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Next Gen: 7 points that would make the PS5 even better


Next Gen: 7 points that would make the PS5 even better

This is how the PS5 gets even better

With the PS5, Sony launched a potent next-gen console at the end of 2020, which offers all sorts of new functions and features: 4K resolution, 120 Hz, and VRR - the thing already has a lot to offer. But there is more! We wanted to know what you think Sony still needs to improve on the PS5. What features are you missing? Where do you still need fine-tuning?

There were many comments and suggestions, but most of you agreed on the following 7 points: Action is needed here, Sony!


Let's start with the elephant in the room: availability. Officially, the PlayStation 5 has been on the market for over two years, but it has hardly been commercially available since it was launched. The demand is high, the supply low - and then there are also the scalpers, who buy up the entire inventory of a retailer at lightning speed in order to then resell the consoles on eBay and Co. at overpriced prices.

You're absolutely right: Sony needs to improve on this point as soon as possible. But at least there seems to be a silver lining on the horizon. Because now you can actually pre-order the console as part of bundles from various retailers. With any luck, we'll soon be completely over the PS5 shortage.

Better backwards compatibility

Yes, almost all PS4 games can be played on the PS5 - but for many of you, that's just not enough. While Sony now offers some older PlayStation classics for sale outside of PS Plus Premium, most of you wish you could just pop your old PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 games in and out can start playing.

We dare to doubt that Sony will implement this proposal, but one can still dream...


The PS5 offers all sorts of multimedia apps, but you won't find a simple internet browser on Sony's next-gen console. Apparently, it was rationalized away.

Or maybe not? In fact, a browser can still be called up on the PS5, but only with a trick. Get a friend to send you a classic link to any site via PSN messaging system. You can then call this up in the console and - wonder, oh wonder - a browser window will open!

But honestly, that's way too complicated. Just smash the internet browser into the dashboard, Sony!

Free choice of background/designs

At Sony, uniformity seems to be very important with the PS5. Because while PS4 players could still download and buy themes directly from the PlayStation Store to personalize their dashboard, this feature has also been removed from the PS5.

But what is not, can still be! We can well imagine that Sony will also unlock this feature for the PS5 at some point. We keep our fingers crossed!


Despite Sony buying into Discord, Microsoft actually managed to bring the communications service to the Xbox Series first.

When exactly Discord will also come to PS4 and PS5 players is still open. However, we're pretty sure Sony will follow suit here soon.

More PS5 games

Although PS5 players can also play PS4 games on their console without any problems - but let's be honest: You don't get a next-gen console for that! However, the range of real PS5 games is currently still very few and far between. Fortunately, that was to change in the coming months and years.

folders in the dashboard

If you have properly installed games on the PS5, you can lose track of your collection on the dashboard. That's why many of you want to have a folder function in the dashboard. It really shouldn't be that difficult, right Sony?