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 If you regularly get lost in skill trees, gripping stories keep you awake and immersive worlds suck you in, then 2023 will be your year. In the next twelve months, you can expect heaps of role-playing gems that are aimed at your vacation. We crown the ten most promising candidates.


Platz 10: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

For a long time, Bioware and EA were stingy with details about the new Dragon Age part, but not much is known yet. After all, we were given the first chunks of the story. The eponymous dread wolf is Solas, the dire wolf. Fans are looking forward to returning to the lands of Thedas, where, according to the developers, you will sometimes meet old acquaintances and visit familiar places. But the game should also appeal to newcomers. In the past, the studio didn't shy away from serious issues like racism, homophobia, or fanaticism, and that will probably also be the case with Dreadwolf. Likewise, different character classes should allow for a variety of builds and playstyles. If you can't take it anymore, why not while away the wait with the Netflix anime series Dragon Age: Absolution.

9th place: The Outer Worlds 2

A little over three years ago, Obsidian Entertainment launched The Outer Worlds, a new brand whose debut was reminiscent of Fallout: New Vegas. Wacky humor, lots of freedom of choice, many side quests, and charming characters - these ingredients created a successful debut. There is currently not much more to the successor than a humorous teaser, which already suggests that we will get more of the same. Which for our part we absolutely welcome, because wacky adventures on alien planets are always welcome.

8th place: One Piece Odyssey

Luffy and his crew of pirates try their hand at turn-based RPG in One Piece Odyssey. A modification of the rock-paper-scissors principle is used, in which you have to adapt the attacks and abilities of your troops to the opponent. The adventure takes you to a previously unknown island, which is, however, packed with treasures and secrets. Between the clashes, there are extensive exploration tours on which you loot treasure chests and collect valuable resources. The RPG, whose story was co-designed by manga creator Eiichiro Oda, will also have no shortage of side quests and dialogues. Already on January 13th, you can start the One Piece Odyssey on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

7th place: Gothic & Risen

Two action RPG classics from Germany are being reissued. After the overwhelming response to a playable teaser, THQ Nordic launched Gothic Remake 2020. A specially founded studio in Barcelona is currently working on implementing the game in a contemporary form for the PC, the Xbox Series X|S, and the PS5. Characteristic elements of the 2001 original will return in a modernized form, including the Khorinis setting and the combat system. A date for the comeback has not yet been set.

Things are different with Risen: the spiritual successor to the Gothic series will be released on January 24th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. However, this is not a large-scale remake, but a technically upgraded port of the game from 2009. Among other things, it should do without loading screens and offer an improved user interface.

6th place: Octopath Traveler 2

Thanks to wonderful pixel art, different characters and stories as well as demanding round battles, the predecessor already became a hit. Octopath Traveler II stays true to this successful combination. With eight new travelers, you explore the beautiful world of Solistia, fight numerous monsters and experience an extensive and multi-layered storyline. Once again it should be the different stories of the characters that make Octopath Traveler II exciting. Warriors, dancer, trader or apothecary have their own reasons for the adventure. Once again, all of these individual fates are linked to one another as the game progresses - this should happen a little faster and more verbosely than in the first part. From February 24th you can start your great journey on PS4, PS5, and Switch.

5th place: Final Fantasy XVI

After the 15th part with a modern touch, Square Enix is ​​going classic again with Final Fantasy XVI. In the medieval world of Valisthea, you play as the warrior Clive Rosfield, who is at the center of a great tragedy. This, of course, leads him on an epic adventure that he and his allies embark on. With your party you will experience perhaps the fastest and most intense battles in the history of the series: According to the first trailers, sword attacks, magic, and powerful summons seamlessly merge. Graphically, Final Fantasy XVI also flares up a firework of effects and actions, exclusively on Playstation 5 from June 23rd. But that's not all: Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to, for the winter Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will also be released in spring. So it could be a really big year for the series...

4th place: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

After the bumpy start, Cyberpunk 2077 is now enjoying great popularity. The fans are accordingly hot for the Phantom Liberty expansion. The hype was fueled even further by the new teaser that CD Projekt presented at the Game Awards. This revealed the character of Solomon Reed, played by none other than actor Idris Elba. He joins an illustrious cast that includes Keanu Reeves and Sasha Grey. Aside from the star cast, the add-on has a lot more to offer. You experience an exciting espionage thriller, in the course of which you can explore the district of Dogtown in more detail. We always welcome more food for Night City night owls!

3rd place: Baldur's Gate III

One of the most important RPG series ever returns. Larian Studios is responsible for the plot of the second part. The Mind Flayers have implanted a nasty parasite in you and of course, you want to get rid of it. With all the love for the classic original, the developers invest a lot of effort in a contemporary implementation, without forgetting the pen-and-paper core. For you, this means that luck with the dice plays an essential role in the decisions. In addition, intensive planning before the fights and when choosing equipment is the order of the day. Baldur's Gate III has been in Early Access since October 2020, and the role-playing game should really take off in August 2023. It's going to be an old-school party!

2nd place: Diablo IV

A full ten years have passed since the release of Diablo III. But the long wait for Diablo IV should soon be forgotten when looting and leveling through hell starts again on June 6th. Crossplay, cross-platform progression and total freedom in character customization and playstyle are already very subtle innovations. There are also fresh employment opportunities: Among other things, you fight your way through enemy fortresses or play small story segments that await you in many places. Likewise, you can gather a party and kill powerful bosses in the huge open world. Typically Diablo, the story is only the beginning of your adventure: The endgame should be enormously extensive and new content will be added over the years.

1st place: Starfield

The game world of Starfield sounds like real-life's work for prospective astronauts: it wants to offer over 100 solar systems with over 1,000 planets. With your self-created character, you build outposts there, collect resources, and fight pirates and other enemies. You fight the space battles with your completely specially created ship. Although you follow a story, Starfield doesn't want to dictate anything to you. Instead, you decide the course of your journey completely freely. You can expect visually varied worlds and beings, some of which have already been seen in trailers. It all sounds completely megalomaniac, but at the same time exciting and enticing.