (avoid buying things you won't use).

Where to get gold coins

You can get free gold as a daily reward or get it from a claw machine. Both processes are long and it will take a long time to accumulate 20-40 gold coins. If you want to get a pet or expensive hats as soon as possible, you will have to spend real money.

Buying special kits

In general, the bundles have the best prices in the store, but if you do not intend to wear the cosmetic items contained in them, then it is not worth the investment.

  • Starter Pack: Good value for money (equivalent to approximately 300 gold and 2500 silver coins).
  • Support Pack: great value (equivalent to 850 gold and 6000 silver coins).

Buying gold coins

If you are sure that you only need gold, you can only buy it. I strongly recommend buying a set with 600 or 1600 coins. The more coins you buy, the better the price becomes. If you need a minimum of coins, you can pay attention to sets with discounts.

When activating Twitch Drops through your gaggle account, you will be prompted to purchase a discounted gold pack. This is a great opportunity to get enough coins with minimal investment. Only one offer can be redeemed per Twitch Drop. With a discount, you can get a small amount of gold for the same price as if you purchased a set with 600 gold coins. But if you need more gold, buy larger sets right away.

Where to spend gold coins

As with silver coins, plan in advance for yourself what you would like to buy with gold. And only after that, decide which set of gold you need to purchase so that these coins are enough for all your planned purchases.

Buying hats

There are super cool hats in the game that cost 80-100 gold each, but you should only buy them if (and only once) if you really plan to wear this item. Otherwise, you can look for headwear in the range of 15-25 gold coins. There are many offers, and you can always find versatile and fun hats. For that kind of money, you can get 4-5 hats for the price of one expensive one. Again, only buy what you will be wearing!

Buying clothes

Many outfits can be bought with gold coins. But in principle, it is not worth it, since they can also be purchased for silver coins.

Buying pets

If you have already targeted a pet and you really like it, be sure to buy it with gold. If you're trying to maximize your silver coin farm with pet bonuses, spend 40 coins to buy one of the pets, which will give you +15 silver per game. This is the best bonus in the game. For most players, it makes no sense to have more than 3-4 pets.

Buying banners

All but one of the banners can be purchased for silver (although some can be priced in the thousands). You can also earn banners from leveling up, achievements, and daily rewards, so it's not worth spending real money on them.

Giving and receiving gold

You can buy packs and gold packs for your friends directly on the Gaggle Dot Fun website. To do this, you need to know the friend's ID or just buy and send him the code. Buying a code is easier, and this option is much better if you want to surprise your friend.

How to send a gift by ID

  • Ask for the ID of the friend you want to gift gold to.
  • Enter his nickname in the game, specify the identifier, your nickname and an accompanying message (optional).
  • Complete your purchase.
  • Your friend will receive an email with the gift and the message you added.

Gift code

  • Select the number of packages you would like to purchase (usually 1).
  • Complete your purchase.
  • You will receive an email with the redemption code(s). Make sure no one else sees this code.
  • Send the code to your friend in a private message.

Code activation

If you received a code, you can redeem it in the collection section or directly in your account.

In the case of the site:

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the tab on the left "Redeem Code".
  • Choose Goose Goose Duck.
  • Paste the code and click "Use".
In Game:

  • Open Collections.
  • Click on the code activation button.
  • Paste the code and click "Use".

How much gold do you need to buy all in-game items

It is clear that at the time of writing this guide, the numbers will be the same, and later the developers will definitely add new in-game items for gold. However, here is my calculation:

  • All hats: 7215 gold coins
  • All outfits: 5750 gold coins (however, all except one for 25 gold coins can be bought for silver).
  • All pets: 2310 gold coins.
  • All banners: 1870 gold (purchasable for silver, except one for 90 gold)

The total amount is 17,145 gold coins. At the lowest purchase price of gold, you will have to invest $359.94. However, if you buy only those items that are sold exclusively for gold (not for silver), then you will need a total of 9640 gold coins (or $203.95).