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Walkthrough Forspoken - game guide

 Guide to completing all story missions and additional missions, boss battle tactics, and puzzle solving

Walkthrough Forspoken - game guide

Forspoken is a third-person fantasy open-world action game in which the main character, a girl named Frey, finds herself in the magical Atia. Here she learns various spells, fights dangerous monsters, and tries to save the inhabitants of the only city from filth.

Chapter 1

After the introductory cut-scene in the court, you will be able to control the main character Frey. Your first task is to get to your apartment. By opening the log on TAB, you can see the current target. Follow the street, turn right and go straight. After passing by the Christmas tree, you will activate a cut scene in which Frey will be attacked by a street gang.

After the video, you will have to escape from the gang. Run across the alley and jump over the fences. Go to the left side, then climb up with the dumpster to get to the road. The gang will follow you, so you will have to run to another lane without releasing the Shift key (sprint). Jump over the fence and keep moving. Soon you will break away from the gang.

After the cutscene, Frey will reach the house. Climb up the fire escape and interact with the window to get inside. You need to interact with different things in the apartment to find out more about the main character Alfre Holland. Interact with cat food to discover your cat named "Homer". Interact with the box in the main room to find a baby photo. Interact with the shelf to view Frey's favorite sneakers. After that, enter the bedroom and interact with the closet to get a sports bag with money.

Look at the wall and interact with the Escape Plan board to see Frey's escape plan. After that, return to the main room to find Homer. After the cut scene, a fire will start and you will have to get out of the house. First, you need to find Homer. Follow the kitchen to find Homer. After that, leave the apartment through the window. Frey lost all her money...

Interact with the board in front of the window to get out, then watch the cut scene. After the cutscene, you will be on the tower and see a strange light leading into the building. Climb down the stairs from the tower and jump down. Outside the window is a shining object. Go a little further and jump higher using the container. Climb up and go through the open window. Go down the stairs to see a shining item. As soon as Frey puts on the bracer, he will move to the magical world of Atia.

Chapter 2

This chapter will introduce you to many key aspects of the game, including the combat system and the Magic Parkour mechanic. As you progress through the story, both systems will become significantly more complicated, so be careful now.

New world

After arriving in the new world, exit the room and head towards the balcony ahead. Here for the first time, you will hear the voice of the constantly chattering Bracelet, which will become your indispensable companion throughout the story. Go to the right side until you find a ladder. Go down and watch the cut scene. Continue moving deeper into the building and down the stairs to the center of the large room.

Exploring Juno

After the meeting, you will get a little more freedom of movement. For now, follow the marker through the gate and over the bridge to face the first opponents. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and defeat the monsters that rushed at you. Don't worry about the fact that you supposedly don't have evasion - you'll get it all soon.


  • Maximum health - 326 points
  • Weaknesses - Frey Magic
  • Experience for victory - 3 units
As you might expect, defeating these opponents is not difficult, as they are vulnerable to Frey's magic and you will be able to quickly stun them. After the battle, continue moving towards the marker. Along the way, you can collect a lot of items - healing potions and a variety of resources. To knock out a potion, you need to press the C key. Also in the game settings, you can set the automatic use of potions with a minimum supply of HP.

Council. Another great idea that will make the game easier! Go to the "Settings" menu, go to the "Accessibility" tab and turn on "Automatic collection of items". Manually collecting every resource found in the game is a waste of game time. Moreover, it will not affect the gameplay in any way.

A little further, on the right hand there is a building. Forspoken has many small buildings inside which you can find chests and other items. Remember to search every building, as almost all resources will be useful to you sooner or later. Continue towards the marker, cross the bridge to reach the ruins. Here you will learn about the "Analysis from the bracelet" function and support spells. Note that support spells have different cooldowns, which means you can switch between them and use them at the same time. Support spells are activated on RMB.

Canis dirus :

  • Max Health - 209 HP
  • Weaknesses - none
  • Experience per kill - 4 units
The new enemy is similar to the previous one. Usually such animals attack in packs. They are very mobile, which makes it difficult to aim. Therefore, it is recommended to use fixing the target on the ALT key. Defeat the group of Limnocion a little further and then go to the dead end to face the first mini-boss.

How to beat Chapalania

  • Maximum health - 1404 units
  • Weaknesses - none
  • Experience per kill - 22 units
In fact, this is a mutated bear, which is not so dangerous, although it can deal significant damage with one blow. Use the Cocoon support spell to hold Chapalania in place and attack with any standard spell. As an attack, I recommend using the "Queue", the damage of which increases with every second and leads to a powerful explosion. At some point in the fight, you will unlock a powerful "Genesis" magic attack that charges over time. It is best used to hit multiple opponents at the same time. As for single enemies, mini-bosses and bosses should be preferred here.

