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Lost Ark: A massive 'ban' of accounts aimed at 'bots' affects inactive players

 Amazon Games announced on Wednesday a mass account removal aimed at kicking out bots to "improve the Marketplace and Auction House experience."

Lost Ark: A massive 'ban' of accounts aimed at 'bots' affects inactive players

Last Wednesday, January 11, Amazon Game Studios, the company in charge of distributing and managing the MMORPG Lost Ark in the West, announced a wave of massive account deletions for the free title on Steam aimed at the bots that swarm the world of Arkesia. The measure, as has happened before, has affected occasional players or those who had not entered the game for a long time.

As the bans are linked to the Steam account, they mean that the user cannot access any other game on the platform that uses the Easy-Anticheat anti-cheat system. The developers are already aware of the situation and are working on reversing the erroneous expulsions.

The PCGamesN outlet reported on June 13 of a drastic decrease in the number of active players on Steam caused by that measure. Of the around 300,000 concurrent players on average, the number dropped to approximately 100,000. At the time of writing, there are 148,943 players in Arkesia, according to the SteamDB database.

The situation has led to a review bombing on the game's Steam page. In the last 30 days, 33% of the ratings are positive, a percentage altered by the barrage of negative reviews left by players since January 14, when many players have discovered that they have been banned and/or that their Steam account it is tainted by the ban.

A moderator of the subreddit dedicated to the video game developed by Smilegate wrote a message this Saturday: "We are receiving a lot of posts from people who have not played the game in several months saying that they have been notified that their accounts have been deleted ."

During the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, Amazon Games assured in the official forums of the game that they were aware of the situation. They are working on reversing them. "Following a recent spate of bot bans, we've seen an increase in removal claims from players who have been incorrectly affected by these removals."

" We have determined the error that triggered these false removals," they say from Amazon Games, "and we are actively working to reverse them for all affected legitimate players regardless of whether a technical assistance ticket has been registered." They add that those who want to restore their account "faster" can register a ticket on the customer service website.

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