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Guide to all roles in Goose Goose Duck

 We talk about all the roles of traitors, peaceful geese and neutral birds

Goose Goose Duck is a new deduction-based social game in which a group of goose players work together to complete all mission objectives. The task is complicated by the fact that the team has traitors - ducks and other birds, each of which plays its role. Unlike Among Us, the good guys and traitors have a lot more diverse roles, which greatly enriches and complicates the gameplay at the same time. Let's figure out what roles there are in Goose Goose Duck, how to play for certain characters, what needs to be done to win the game.

Basic information

To begin with, it is important to understand: all players are geese (peaceful) or ducks (traitors). Roles can be both primary and secondary. The main roles are either traitors or peaceful characters. Auxiliaries can appear both in those and in others, that is, by the presence of this role (if the player does something related to the role), one should not judge that this or that character is a traitor or a peaceful character. On the other hand, if a player does not know this information, then he can easily kick you out of stupidity during the next vote.

Guide to all roles in Goose Goose Duck

Peaceful geese and their roles

  • Goose is an ordinary peaceful goose. The simplest and most banal role imaginable. You need to complete all the tasks in order to survive. Help your comrades, take part in the voting and find out every traitor. Nothing special.
  • Engineer - all the same, but with two additional skills. First, Engineers can climb inside air vents and hide there for 10 seconds. By hiding, you worsen the radius of view. It is also possible to hide in the same places as Snoop, and in doing so, the radius of view will be significantly increased. Finally, markers appear on the map, pointing to the points where the live duck was sabotaged. If the duck is already dead, no marker will appear.
  • The Technician/Mechanic is another goose with the ability to locate sabotage. As soon as the sabotage occurs, a large red circle will appear on the map. Somewhere in this circle, the “crime” happened. The technician is able to collect various information, and then use it to weed out peaceful players, removing suspicion from them. This is one of the most important roles for peaceful geese. The character sees sabotage only from living ducks!
  • A spy is another role similar to a mechanic. You can only become a spy in a mansion. This goose can hide in special places, such as a pile of leaves next to the electrical panel, cabinets in the hallway (one near the toilet, the other above the armor), a bookcase, a toilet in the restroom (note that you will be washed into the pond if a peaceful player interacts with toilet). To make it easier, take a look at the screenshot below, which shows all the places where a spy can hide:
Peaceful geese and their roles

  • Mechanic - can move through the ventilation, hide in hatches to keep an eye on the rest of the characters.
  • Gravy is another peaceful goose that has to do basic tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more coins you earn. If you survive to the very end, you will receive additional coins for the victory. On the other hand, traitors will see a pouch with these extra coins above your goose's head. Therefore, they will seek to kill you in order to take this bonus for themselves. If you take a certain position, you can force the enemy to kill another character. Even if it is a traitor (he will mix it up, because there will be a bag of coins above him).
  • Undertaker (Mortician) - does what you probably thought of when you read the name of this role. He can interact with corpses. Look for dead geese, study their bodies using a special skill. Three seconds after the activation of the ability, a characteristic sound will be heard, indicating the end of the inspection. At the time of the next vote, next to the name of the studied corpse, the role that he played in the game will appear.
  • Celebrity - In the event of the death of this peaceful goose, everyone except traitors and neutral birds will receive a notification about this (visual and sound).
Peaceful geese and their roles

  • The Vigilante is a peaceful goose that can kill any character. But only once per game! Do what you want, but remember - seeing you kill someone, even a villain, peaceful players may think that you are a traitor.
  • Medium Goose - This peaceful player is able to collect information about all the ghosts that are on the map. You will find out how many players control the dead characters (ghosts). Whenever someone is killed, the number of ghosts on the map increases. How exactly to use this data, decide for yourself.
  • The Naturalist (Birdwatcher) is another non-violent player that can gather additional intelligence. Activate a special skill that narrows your view but allows you to see behind walls. Keep an eye on other players until they suspect that anyone sees them.
  • Canadian - peaceful goose. In the event of the death of this character, his killer will instantly inform everyone about the death. The exception is a professional who does not talk about the geese he has killed. It is best to tell one or two geese that you are Canadian, but on the condition that you know for sure that they are peaceful birds. In this case, if you die, this peaceful player will inform everyone and immediately calculate the traitor.
  • The detective is a peaceful goose that can inspect another player at any time. The detective, during the examination, is trying to understand what role the gamer is playing. You can do this as many times as you like, but no more than one inspection for a particular character. If the player has made a kill, you will also see the icon of the villain (red duck). If the player hasn't killed anyone yet, there will be a white goose icon with a halo above their head instead. The latter does not justify the character in any way - it may be a traitor who simply did not have time to kill anyone. And if you see that the player has committed a murder, don't forget about the roles of the Avenger and the Sheriff.
Peaceful geese and their roles

