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One Piece Odyssey: Unlock all memory links and rewards - Game Guide

 In One Piece Odyssey, you visit your memories. But some memories are broken and need to be repaired. In this guide, you can find out where you can find them, how to repair them, and which special attacks you can use to unlock them.

One Piece Odyssey: Unlock all memory links and rewards

What are memory links in One Piece Odyssey?

As you journey through your memories in Memoria, you'll encounter shredded memories time and time again. These memories are in conflict with reality and need to be rectified.

For this, you visit a place called Hysteria and look for the cause of the defibration. Who can enter Hysteria varies from connection to connection.

A memory connection usually follows the following pattern:

  1. Find the cause. The person is tagged with a floating ring above their head.
  2. resolve the conflict. Most of the time you have to defeat opponents or find certain items.
  3. Win a final battle. This will unlock a new friend attack.
What are memory links in One Piece Odyssey?

Each Memory Link unlocks a new Friend Attack. This attack combines the abilities of characters who have entered the memory link.

Some connections throw you back to Memoria in the course. Then you need to find the following connection to complete it.

Below you can find out where to find the memory links and which friend attacks they unlock. As with bounties and side stories, access to memory links is marked on the in-game map.

At the moment we have not been able to track down all memory connections. We are constantly expanding this guide until we can present you with all the connections.

A boy's wish

You encounter this memory connection in the great sandy desert during the course of the main story. You should help the boy with Zoro, Chopper, and Usopp to find herbs to heal his mother.

The herbs can be found at the east end of Bone Bridge Canyon. Examine the bush and you will get it.

A boy's wish

However, the boy was kidnapped. You must now follow the Bone Bridge Canyon to the end. The final boss fight awaits you there.

This unlocks the friend move Kokutei Tiger Trap Roseo Push Blow. It requires three levels of your Friend Charge and inflicts Slow and Bleeding on the target.

An evildoing

You will find this connection upon your return to Alabasta in Nanohana. She's on the tower in the southern alley. You enter it with Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp.

If you leave the tower in the connection, you can see the cause straight away: a strange merchant is carrying the ring. He asks Zoro to eat a mushroom.

You can only heal the resulting poisoning if you find a specific moss. Go to the beach and Wimper will meet you there and show you the moss.

After fighting bandits, you heal Zoro and get kicked out of the compound. The second connection is in the southern lane of Nanohana.

Follow the road south across the main square. Defeat all enemies that stand in your way.

In the fight against the trader's brother, you will unlock the friend move Gum Gum Pistol Tatsumaki Star. It costs six levels of Amity Charge, hits all enemies, and deals extra damage to enemies with Logia Fel Powers.

hunting among friends

At the end of Chapter 4, you can find this connection at the canal restaurant in the east of Water 7. You enter with Sanji, Luffy, and Nami.

Follow the street to the main square in front of the mayor's house. To the west, you will find the cause of the unraveling: Mr. 2 Bon Curry.

hunting among friends

Defeat the Navy and take him south. There you will meet Tashigi. Once you defeat them, you will be kicked out of the compound.

The second part of the Unraveling can be found on the lower level of Water 7. Follow the path to the port, defeating the marines along the way.

On the southern beach, you will encounter Bon Curry and Smoker. Defeat Smoker twice and you'll complete the connection.

In the second fight against Smoker, you unlock the friend attack Gum Gum Mouton Gatling Speed. She requires six levels of friend charge, hits all enemies, and deals high damage to all with fel powers.

power of happiness

You can also find this connection after chapter 4 in Water 7 on the top floor in the south of the map. You are traveling with Sanji, Nami, Robin, and Zoro.

You will also find your goal as soon as you enter: You are to find a woman's lover. Go to the sewage treatment plant in the east and follow the road.

After a fight against some Mafiosi, you will be thrown out of the compound. A ghost at the spot where the woman stood tells you to go "downstairs".

You can find the entrance to the second part of the connection in the sewers. Go up from the Yoisa sign and you will find the connection in the hallway. You can also enter the sewage system from the sewage treatment plant and follow the corridor.

Follow the sewers and defeat the mafiosi. Beloved Garf will then be waiting for you on the back wall. Talk to him to complete the memory connection.

In the fight against the boss of the mafia, you will unlock the friendship attack Thunder Lance Flip Caliber Phoenix Shot. It requires 8 levels of your friend charge, hits all enemies, and especially damages enemies with Zoan devil powers.