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Victoria 3: Founding Germany – explained step by step - Game Guide

 You can find out how you can set up Germany in Victoria 3 and what requirements you need for this here under game tips.

Victoria 3: Founding Germany – explained step by step - Game Guide

In order to found Germany in Victoria 3, you have to get some stones rolling. At the beginning of the game neither Germany nor some other countries like Italy exist. Finally, you have to consider that the world looked very different in the 19th century. In the following article, we explain how you can found Germany and what you need for it.

With which countries can you found Germany in Victoria 3?

As you probably know from history class, Germany was founded in 1871. But Victoria 3 starts over 30 years earlier, so you'll have to take action to initiate the unification. Don't forget that other countries may have similar goals, so be careful. There are different countries with which you can make a union. We have listed them for you here:

  • stop
  • Bathe
  • Bavaria
  • Brunswick
  • Bremen
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hanover
  • Hesse
  • Hesse-Kassel
  • Hohenzollern
  • holstein
  • lip
  • Luebeck
  • Mecklenburg
  • Mecklenburg-Strelitz
  • Nassau
  • Oldenburg
  • Austria
  • Prussia
  • Saxony
  • Saxony
  • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • Saxony-Meiningen
  • Saxe-Weimar
  • Schleswig
  • Schwarzburg
  • Waldeck
  • Wuerttemberg

How do you found Germany in Victoria 3?

First, you should become a middle power, which you achieve through more prestige. Since Austria and Prussia initially meet these requirements, they are the best choices for founding Germany. If you follow these steps, nothing stands in the way of founding your Germany:

  1. Achieve more prestige to become a middle power. This is what you get when your military power increases or when you boost your economic growth. Improving your technology also contributes to this.
  2. Then you explore pan-nationalism, depending on the innovation, this can take different amounts of time.
  3. Next, you have to annex the respective states - in the case of Germany, 19 of the 30 German territories are sufficient. If you click on culture on the left of the respective country and then on founding a nation, you can see which nation can be founded in the first place.
  4. Finally, you can call up the nation by going to founding a nation in the culture area and clicking founding Germany in the top right. If you have enough of the required areas you can create the new nation. You've already made it and can continue to successfully beat your way through the world of Victoria 3.