  • The sheriff is a peaceful goose who must protect ordinary players from traitors. The sheriff has a weapon that he can use to destroy targets. If you are sure that you have a traitor in front of you, you can kill him. But if you make a mistake, then the sheriff himself will die.
  • Mimic is another goose whose task is to detect traitors. Traitors will take you for their own, as your nickname will be highlighted in red. Therefore, they can commit a crime right in front of your eyes. On the other hand, especially cunning traitors may think that you are a mimic and will avoid any illegal actions. If they suspect something, they can easily kill you. In the jungle temple grounds, Mimics can move through foggy passages.
  • Geese/Duck Lovers are two characters from different factions who don't really want to be traitors or peaceful players. Two traitors and two peaceful players can be lovers. The main task of these characters is to make sure that the other half survived. If one of the lovers dies, the other will also die. The lover characters will only win if they both survive at the end. This can happen if both players are peaceful and all traitors are caught, or they are traitors and all peaceful geese are killed. If we are talking about a traitor and a peaceful player, you need to make sure that the traitor lover remains the last of the traitors, and vice versa.
  • The bodyguard is a peaceful goose that should guard the marked player. Above the one you are guarding, an image of a “crosshair” will appear. If you can protect this character, you will receive a bonus at the end of the game. Otherwise, there will be no bonus. You will guard a peaceful or neutral duck, but not a traitor. And if someone is a bodyguard in the game, then there is also a killer in it, whose task is to kill the target you are guarding. Bonus for target survival - 5 coins.
  • Avenger - if this peaceful goose sees someone being killed, then within 10 seconds he can kill any character on the map.
  • Esper is a peaceful goose that prevents telekinesis or clairvoyance from performing sabotage. This happens if such a goose is alive and is not in the stomach of a pelican. At the same time, all ducks on the map will see the area where Esper is located.
  • Astral - a peaceful goose, able to exit the physical shell and move around the astral world. The ability is activated for 7 seconds, during which time the player's soul can move through walls and other objects. In the astral plane, although you can see other players, you are not shown the color of their clothes. The only way to recognize players is by their voice, but this only works in private lobbies. If you try to say something in the astral plane, the voice will be heard from the physical shell.

Traitors and their roles

  • Duck is a standard traitor who aims to kill all peaceful geese and neutral characters. There are several places on the map. Prepare a sabotage in advance, then go to another part of the map and press CTRL to execute it. Sabotage is an important tool to achieve the goal set for the traitors.
  • Hannibal is a traitor who, once per game, can eat the corpse of another player. Thanks to this, peaceful geese will not be able to study the body and get additional information. They will not even be able to declare the death of this character.
  • Silencer is a traitor whose main feature is the ability to ban communication or use of chat for one of the players. This can come in handy if someone saw you commit a murder.
  • Spy Duck - A duck that can determine the role of another player. If at the time of voting you alone vote against a particular character, then the role played will be displayed above it. You need to look for roles like detective, sheriff and so on.
  • Assassin is a traitor player who is able to kill other characters right during the voting. But this is done in a very unusual way. To kill a player, you must guess what role he plays. If you guess right, the player will die and no one will know who did it. If you don't guess, you will die. You can make such assassinations twice per game, but in different votings. And if you manage to kill a lover, then his soulmate will also die.
  • A professional is a traitor, capable of killing characters in such a way that peaceful players simply do not see their corpses. On the other hand, dead bodies will be visible to neutral birds like dodos and vultures. You cannot report the corpse of a player you have killed. This also applies to Canada goose. Thanks to the skill, you can kill geese wherever and whenever you want, even in the middle of the room. Under the circumstances, no one will find the body.
  • Hitman is a hitman who is connected to a bodyguard. And if the bodyguard must ensure the survival of the target, then the killer is to kill the character, over whose head a “crosshair” has appeared. If this is done, then at the end of the game the killer will receive 5-10 bonus coins. You will not be able to receive the bonus if the player leaves the game or dies at the hands of another character. There can be no killer without a bodyguard in the game, and vice versa.
  • Morphling - You can take on the appearance of another player. To do this, approach him and take a DNA sample. After that, when the ability is activated again, the traitor will take on the appearance, clothes and nickname. The disguise only expires when the timer expires. Murder or other misconduct does not bring her down. This way you can substitute other characters.
  • Party is a traitor capable of changing the votes of geese for the subsequent vote. To do this, you need to approach the desired goose and activate the ability.
  • The Demolitionist is a knifeless traitor who can destroy targets with a variety of explosives. Approach another player, activate the ability to plant a bomb. After a while, the player will receive a notification that a bomb has been planted on him. After 15 seconds, it will explode. He will be able to throw the bomb to another player standing nearby - a traitor, a peaceful goose or a neutral bird. The timer does not reset, meaning the bomb will explode after 15 seconds anyway. If you have a bomb, you cannot start voting. If another player initiates the vote, the timer will reset to 10 seconds when it ends.
  • Serial killer - you should only kill geese marked with a marker. After killing one goose, you will receive the task of eliminating another, and so on. If you kill your target, the cooldown of the ability (attack) will decrease by 2 seconds. If you eliminate someone else, the time will increase by 4 seconds.

