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Hi-Fi Rush: guide and tricks to go to the rhythm of music


Hi-Fi Rush: guide and tricks to go to the rhythm of music

Hi-Fi Rush is dominating the gaming debate thanks to its surprise launch (and more). Here are tips for mastering its musical gameplay.

Xbox made the bold move to announce and release Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm action game from the developers of The Evil Within, on the same day. The move seems to have paid off, given that there are many players scattered around the network engaged in the title, which is also on Xbox Game Pass.


So far, Hi-Fi Rush is very popular among gamers, who are enjoying the rocking soundtrack and battle system designed to spin to the beat of the music. Speaking of the combat system, managing and understanding it to the fullest is not exactly immediate: here are some tricks and tips to help you make it.

Check out the options

When you first play Hi-Fi Rush, you'll be struck by how many options you have at your disposal, but there are even more hidden away in the settings menus once you enter the actual game. If you have trouble with fighting, there is an easy mode that will allow you to complete combos as long as you press buttons to the beat of the music. If you find the combos difficult, this will allow you to get into the rhythm aspect of the gameplay without worrying about memorizing the different hits.

Timing is important

Attacking as fast as possible isn't the best strategy, and in fact, you'll quickly get yourself into trouble by doing so. The game wants you to travel to the beat of the music, and slow and steady button mashing will always lead to victory, at least compared to wild button mashing. If you find yourself off the beat, you can always pull yourself out of fights to reset everything. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get out of fights using LB.

Visit the shop

There are many areas off the main path that exploration will reward you with gears to spend at the shop. Collecting them is important, as you can use them to buy upgrades. To power up, you can talk to Peppermint after completing levels 2 and 3, and Macron from level 3 onwards. After level 2 you will unlock yet another "currency", with which to obtain even more powerful items.

Take advantage of visual cues

Hi-Fi Rush uses various visual and audible indicators to help you keep up. The entire setting vibrates with the music, and 808 will release a beat showing you the correct timing. However, in the heat of battle, you might miss it. An even better visual indicator is the beat bar that you can activate at the bottom of the screen - just press the View button on the Xbox controller to do so.

Timed Dodge

One of the cons of Hi-Fi Rush is that Chai's movement speed is quite slow, and dashare doesn't seem to speed it up much. This is due to the fact that, like everything in the game, you'll need to do it in time with the music to really gain some speed. By dodging in time with the RB key, you'll know if you've done it right by seeing musical notes appear above your head.

Ask allies for help

While playing, you can call your friends to help you in the fights. Allies charge surprisingly fast and offer various bonuses. Peppermint, the first one you'll unlock, can stun enemies and break shields. The stun helps a lot more than you think because it freezes enemies for a surprising amount of time that you can use to take out others.

Master the parade

Parrying is by far the most powerful fighting technique and there are sections where it is required in order to eliminate enemies. The right timing can be difficult to achieve, but it's worth trying. For certain mini-bosses, you can take them out in one hit if you counter a multi-hit attack, and you'll quickly find that this often proves to be the fastest way to complete encounters.