As soon as you use all these tricks on Chapalania, the monster will be stunned. Run up to him and press F to perform a finishing move. As soon as you see such tips, be sure to use finishing moves. Keep fighting the monster until you win.

Get to the settlement

After the battle, you will be asked to learn a spell that will allow you to use the magic parka and dodge enemy attacks. Follow the prompts and use the new ability by holding CTRL to escape from several angry bears. Get over the gate of the settlement in the place where the boards hang. After the cutscene, you will finally have access to the map. There will always be a main story quest marker on it, and now there is time to explore the city and try to get used to using magic parkour as much as possible.

Note. Open the map and examine it. See the little purple dots? These are resource chests. You can left-click on them or anywhere else to place up to five markers at once. Moreover, all of them will be chronologically numbered. Use this functionality to build your preferred route, collecting all the useful items on the way to the goal. For now, don't worry about treasures - there is nothing valuable in the city that you could not get elsewhere.

Explore the city or head straight to your destination. When you get to the resting place, enter the building, collect items and go to bed. After resting, leave the shelter and follow the marker to find the consequences of the Rupture. When you reach the gate, you will face the first serious opponent.

How to defeat a dragon

  • Max Health - 4500 HP
  • Weakness is Frey's Magic
This will be a difficult battle. At least when compared to the mobs you've encountered so far. The dragon attacks quickly and aggressively, so you'll need magic parkour to dodge most incoming attacks. In this battle, you will learn about piercing (blue/purple) and unblockable (red) attacks, so pay attention to the tooltips from the tutorial.

Dragon attacks:

  • A claw combo ending in an offensive lunge. Avoid getting hit by moving away from the Dragon.
  • Piercing tail swing. When you see the corresponding indicator (blue), use magic parkour to jump over the tail and shoot directly from the air.
  • After the cut-scene in the middle of the battle, the Dragon will become a powerful fiery breath. Avoid him by hiding behind covers. The reception is easily telegraphed, and you will see how the Dragon charges the flame in his chest.
The battle will be tense, although it should still not cause problems. The Dragon's weak point is obviously the flaming chest, so try to shoot there and not at the thick hide. Don't try to use the thickets as they won't help you - the dragon is immune to this support spell. Disperse, on the other hand, will allow you to get a good increase in damage, and will be useful even if you do not hit a vulnerable chest.

Note. Keep in mind: when the dragon is stunned and you are offered a finishing blow, you need to stand in front of its fiery chest, and not behind.

After defeating the Dragon, climb the wall above the resting place. Eventually, the Dragon will attack again - you don't have to defeat it. Once Frey is low on health, the battle will end. After the cutscene, follow the markers and watch the story cutscene.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter, you will finally be able to explore this whole huge world, the scale of which many similar games would envy.

Jail break

After the cut-scenes in which Frey finds himself in the prison of Binnoy's tower, inspect the door and the window with bars until you hear a voice. Approach the door. Ultimately, you will find yourself outside thanks to the girl named Ouden - the one who vouched for you during the trial. After a short cut-scene, follow Ouden. It may seem that a stealth mechanic is waiting for you, in fact, the soldiers do not pose any threat to you. You will only be caught if, instead of following Ouden, you intentionally run towards the guards. Just stick behind Ouden throughout the section until you reach the tavern.

When prompted, follow Ouden to her room - inspect the book and the picture on the wall, then talk to the savior. In the conversation, you will learn a lot about Atia and get the first important task - to get a book about the study of corruption in the guild tower outside Cipal (the only city in which there were living people). Once in your room, go to bed.

Note. Despite the fact that you will live in this room until the end of the game, it will not be possible to upgrade or somehow modify it. On the other hand, on the world map, you will discover many other bunkhouses where you can take a breath, craft items, and find useful resources, but most importantly, they are all used as fast travel points.

Studying Zipal

The next morning you will receive the first cloak - a regular one with a hood. After gaining control of Frey, open the map to inspect Cipal. Pay attention to the two most important markers (besides the plot icon, of course):

  • "Question marks" are events. Go to these points. Sometimes automatically, sometimes when interacting with a character marked with this icon (a person, a cat), certain events will start that will provide you with a bit of in-game knowledge about the world, the history of a particular place, character, object, and so on. And yes, in some cases you will even get new items.
  • “Rhombus with an exclamation point” (yellow-black) are side tasks, additional tasks, which we will talk about in a separate guide. At the moment, the only side mission available is a short cat chase, which will lead to a chrysalis, a special item that is used as a rare in-game currency in one of the trading shops (coming later).
Use the map to go around all the events (they give experience, by the way) that are currently available, and be sure to chase the cat (it's not difficult) to get the first doll.

