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Valve's biggest leak discovers the name of the protagonist of Portal

 Tens of gigabytes of Valve video game 'assets' dating back to 2016 have been published this week; In the 'leak,' there is information on Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and, above all, on Team Fortress 2.

Valve's biggest leak discovers the name of the protagonist of Portal

Last Thursday, January 12, an anonymous user leaked thousands of Valve video game assets dating from 2016 on a Discord server. What PC Gamer calls the biggest leak in the company's history has given dataminers tens of gigabytes of material to sift through for new information. One of the details that has come to light is what appears to be the real name of Chell, the protagonist of Portal.

The user RememberCitadel from the LambdaGeneration community is the one who has found among the multitude of leaked materials from Portal a .tga file (bitmap images) containing Chell's clothing. The name of the file is "celestine_body", which has led members of that community to venture that the protagonist of the puzzle game is called Celestine and that Chell is her short name, according to reports from The Gamer.

Most of the leak affects Team Fortess 2

However, most of the leak does not affect Portal, but rather Team Fortress 2. The released files contain assets, the original recipient of which were Valve partners collaborating on these projects, from Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Half-Life 2 Multiplayer, and from TF2. Only of the latter, there are more than 60 GB.

In those hero shooter files, there is everything: a Raid mode that was converted to Mann Vs. Machine, variants of the already known maps, other totally new maps, three-dimensional character models, unused animations, weapon variants, and much more, including a green and yellow color palette implying that, at some point, Valve was going to use the colors of the original Team Fortress teams. All of this is being talked about on the Team Fortess 2 subreddit

"I don't care anymore," leaker Leakerwanderer wrote on a Discord server. "I've been messing with this for a few years, but I didn't post it because I was threatened every time [I tried]. Shame on me. I have no legal ties to these files. Not anymore. "