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Victoria 3: This is how you can join a customs union and strengthen your nation - Game Guide

 Victoria 3 is a multifaceted strategy game in which establishing a Customs Union will greatly strengthen your economy and can be crucial to your nation's success.

Victoria 3: This is how you can join a customs union and strengthen your nation - Game Guide

History has shown many times that trading relationships and stronger ties can bear a lot of fruit over time. Establishing a customs union in Victoria is therefore an essential key to being prepared for the right moment. We will tell you what a customs union is and how you can join one.

What is a Customs Union in Victoria 3?

You can think of a customs union as a union where countries unite and fight on as a strengthened nation. Both larger and smaller nations can benefit from a customs union, especially economically. You will find that alliances are sometimes necessary to defeat a stronger enemy. Do you also want to strengthen your economy in Victoria 3 in other ways?

How do you form a customs union in Victoria 3?

Basically, you can always set up a customs union with another country that recognizes your strength and also sees its benefit in it. Note that relationships must be cordial and your potential partners live near you or have similar interests. It is important that you increase your prestige, your economic power, and your standing in the world in general so that the chances are a lot higher. Incidentally, several countries can join a customs union, but only one country takes the lead.

How can you leave a customs union in Victoria 3?

In Victoria 3 you can leave a Customs Union by going to the Diplomatic menu. Then right-click on the market community's senior state, which allows you to click End Customs Union.

Most of the time, after leaving the Customs Union, relations with your old partner will deteriorate as he feels abandoned. However, if you realize that you have more disadvantages than advantages by maintaining your current customs union, you should take this step calmly. Sometimes this opens up new and stronger alliances that take you much further.