Neutral roles and birds

  • Dodo is a neutral bird that plays for itself. You must arouse the suspicions of other peaceful geese so that they ultimately vote against you. Then you will receive your reward.
  • Dodo Doppelgangers (Duelists) - You must find another dodo and kill it. After that, make sure that you are knocked out during the vote, indicating that you are a traitor. All dodos have fake tasks that they must complete in order to be able to destroy their doppelgänger. When you complete the last task, an arrow will appear pointing to the doppelgänger. If there are dodo duelists on the map, then after the death of one of them, the second becomes an ordinary dodo.
  • Pigeon - you need to infect all the players on the level. Please note that there will be no visual representations of who is already infected and who is not on the screen. You will have to remember who you have already infected! However, you still can't infect the same character twice in a round. If a new round starts, all players will have to be re-infected. You can hide in closets and vents.
  • Vulture - you need to stay alive and eat corpses, while no one should notice how you do it. At the very beginning of the round, a message will appear about how many corpses you need to eat in order to win the game. If a corpse appears on the map, you will see an arrow that indicates its location.
  • The Falcon is another neutral bird that should survive. You can even kill peaceful geese and traitorous ducks. As long as the falcon is alive, the ducks will not be able to win by more numbers over the geese. The geese cannot win by voting against all the ducks. When three characters remain on the map, including the falcon, the countdown will begin. You will win if you stay alive. During voting, you cannot vote for anyone. Just skip it.

Unique roles on the Goose Chapel and Mother Goose maps

  • Locksmith - you have lockpicks and you can open prison cells without a key, which other players need.
  • Politician - if during the voting two characters received an equal number of votes (and one of them is a politician), then the character who voted against the politician will be excluded. A traitor cannot put a politician in jail.
  • Informer is another neutral bird that can put people in prison cells. If you vote for a particular character alone (no one else gives a point in favor of him), then he will go to jail.

Jungle Temple Unique Roles

  • The adventurer is a peaceful bird that does not die due to any features of the map. Relevant for the Jungle Temple and Mallard Manor maps.
  • An identity thief is a traitor who, after killing the victim, takes on his appearance until the next vote. However, your voice can give you away.
  • Ninja is a traitor capable of killing two players at the same time if they stand close to each other. The cooldown is three times longer, but drops to 1.5 in fog.
  • The Undertaker is a traitor capable of moving corpses. During this action, you move significantly slower. You can hide dead bodies in a forbidden passage or any other rarely used place.

Unique roles for the Basement map

  • Pelican- neutral bird, which should be the last survivor. You can eat gamers. But swallowed players will be alive until the meeting begins. The more players you eat, the longer the cooldown for re-applying the skill lasts (each time 5 seconds longer). In a closed lobby, players who hit your stomach will be able to make sounds, communicate with each other, and you can even reply to them. If you are killed before the vote, all players will be released. If the emergency vote starts, they will all die. If three players remain on the map (all the rest are dead or in the stomach of a pelican), then a countdown will start. When it finishes, the pelican will win. In the stomach of a pelican, all skills are blocked, the radius of vision is reduced. Although traitors can still activate pre-arranged sabotages. A pelican can swallow a character with a bomb, and then he, too, will die (in the explosion). If a pelican eats a Canadian goose, it will immediately die and the pelican will report it. Pelicans can also appear on the SS MOTHERGOOSE map.
  • Invisible - This duck character can become invisible for 5 seconds. In this mode, he moves faster, is able to kill without losing invisibility. On the other hand, in stealth mode, you do not see the rest of the gamers, and you can kill only when the corresponding key is activated. Stealth can appear on other maps as well.

Unique Roles for Ancient Sands

  • Street Urchin is a peaceful goose capable of opening doors during the sabotage of the sorcerer. This is done during the mini-game.
  • Bloodhound - During a sandstorm, this peaceful goose sees everyone outside.
  • The sorcerer is a traitor with a single sabotage. You can let a swarm of locusts into the room, while peaceful geese can leave it. In order for the sabotage to be most effective, your partner must lock the doors, and then the peaceful geese will not be able to escape. Street Urchin can open these locked doors to save his buddies.