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How many endings in The Witcher 3

 We tell you how many endings there are in the original game and two plot additions and how to get them

Throughout the storyline (and in most side quests) of The Witcher 3, the gamer is forced to make many non-obvious decisions that will further affect the fate of certain characters, territories, and so on. Some NPCs will be able to live on or die as a result of your decisions. If you are not careful, then Geralt's actions in many cases can lead to the death of not only strangers but also those closest to him.

How many endings in the original and additions

Literally, every main arc in the game has multiple possible endings. There are three main endings in the original title, and plot additions do not lag behind: in Hearts of Stone there are two of them, and in Blood and Wine there are three at all. To get each ending, the player must make certain decisions while avoiding unwanted actions at the same time.

How many endings in The Witcher 3

Ending Ciri #1. Ciri becomes Empress of Nilfgaard

The ending, in which Ciri becomes the future empress of Nilfgaard, is considered "neutral" by many players. To get it, the player must choose certain answers in dialogues throughout the game. Let Geralt play snowballs with Ciri, help her destroy the laboratory, take Skjall to the grave and let her talk with Philippa and Margarita alone.

But that's not all. Before Geralt goes to Bald Mountain with Ciri, he needs to invite Ciri to meet with the emperor. Let the witcher refuse the monetary reward that Emhyr var Emreis will offer him. And in order to make sure that Ciri can take the throne, Radovid must die - so Geralt must first help Triss get the magicians out of Novigrad, and then participate in the murder of Radovid in the third act of the main game. Once Radovid is dead, Geralt must side with Vernon Roche and kill Dijkstra in order for Nilfgaard to win the war.

Ending of Ciri #2. Ciri becomes a witcher

Making Ciri a witcher is easier than securing her way to the throne of Nilfgaard. Once again, Geralt must make the right choice and support Ciri, encouraging her independence. But before going to Bald Mountain, he and Ciri must skip the trip to the emperor. This ensures that Ciri renounces the throne and becomes a witcher. Alternatively, you can go to the emperor, but you can not kill Radovid or Dijkstra. One of them must win the war.

Ending of Ciri #3. Ciri is dying

The worst ending is the death of Ciri, which wounds Geralt. Ciri will die if you make several wrong dialogue choices throughout the game. For example, if you have a drink with Ciri in Kaer Morhen after Vesemir's death and tell her that she doesn't have to be good at everything. Other episodes include: taking money from the emperor for a meeting with Ciri (if Geralt and Ciri visit him in Vizima), refusing to visit Skjall's grave with the girl, giving Ciri a necklace in the laboratory instead of destroying it, go with her to Philippa and Margarita in Novigrad. All this will undermine Ciri's trust and lead to her death when she confronts the White Frost.

Geralt's ending #1. Geralt meets Merigold Triss

Throughout the game, Geralt can sleep with several women, but in the end, he can only end up with one of the two. One of them is Triss Merigold. In order to find his happy life with the red-haired sorceress, Geralt needs to help Triss save the young Alfred Vegelbud from the witch hunters (and kiss Triss in the Vegelbud maze) during the side quest "A Matter of Life and Death". Then you need to complete the Now or Never quest and help Triss get the magicians out of Novigrad. When they say goodbye, Geralt should invite Triss to stay and then confess his love. Only in this case, Triss will definitely not leave the city. If you do all this, Geralt will retire and live with Triss in Kovir, where she will work for the king, and Geralt will enter into witcher contracts from time to time to keep himself in shape.

Geralt's ending #2. Geralt meets Yennefer of Vengerberg

There is also the option to stay with Yennefer of Vengerberg, Geralt's longtime lover. To do this, Geralt needs to do a few things. First of all, he must choose a black and white outfit when he goes with Yennefer to the wake of the late King Bran. Black and white are Yennefer's favorite colors, she rarely uses others. Then, when Hermione's poison chamber tries to finish off the man and woman, Geralt must consider kissing Yennefer.

Finally, Geralt should complete the "Last Wish" side quest and, after defeating the genie, tell Yennefer that nothing has changed and he still loves her. In this case, they will stay together and live a peaceful life away from politics and other dangers.

Geralt's ending #3. Geralt is alone

What cannot be ignored is the fact that Geralt cannot romance Triss and Yennefer at the same time. If he tries to do this and tells both sorceresses that he loves them, they will find out, pretend that they seduce him into intimacy with a threesome, tie the witcher, and then leave him. Buttercup will come to his rescue! From now on, neither Triss nor Yennefer will want to have anything to do with Geralt on a romantic level.

The second option is to simply reject their advances, which will lead to the same result - Geralt will be left alone. During the Now or Never side quest, Geralt should not tell Triss that he loves her. And when performing the “Last Wish” side, the witcher must tell Yennefer that the magic is gone and he no longer loves her.

Ending "Hearts of Stone" #1. Olgerd von Everek is alive

The best ending in Hearts of Stone will be the survival of Olgerd von Everek and the decision to start a new life. To do this, Geralt must talk to the old professor in Oxenfurt before meeting Olgerd. Geralt must then challenge Gunther O'Dimm and ask him to play for his soul and Olgerd's soul. Gunther will accept the challenge and send Geralt to a mystical world where he must find him. If he does this in time, Gunther will leave this sphere, and Olgerd will survive and reward Geralt by giving him his steel sword called Iris.

Ending "Hearts of Stone" #2. Olgierd von Everek dies

Another option is to side with Gunther O'Dimm. This option will be the only one available if Geralt misses the visit to the old professor that Shani told him about. If Geralt sides with Gunther O'Dimm, he will quickly finish off Olgerd and then offer a reward for Geralt. The rewards are interesting, but most players consider this ending to be bad since Geralt clearly takes the side of evil.

Ending "Blood and Wine" #1. Anna-Henrietta and Syanna are alive

Finally, it's time to take a look at the second Blood and Wine expansion, which has 3 possible endings. The best of them is when both Anna-Henrietta and her sister Syanna survive. They must reconcile. To do this, Geralt needs to visit the "Land of a Thousand Tales", sympathize with Syanna, and listen to her story. Then he must visit her in Beauclair and convince her that Anna-Henrietta still cares about her (just don't mention anything about the Curse of the Black Sun or that Syanna is jealous of Anna).

In addition, before going to the Land of a Thousand Tales, Geralt must read all the entries in the diary available in the room, otherwise, the best ending will not be available. And he has to buy or win Syanna's ribbon from the little match girl - she will later save Syanna's life when Detluff tries to kill her.

Ending "Blood and Wine" #2. Sianna dies, Anna-Henrietta lives

In the neutral ending, only Sianna dies. When Geralt is in the Land of a Thousand Tales, he doesn't need to get Syanna's ribbon from the little match girl. As a result, Detlaff will kill Syanna. After that, you can get two not-very-different endings. Geralt can either fight Detlaff (and kill him) or let the vampire go. This is the only scenario in which Detluff survives. Whichever option Geralt chooses, Anna-Henrietta will throw him in jail, and Buttercup will have to bail him out.

Ending "Blood and Wine" #3. Anna Henrietta and Sianna are dead

The death of Anna-Henrietta and Syanna is the third ending and in some ways the easiest to achieve. If Geralt decides to go to the Hidden instead of looking for Syanna, he will kill Detlaff, but Syanna will kill her sister and then die herself. If Geralt travels to the Land of a Thousand Tales and gets Syanna's ribbon but is cruel to her, or if he chooses not to date Syanna or chooses the wrong dialogue before the two sisters meet again, it will also result in the death of both women.