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GTA 5: Entered Fort Zancudo without a wanted level - Game Guide

 If you enter Fort Zancudo in GTA 5, you will immediately get a wanted level of four stars. This is because Fort Zancudo is a military base. We discovered a trick on how to enter the base without a wanted level. Thanks to Griffin300 for the following tip.

GTA 5: Entered Fort Zancudo without a wanted level - Game Guide

Before Fort Zancudo: preparations

If you want to steal and save the vehicles and planes in Fort Zancudo, you should own the appropriate storage locations, such as Hangar and/or Heliport. Or have not done Trevor's hangar south of Lake Alamo (not the northern mission hangar) and the Strangers & Freaks mission "Fair Game" with Cletus!

Fort Zancudo with no wanted stars

The military camp is safe to enter during Cletus's mission "Fair Game" from the moment Cletus asks Trevor to kill the last elk alone. Cletus is gone then. Just don't do the wapiti and drive to the military camp with the BF Injection Dune in front of the log cabin restaurant, for example.

The wanted stars are turned off during hunt missions. So just take what you want and bring it to the parking lot. But then finish the mission "Fair Game" so that you can save.

Repeat "fair game".

If you've already completed Fair Game, you can also safely enter Fort Zancudo via the mission replay. However, our tipster didn't know whether the vehicles/planes could then be saved because he/she didn't check the. However, the reactions to this tip from our community were all positive.

At least this way you can take a good look around Fort Zancudo and plan your theft of a jet. By the way, the fighter jet fits in Trevor's hangar, but the big transport plane, unfortunately, doesn't.