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Victoria 3: Find and use oil - Game Guide

 In Victoria 3, oil is an important resource to harness certain industries. You can find out how to get and use oil here.

Victoria 3: Find and use oil - Game Guide

In Victoria 3 there are different ways to gradually become more powerful. In any strategy game, there are usually multiple keys to victory, which shows its versatility and tactical elements. Oil is a useful and important resource in Victoria 3. Here we explain how you can win and use oil in the strategy game.

Where can you find oil in Victoria 3?

If you have no reserves or poor access to oil, your province should be a member of a market. So you can at least trade and sell things that you may have in abundance and that your trading partner is more likely to need. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Trade Routes menu.
  2. Select import trade routes.
  3. Selects the regions marked as trading in oil.

If you have conquered a province that has oil reserves, you can locate the resource in the following way:

  1. Go to the Market Menu.
  2. Select industrial goods.
  3. Click on the gray canister option. This symbol represents oil.
In these provinces you will find oil reserves:

provinceamount of oil
• Azerbaijan
• Basra
• Fars
• California
• East Borneo
• Saratov
• Uralsk
• Wallachia
• Zulia
• Albert
• Mosul
• Rio Grande
• Ontario
• Trucial Coast
40 - 50
• Pennsylvania
• Western Galicia
• Chubu
• Elba
• Peace
• Friesland
• Hanover
• Kuban
• Libyan Desert
• Nenetzia
• Samara
• Santa Cruz
• Shanxi
• Kansas
• Oklahoma
• East Java
20 - 30

Produce oil in Victoria 3

A whaling station is probably the easier option for oil production. Just keep in mind that the mortality rate of your workers is increased up to 30%.

Alternatively, you can also build an oil drilling platform. This type of mining costs fewer lives but is more expensive in other ways. To build an oil rig you need a pump jack, five motors, and ten coal. If you can bear this cost, you will extract 60 oil per level from it.

How does the use of oil work in Victoria 3?

Keep in mind that oil will eventually become a useful resource for your entire economic system. Therefore, you should start making this resource your own as early as possible.

Examples of how oil is used in Victoria 3 include:

  • chemical plants
  • iron mines
  • coal mines
  • food industry
  • rye farms
  • defense industry
  • wheat farms