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League of Legends: how to invite friends via Discord?

 If you are not aware, you can create a lobby on LoL to play with your friends. It is also possible to invite your friends by Discord!

League of Legends: how to invite friends via Discord?

As a mostly multiplayer game, you can create a lobby and invite your friends to play with. To do this, you usually need the summoner name, but now it is possible to invite them directly through Discord.

If you have your friends on Discord, you can invite them directly by message or in a server room, without having to have them as a friend on the game. We tell you how to do it!

How to invite people to LoL by Discord?

If you don't know your friend's summoner name or just met someone on another game and want to play LoL with them, there's a solution for you!

To do this, nothing could be simpler, launch League of Legends then create a game lobby. Obviously, you will have to link your League of Legends account with your Discord account.

Once that's done, click on the little "+" at the bottom left of the text bar on Discord and click on "Invite to play League of Legends".

A message to join the group will then appear in the text channel where you sent the invite.

It will then suffice for the other person to click on "Join" to arrive in the League of Legends lobby, the invitation only works once per person.

Here is ! You now know how to invite your friends without going through League of Legends or if you don't know their Nickname.