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One Piece Odyssey: Find Moving Crab and complete Dust Ruins - Game Guides

In order to traverse the Dust Ruins in Chapter 3 of One Piece Odyssey, you must retrieve a Moving Crab from Memoria. In this guide, you will learn how to find it and how to traverse the ruins.

One Piece Odyssey: Find Moving Crab and complete Dust Ruins - Game Guides

Enter the Dust Ruins in One Piece Odyssey

Once you've left Alabasta, after a short camp break, you can go to the Dust Ruins with Adio. Before doing so, use Robin's newfound ability to fuse and upgrade your accessories.

The Dust Ruins are directly west of Adios House. He opens the ruins with the key you got from the first colossus. However, you will find within that you are not progressing. Luffy has an idea and tells you to go back to Lim.

Before returning to Lim, you are free to explore Waford. There are some cube fragments, collectibles, and side stories to discover.

When you get to Lim, you decide to return to Alabasta to get transportation there. This means of transport will be a moving crab.

Where is the moving crab in Alabasta?

Once in Alabasta, you can first devote yourself to all side stories and bounties. You will soon encounter the moving crab.

In the big sandy desert, you will find the giant moving crab. Unfortunately, due to its sheer size, you cannot transport it out of Memoria. That's why you should find the smaller parade crab in the tomb of the kings.

In order to find the parade shrimp in the tomb, you have to let yourself fall from a vine on the third floor. On the way there you will encounter some kung fu seals that you should defeat with Luffy and Usopp. As the Usopp, use his rubber band to knock the seal out.

At Wüstengrund in U3, you must now defeat the seals as a group. Once you are victorious, the moving shrimp will appear there and you can return to Dust Ruins.

Traverse the Dust Ruins

With the moving shrimp, you can now cross the dusty ruins. Arrived on the other side, you can first collect some boxes, cube fragments, and a stone tablet.

If you follow the corridor, you will reach a room with a strange contraption. After the cutscene, go down first by taking the stairs on the right.

In this mirror room, you have to rotate the mirrors by pressing the buttons. Line them up so they hit the doors. In the southernmost room, you will find a switch behind an iron door. If you activate it, you can activate the strange contraption and turn the rooms upside down.

After you've rotated the rooms, go down the stairs on the left. Here you will find one of two symbols that you need to progress.

In the mirror room, you can now open the door with the arrows. However, you can only reach them if you rotate the room again. There you will find the second symbol.

Using the symbols in the main room reveals a stairway that leads you to the Colossus.

Defeat the Wind Colossus

Before you can face the colossus, you must first defeat several Sand Del Kongs. Robin and Zorro are particularly effective against the superpowers. Try to keep Nami and Usopp out of the fights.

In the room the Kongs were protecting, you'll need to point all the mirrors at the door to open it. The colossus is waiting for you in the next room.

The Colossus is a Speed ​​type, which is why Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper do particularly well against it. You can also let Usopp attack from afar. Chopper can also keep the entire area of ​​the colossus fit with his care.

Once you have defeated the colossus, you can collect the second dust tablet and use the elevator to leave the dusty ruins in the previous room.