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One Piece Odyssey: You can visit these well-known anime arcs in the game - Game Guide

 One Piece Odyssey allows you to revisit arcs past as memories of the Straw Hat Gang. In this article, you will learn which arcs you can expect in the game, which episodes they included, and which spoilers you can expect.

One Piece Odyssey: You can visit these well-known anime arcs in the game - Game Guide

What arcs does One Piece Odyssey include?

If you want to enjoy One Piece Odyssey completely spoiler-free, you should have watched the anime up to episode 746. The game visits some of the most relevant locations of the action of these episodes.

In total, you will visit these four arcs in the game:

  • Alabasta (Episodes 62 – 135)
  • Water Seven (Episodes 207 – 325)
  • Marine Ford (Episodes 358 – 516)
  • Dress Rosa (Episodes 630 – 746)

In the following, we briefly summarize the history of the respective arcs. If you want to stay spoiler-free, you should stop reading (and wait before buying One Piece Odyssey).


In the desert kingdom of Alabasta, the Straw Hats find themselves in the middle of a civil war.
In the desert kingdom of Alabasta, the Straw Hats find themselves in the middle of a civil war.

In Alabasta, Luffy and his friends meet Princess Vivi, who is on the trail of a conspiracy. It hasn't rained in the desert kingdom for years. A civil war breaks out due to the displeasure of the population.

Vivi investigates and finds the masterminds behind this scheme: the Baroque company she infiltrated as Miss Wednesday and the chairman Mr. Zero, also known as the samurai Sir Crocodile. Together with the crew, she sets out to stop him and save Alabasta.

Some members of the Baroque company stand in their way:

  • The candle man Mr. Three
  • The shapeshifter Mr. Two also called Bon Curry
  • The Living Blade Mr. One
  • Nico Robin as Miss Bloody Sunday, Mr. Zero's right-hand man

Of course, the company has other members like Mr. Four or Miss Merry Christmas, but these are no longer involved in the further course of the story.

After the final battle in the center of Alabasta and Luffy's victory over Crocodile, Vivi decides to lead her country to better times as a princess. With that, she rejects Luffy's suggestion to continue traveling with them. For this, Nico Robin decides to join the gang.

Water Seven

Water Seven sheds light on Nico Robin's dark past.
Water Seven sheds light on Nico Robin's dark past. 

After their ship Going Merry (called Flying Lamb in the German version) was badly damaged, the gang is looking for a shipbuilder in the famous shipyard of Water Seven. There they have to learn that Merry is irreparable. In addition, their money is stolen from cyborg Franky and his gang, which is why they cannot afford a new ship.

Usopp, who cares deeply about the Merry, can't believe this and leaves the crew after an argument with Luffy. He rejoins them later in the form of Sogeking, the king of snipers.

In addition, Nico Robin has disappeared. She was blackmailed by the secret government organization CP9, who use her fear of the dangerous Buster Call that destroyed her homeland of Ohara against her. They threaten to use the call against their friends. Because of this, Robin decides to sacrifice herself for her friends.

The Straw Hats don't let this sit down and pursue the CP9 to the Isle of Justice, Enie's Lobby. After convincing Robin that they will not give up on her, they rush into battle against the overwhelming opponents. They receive active support from Franky, who was also kidnapped by the CP9 because of blueprints in his possession.

The Straw Hats are able to free Robin from the clutches of the government, but Enie's lobby is razed to the ground by the Buster Call. The friends manage to escape on the Merry, which has rushed to their rescue. However, they then say goodbye to their ship and bury it. Franky is building them a new ship, the Thousand Sunny.

Now that they are enemies of the world government, all straw hats have a bounty on their heads. Franky , now also wanted, joins the crew, and Usopp is reinstated.

Navy Ford

The turning point in the story is all about the war at the execution of Firefist Ace.
The turning point in the story is all about the war at the execution of Firefist Ace. 

After the last member of the crew, the music-making skeleton Brook has joined, the Straw Hats are scattered to the winds by an attack by Bartholomew Bear. Luffy learns that his brother Firefist Ace is about to be executed and rushes to his rescue.

To do this, he infiltrates the maximum security prison of Impel Down and frees some familiar faces there, including members of the Baroque company and Buggy the clown. But new allies like the tranny king Ivankov and the samurai Jinbei are also joining the straw hat. Unfortunately, they don't make it in time and Ace is taken to the Marine Ford to be executed.

With the help of old enemies and new friends and thanks to Bon Curry's sacrifice, Luffy manages to break out of prison again. On a Navy ship, they follow Ace to save him from his death.

Meanwhile, in the Marine Ford, a bloody battle ensues between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Navy, its Admirals, and the Seven Samurai of the Sea. Whitebeard also intends to save his second in command from death. Thanks to Luffy's intervention and Mr. Three's ability to duplicate keys using his waxing skills, they manage to free Ace.

However, the joy is short-lived, because Ace sacrifices himself shortly afterward to protect Luffy, who is completely exhausted from the long fight. He dies with a smile and thanks Luffy and Whitebeard for loving him, the son of Gold Rogers. Whitebeard wreaks havoc on the Marine Ford in his rage.

Blackbeard, who has Ace locked in, steps in and finishes off the angry and badly injured Whitebeard as well. He then takes over the power of Whitebeard's Earthquake Fruit. Luffy escapes and, after recovering, learns how to use his newfound King Haki from Gold Rogers' vice-captain Rayleigh.

Dress pink

On the toy island Dress Rosa, the straw hats fight against the samurai De Flamingo.
On the toy island Dress Rosa, the straw hats fight against the samurai De Flamingo. 

After forming an alliance with the pirate Trafalgar Law, Luffy and his crew head to the toy island of Dress Rosa. The samurai De Flamingo is the king of this island and is behind the production of artificial devil fruits.

Once there, Luffy learns of a tournament where Ace's Firefruit is the prize. At this turbier he also meets Rebecca, the granddaughter of the rightful ruler Riku, who has been stripped of his throne by De Flamingo's intrigues.

After Luffy is relieved by his presumed-dead brother Sabo in the Colosseum, Luffy resolves to put an end to De Flamingo's machinations. Meanwhile, his crew liberates the living toys from the power of the Hobby Fruit that De Flamingo's follower Sugar transformed them with.

In the fight against De Flamingo, Trafalgar Law reveals his connection to the samurai's family. Luffy uses his new Gear 4 ability to defeat De Flamingo and destroy the birdcage that is holding the island captive.