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How to play Goose Goose Duck: tips and tricks

 We analyze all the gameplay features, practical tips, and recommendations on how to play as a goose, duck, or neutral bird

In this challenging social deduction game, players oppose or cooperate with each other as they try to figure out which of them are peaceful geese and which are sly ducks. While your geese friends are dropping like flies, your job is to find the culprit...or, if you need it, help the killer trying to get away with it.

Goose Goose Duck is a complex interpretation of the classic social deduction game that features characters with dozens of roles (we wrote more about roles in a separate guide). As a goose, you must complete tasks before time runs out. Everything can end earlier if all your friends die. At the same time, you need to act carefully so as not to fall under the knife in the hands of cunning and treacherous ducks. Those who play duck almost always pursue one goal - to sow destruction and chaos. Kill all the geese, hide the bodies, disguise yourself as innocent, and try to avoid punishment in any way. Until not a single goose remains.

The tips below will help any player, whether you are a beginner or a pro at Duck, Duck, Goose.

How to play Goose Goose Duck: tips and tricks

Be sure to get trained

People who are familiar with this traditional children's game of social deduction can make a dangerous mistake. However, in comparison with the same Among Us, Goose Goose Duck is a much more difficult game. And the task is far from a banal definition of who is a goose and who is a duck. Be sure to check out the tutorial before joining your first game or joining a general lobby. The system is trained to give you an idea of ​​the mechanics and roles of Goose Goose Duck players, as well as introduce you to the cards!

Not all killers are evil ducks

Don't jump to conclusions when you see one of the geese killing another. He is not necessarily a duck! It can be a peaceful goose or a completely neutral bird. Goose Goose Duck has some good goose roles that allow them to kill other players. Therefore, be careful when you see this because the killer could be an avenger or the same sheriff. Both the one and the other are geese that play on the side of peaceful birds.

Don't forget the presumption of innocence

Just because you find someone near a body doesn't necessarily make them the killer. In addition to simple coincidence and unfortunate coincidence, there are other roles in Goose Goose Duck that allow even good players to interact with the body. Undertakers can inspect the dead to find out the player's role. A non-duck vulture must eat corpses to win the game, and if you waste time voting for him, it will be a waste of precious time.

Remember who you saw and who you didn't...

As a goose, your job is not only to complete tasks and avoid death. You are an observer who must deduce sooner or later. If you happen to stumble upon a body while on duty, before reporting to anyone and starting a vote, try to gather as much facts and evidence as possible. Just knowing where the body was found is useless if you don't have any leads as to who might have killed the unfortunate bird.

When performing your duties, keep an eye on other birds, remember how they look, where they come from and where they go, and what they do. While time and location are not a sure sign of culpability, if you manage to spot the same goose at more than one crime scene, it is most certainly a duck in disguise.

If it's not obvious, it's better to skip voting

As soon as the body is found, voting will begin, and much will depend on its result. You need to find the killer as soon as possible and avoid the death of other geese. And sometimes doing nothing is better than voting for a peaceful bird.

If you don't have evidence, clues, or guesses as to who the duck might be, I suggest pressing the "Skip" button and don't vote at all. If you vote for the geese and the ducks have the majority, they will automatically win the game.

Be careful who you vote for

Goose Goose Duck is a chaotic game, so there are many reasons for players to act suspiciously. You may encounter a peaceful goose that behaves suspiciously on purpose. Do not rush to conclusions, otherwise, it can lead to a quick loss of the thread of the game. If you have a Dodo in your lobby, think carefully before casting your vote. Dodo is a "neutral" role, and the task of this bird is to collect as many votes in its favor as possible. If the Dodo is out of the game, it automatically wins.

Do your duty

Do not get carried away with voting and trying to figure out who is who. Do not forget that for geese, the fulfillment of tasks is a priority. Select a task from the "Responsibilities" list in the upper left corner to go to it. A yellow arrow will appear next to the character, which will indicate the direction to the desired object. Be sure to check the mini-map and the map. Active duties will be displayed as glowing yellow dots. Keep an eye on these points so as not to miss the desired object.

Don't abuse the vote button

To start voting and discussion, it is not necessary to look for a dead body. Each Goose Goose Duck map has an area where you can call all the geese for a surprise rally. Calling a meeting can be useful if you find or see something suspicious, not necessarily a body. For example, if the player is almost invisible, constantly hiding somewhere, or someone crawled out of the vent.

However, you will have a limited number of rallies, so proceed with caution and do not overuse this feature. If you overdo it, then at the moment when you understand something really important, you simply may not have “meeting points”.

Believe it or not

One of your friends reports that he found the body and claims to have seen the Pink Goose near the crime scene. However, the fact that someone is playing a concerned detective does not necessarily make them innocent. If you are a duck, you will also have the option to report the body of a freshly killed goose. Self-reporting can be a powerful strategy to convince your friends of someone else's fault. This is a great way to divert all suspicions from yourself.

Chat is not required to play.

Proximity Chat is a fun feature that makes Goose Goose Duck an especially addictive and fun game. If you are close enough to other players on the map, you can hear their voice through the microphone and pick up suspicious conversations.

However, you don't need to use Proximity Chat or even a microphone to play Goose Goose Duck. Go to the sound settings and check the "Mute" box in the "Input" section. If you do this, you will continue to hear other players, but they will not hear you.

You can also create a lobby without a microphone or join one. If text chat is your thing, the Goose Goose Duck lobby without a microphone might be your best bet. If you are joining a public lobby, look for a lobby with a crossed-out microphone icon, or click on the filters and select the "No microphone" option in the voice chat options.

A few tips for ducks

As you can see, most of the information above is about playing as peaceful geese. But let's think about how a killer duck should act?

  1. First, try to be as normal as possible. Like common geese. Chat with other players, interact with them, and pretend that you are busy with daily duties. You can bring up topics for discussion. For example, share why you don't trust this or that character. You need to make sure that any suspicion bypasses your person, and you are cleared of any charges.
  2. You can ask other players for help. As long as people help you, they trust you. Let them help you, and then, if possible, kill in cold blood.
  3. You can also chase someone in front of everyone and say that you are about to kill him. And really, would a real killer duck behave like that? Good mental move!
  4. Stick to the group, don't be alone. Try to walk near a group of three or more birds, be vigilant. As soon as one of the birds decides to separate from the group, chase and kill it, and then return to the team under the pretense of not understanding the task. Alternatively, stay close to some kind of sociable character who, in case of emergency, can cover you with a word.
  5. Support the lies of other assassins. If a duck says that a peaceful goose is a killer, do the same. Support the lie, and then the geese can throw their partner out of the game.
  6. Kill someone and report the murder. Why would a killer report the death of a goose? Blame someone, or better yet, don't offer any information.