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One Piece Odyssey: does the game have a multiplayer mode?

 The One Piece Odyssey game, freshly released on January 13, already raises several questions. In particular, can we play the game in multiplayer?

One Piece Odyssey: does the game have a multiplayer mode?

The new game of the One Piece license has just been released: One Piece Odyssey. This time it's a turn-based RPG that will have you relive some of the Straw Hat Crew's most famous arcs through an original story.

One of the strongest values ​​of the work, as in many Shōnen, is friendship or the famous “power of friendship”. We are then entitled to wonder if it is possible to be accompanied in multiplayer by one or more friends during our journey.

A multiplayer mode in One Piece Odyssey?

Unfortunately, there is currently no multiplayer mode available and it doesn't seem like it's planned at the moment, at least officially. 

However, the game has a fairly incredible amount of characters, so it is not unlikely that a multiplayer mode will appear. With all the islands and kingdoms to visit, the number of swappable characters are legion, and a second player could totally join the game without upsetting the pace of the game. 

Even if the turn-based game mode is not the style of game that usually highlights multiplayer, we can still think of some like For The King, a JRPG in the medieval / fantasy style that puts a lot of emphasis on before the multiplayer side.

The fairly narrative imprint of One Piece Odyssey suggests that it is not made for a multiplayer campaign, favoring immersion above all.