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How to find all blueprints in Dead Space Remake

 We tell you where to find each blueprint and unlock all crafting items

In the remake of the original Dead Space, you can find 13 different blueprints that are scattered throughout Ishimura. Moreover, in comparison with the original, their location was changed. If you collect all the blueprints, the Trader achievement will be unlocked.

Everything on USG Ishimura can be collected at any time, provided that you have not reached the point of no return at the end of Chapter 11 "Alternative Solutions". In this guide, we point to blueprints sequentially as they appear in the game. However, if you miss any in the story, you can return to previous locations. As soon as the eleventh chapter starts, this will mean that all levels on the station have become available to you. But what you find in the ninth chapter can be missed forever, so be sure to collect during the passage. Your progress will carry over to New Game Plus, and you'll be able to collect everything you missed on your first playthrough in this mode.

The names of the rooms on Ishimura correspond to what you will see on the in-game map. Therefore, if you don't understand what we are talking about, open the map and use the list of rooms to make it easier to find the right location.

Chapter 2

Drawing 1 "Impulse cartridges"

On your left side after you enter Coolant Pipelines.

Drawing 2 "Stasis package"

Enter the main lab locker room to the left of Dr. N: Brennan's office. Look on the bench on the right side.

Chapter 3 Orbital Correction

Drawing 3 "Medium First Aid Kit"

In an open locker right after the Decontamination Room.

Drawing 4 "Knives of the Ripper"

After descending on the first elevator, go to the open room by the second elevator, and look for this blueprint on the crate.

Drawing 5 "Fuel for the flamethrower"

Inside the Engine Room, next to the main engine panel to activate.

Chapter 4

Drawing 6 - Intermediate Engineer Rig

In the EVA Prep Room, on your right on the way to the ADS Cannons.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Drawing 7 Line Racks

From the Observation Room, instead of taking the elevator down, go through the next door. On the right side is the office of Dr. B. Warwick's office. Clearance Level 2 required. The item is on a table.

Chapter 6

Drawing 8 "Energy of the Force"

Inside an alcove in the Air Filtration Tower, between the first and second electrical traps that need to be slowed down with stasis.

Chapter 7

Drawing 9 "Contact energy"

After going through the deck of Deck B: Processing and destroying the Necromorphs, look for the blueprint inside the locked room. To open it, go to the broken window of the room on the side and shoot the door lock. The drawing is on the table.

Circuits 10 Intermediate Miner Rig

After protecting Nicole, enter the Equipment Workshop. The drawing lies on the table opposite the lighthouse (SOS Beacon).

Chapter 8

Drawing 11 "Oxygen cylinder"

Head to the Refueling Control Stations on the fourth floor and enter the locked storage room to find the blueprint on a table. Clearance level 2 is required.

Chapter 9

Everything you find in this chapter, you need to pick up directly during the passage. Otherwise, miss it and have to start over.

Drawing 12 "Large first aid kit"

On the table, at the entrance to the infirmary (Infirmary), in front of the rotating lasers.

Chapter 10

Drawing 13 "Improved engineering installation"

On a bench in the Standard Bathrooms of the crew quarters.