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How to kill a toad in The Witcher 3

 How to prepare for the battle with the Toad Prince, what to take from alchemy, how to use Signs correctly, how to lubricate weapons, and much more

The Toad Prince is a mutated amphibian in The Witcher 3 that Geralt will encounter during the first minutes of the Hearts of Stone plot expansion. An amazing battle awaits you! This cursed monster has created difficulties for many gamers, literally dragging them into toxic swamps. And this is in the event that the monster did not have time to flatten them with a wrestling move already in the first seconds of the battle.

If you can't handle the poisonous tricks of this amphibian or don't understand how to counter such a massive creature, below we have prepared for you basic recommendations that will greatly simplify the battle with the Toad Prince.

How to kill a toad in The Witcher 3


Before this battle, you need to prepare a few alchemical potions. The Toad Prince is classified as a "Cursed Creature" in the Bestiary, so be sure to lubricate Geralt's silver blade with Cursed Oil to get the most out of every weapon strike.

Don't forget to craft the Golden Oriole elixir before the battle to negate the Toad Prince's poisonous effects. This is a vital component that should be in every witcher's arsenal, as the poison takes the most damage in this fight.

It doesn't hurt to fill one quick access stack with Raffard the White's Potion. This decoction instantly restores Geralt's vitality to almost 100%. A great backup option, be sure to keep a few on hand as the Toad Prince can deal devastating damage.

Also, Geralt will not have to drink elixirs at all during the battle if he prepares in advance by strengthening himself with such decoctions of their Ekimma or Echidna. Ekimmah's decoction restores Geralt's health points when he deals damage to the enemy, and Echidna's decoction restores HP when Geralt simply spends stamina (energy). The last option will be especially useful since Geralt will probably use a lot of signs.


Witcher Signs are another important component to defeating this overgrown amphibian. The Toad Prince will be an absolute nightmare if you don't use magic to stop his almost incessant lunges.

As always, keep Quen active to absorb at least some of the damage from the most dangerous blows of this accursed prince. It is unlikely that you will be able to dodge all of his attacks, so such a safety net does not hurt.

Despite the fact that many players underestimate the usefulness of Yrden, this is one of those battles where this Sign will undoubtedly be useful. With it, Geralt will be able to trap the Toad Prince and hold him in place. And this is already done with the help of the basic form of Irden. A great option to land a few hits with the Cursed Silver Sword without worrying about counterattacks. Upgraded Yrden's trap will additionally stun the monster, dealing additional damage to it (in addition to being able to attack it with a silver sword).

However, some players may not be convinced by this, so it is best for them to use the Sign of Igni. Fire is effective in that it can additionally stun the Toad Prince, allowing Geralt to get close to the monster and land a few harmless hits. Apart from the fact that the monster will receive additional damage from the fire itself. Igni will deal damage either way, but if you can time it right and cause Igni to explode in its open mouth, you'll get the best effects as the fire will react with the poison inside.

Effectively aiming or placing Signs is a difficult task, as Geralt will have to constantly move to dodge the barrage of enemy attacks. Stay vigilant and be patient, as these are the only opportunities for the Toad Prince to counterattack.

What else to pay attention to

As mentioned above, the Toad Prince is quite dangerous in his attacks and he has several different moves that he will alternate between. The best tactic for this fight is to keep a safe distance, studying the boss's movements and trying to predict his next attack, while looking for the best position to trap the boss with Yrden. Don't get close until you stun the monster with Yrden or Igni. But once that happens, speed up and land some quick hits with the Cursed Silver Sword.

The monster resembles a grave witch but is no doubt more deadly. The Toad Prince has a long tongue that he uses as a whip, dealing massive damage. This approach is hard to avoid. However, the best option is a somersault to the side.

The toad prince will make powerful jumps, trying to crush Geralt with his carcass. While you are in close proximity to the monster, be sure to follow its movements and do not miss such a jump. Jumping up, the Prince will quickly fall to the ground with force, so Geralt must roll to a safe side in advance. Well in advance, as soon as you notice that the Toad Prince is preparing to jump. It is not always possible to predict the place where a toad that has flown into the air will land, so there are elements of roulette here. You can try rolling in one direction and then immediately tumbling in the other direction. Or make a double throw forward from the start point of the monster. When the Toad Prince lands, the impact will send out poisonous splashes in all directions, so the enemy can still give you trouble with this attack,

Finally, the Toad Prince can unleash a volley of poison bombs that deal damage on their own, but also create clouds of poison gas that deal damage over time. And at this moment you will need the Golden Oriole elixir. You'll be busy trying to avoid physical damage, so the Oriole will make dealing with the effects of the poison much easier and you won't have to worry about getting caught in poisonous clouds. The antidote will help Geralt deflect damage from any poisonous attacks, including bombs, clouds, and spray.

As long as you continue to move and correctly calculate your maneuvers, the Toad Prince will not be able to cause problems and trouble. As mentioned above, make sure to stock up on alchemy, which will neutralize all the poison and maintain the level of health. Because even the most experienced and agile witcher will still miss a few hits from this opponent, and at high difficulty levels this will have a devastating effect.