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Tier list Emblem Fire Emblem Engage, which are the best to wear?

 Fire Emblem Engage is now available and within the game, you will be able to obtain Emblems. We show you the best of the title.

Tier list Emblem Fire Emblem Engage, which are the best to wear?

Many players have been waiting for the new installment of the Fire Emblem license, namely Fire Emblem Engage and the wait is now over since the title has been available since January 20 on Nintendo Switch.

Within the game, you will be able to find a new mechanic which are the Emblems, and which allows you to be "possessed" by one of the old heroes well known from the previous opuses of Fire Emblem. We're going to give you a list of the best Emblems for early game, mid-game, and late game!

Tier list of the best Fire Emblem Engage Emblems

If you're looking to find out which are the best Emblems in the game as you progress through Engage, well, the Game8 site has given a tier list. So here is the list and why you should play them first.

Beginning of the game

In the early game, you are going to have many units that use spears or axes, but very few that use swords. To be able to overcome this weakness, there is the Sigurd Emblem which allows you to convert an ax or spear wielder into a sword wielder.


As you progress through the game, you'll have more units and choices for building your party. Four emblems are of mid-game interest and here they are:

EmblemAbility to aim

Avo+ - For your Vit-focused units. and Dex.

Tome Accuracy - To improve the accuracy of tome users Staff
Mastery - To have more effective units with a staff

Strike +10 - For your Cavalry or imprecise units

Leif is undoubtedly the most interesting Emblem thanks in particular to his AdvantageConstitution +, or Staff Mastery abilities.

Game over

This guide is still being written.