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One Piece Odyssey: Where to find all the hidden chests?

 One Piece Odyssey is full of unexplored treasures and nooks, some of which are hard to find. You are told where to find all the hidden chests.

One Piece Odyssey: Where to find all the hidden chests?

The new One Piece Odyssey game is out today and for the occasion, we offer you a list of hidden treasures and where to find them!

The bea ba of pirates still treasures and for your adventure, you will need berries and equipment. That's why finding chests can be useful, especially if you like to finish your games at 100%!

All hidden chests in One Piece Odyssey

In the world of One Piece Odyssey, there are currently 22 hidden chests that you can find through your journey, we present them to you below thanks to site which listed them.

There are eight on the mysterious island of Waford (game exclusive), four in the desert kingdom of Alabasta, five on the carpenter island Water Seven, only one in the marine stronghold, Marineford, and finally, four on the island of Doflamingo, the Kingdom of Dressrosa.


  • Hermit’s Cave
  • 2x Forbidden Valley, Waford South
  • Circular Inland Sea, Waford South
  • Sky Tower Strange Cube Floor Level 2, Sky Tower
  • Sky Tower Strange Cube Floor Level 3, Sky Tower
  • Waford Central, Waford South
  • Path to Eastern Ruins, Waford South


  • Back Streets, Supported
  • Sandy Ruins

Water Seven

  • Cafe Park, Water Seven City Area
  • Red Bird Apparel, Water Seven City Area
  • Material Depot, Dock One
  • 2x Old Sewer, Water Seven


  • Town Outskirts, Marineford City Area


  • Weapon Shop – Rose Guerrero, Dressrosa City Area
  • Coliseum Path, Dressrosa City Area 
  • Dressrosa City Old Residential District, Dressrosa City Area
  • New Royal Plateau – 1st Level – Great Fissure, New Royal Plateau: Bottom