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How to reduce Krav dialogues in Forspoken?

 In Forpsoken, you will have regular dialogues with Karv, the magic bracelet and you will be told how to reduce the number of interactions.


Forspoken is one of the games expected at the start of 2023 and the wait is coming to an end since the title has been available since Tuesday, January 24 on PC and PS5.

Within the title, you will be entitled to moments of dialogue with Karv, the magic bracelet that speaks to the heroine, Frey Holland. Some players also wonder if it is possible to reduce the number of these dialogues and the answer is yes. You are told where to go to configure this setting.

Where to reduce dialogues with Karv in Forspoken?

If you're looking to figure out where to go to cut down dialogues with Karv in Forspoken, well, here's the way to go:

  • Before starting a game, go to the Settings menu found under Load Game
  • Then use the R1 key to access Accessibility Settings
  • Under accessibility settings, go to Karv settings
  • Now adjust the frequency of the dialogues with Karv so that it corresponds to your preferences
  • Exit the settings to save your changes and all you have to do is load a game
If you want to avoid dialogues with Karv as much as possible, we recommend that you set to a Minimum so that the bracelet only speaks to you during really important conversations. However, by selecting this setting, you will undoubtedly miss some interesting dialogues or useful information, but consider them secondary to the important moments of the game.