Council . Be sure to attend ALL events and complete ALL side (side) tasks before going on a story mission. The fact is that during the game there will be a dozen (or even more) moments when the city will change, the characters will disappear, and at the same time, the opportunity to complete all side activities, receive rewards for them, and so on will disappear.

When you're ready, follow the main quest marker to the gate. Here you will meet the pickpocket girl Olivia, who tried to steal Frey's phone the day before. After the cutscene, follow Olivia, collect some items and explore the crafting menu (where you can make a potion and upgrade a necklace or cloak).

Note. If the Deluxe Edition is available to you, then the inventory should have the necessary resources (feather, nugget) that you will use throughout the game in order to increase the maximum amount of healing potions and materials available. Oh yeah, the Deluxe Edition also includes a bonus cloak and necklace.

After learning how to craft, you will be able to leave Cipal. It will not work through the main gate, so you will have to climb the scaffolding that Olivia will point to.

Outside Tzipal

Finally, you will find yourself in the outside world! At the moment, only two small regions are available - "Dead Lands" and "Dead Man's Ridge". In this case, your main goal points to the second region, located in the west. You can go straight there, ignoring other activities on the map. But I strongly do not recommend doing this (at least if you play on medium or high difficulty). There are many useful items here!

Council. In particular, you can explore the "Mulberry Spring", located at the very beginning of the starting area. Get close, and dive in to learn the new "Jump" skill that will improve your parkour usage. This is important for the rest of the game.

Go a little further until you find the first pilgrim's shelter - this is one of the two types of attractions in Atia that allow you to quickly travel. Enter the door to permanently activate the hideout in the Deadlands. The only situations where fast travel is not available are some important story sequences or battles.

Fog Zombie :

  • Max Health - 168 HP
  • Vulnerabilities - no obvious
  • Experience per kill - 3 units
These are the most common enemies in Forspoken and you will find them everywhere. Although they are incredibly easy to defeat, the Mist Zombies attack in large numbers, so you can easily get surrounded. Use the best attacks with AoE damage (like Multi-Shot) to take down large enemy clusters.

If you explore the area north of the hideout, you'll find a campground with some knowledge and you can upgrade your defenses at the Monument of Strength. However, do not even try to defeat the mutant in the northeast right now. Mutants are optional bosses that deal significant damage and require specific strategies and skills to take down. You don't have access to these skills right now. Of course, it is possible to kill the mutant at this stage of the game, but it will take too much time!

In the eastern part of the Deadlands is "Forbidden Labyrinth: East". Labyrinths are fun dungeons where you can find new bits of lore about Atia's history and equipment. Particularly inside this labyrinth, you can get to explore to get interesting insights into Atia's history and new pieces of equipment. This one will reward you with a necklace with a good healing effect when taking out enemies.

Head east from the Forbidden Labyrinth to get to the Dead Man's Ridge location. There is not much to do here - increase the power of healing potions at the "Monument of Love", get new knowledge from the "Broken Cart" and from the Broken Cart, and unlock the "Shelter in East Cipal" (orphanage).

Council. Be sure to explore all the discovered shelters. Many of them will contain the knowledge and useful items. Some hideouts contain special books that allow you to locate other pilgrim shelters and make it easier to explore other areas.

Xenos Guild

Guilds, like other landmarks, are scattered throughout Atia, but this particular one is related to the story quest. Actually, this is the only guild that you will visit according to the plot of the game. Get closer to her and watch the cut scene in which Frey will knock down the door. It's safe inside the guild. Use the analysis from the bracelet on each floor, following up the stairs to collect all the items and knowledge.

Note. On the second floor, you will get acquainted with the mechanics of nails. At Forspoken you will find many interesting nail designs, but this is more than a matter of customization. Nails affect Frey's strength. For now, we recommend using the Slash design - support spells do more damage with fully charged breakthrough magic (you probably have Genesis there now).

When you get to the top floor of the guild, you will see a cut-scene and meet Robian, a very important character. Leave the guild after the cutscene.

Oathbreaker Soldier:

  • Max Health - 450 HP
  • Vulnerabilities are the magic of Olas
  • Experience - 18 damage
As you leave, you will encounter a group of Oathbreaker Soldiers. These enemies use large shields that absorb almost all frontal damage. The best strategy to win is to catch one of them with Cocoon, then go around from behind and attack in the back. Of course, you can use magic parkour to jump over or dodge enemies and attack from behind. Later, spells will appear that will allow you to quickly break through the defense or knock down such soldiers, but at the moment you will have to act only in this way. Two waves of perjurer soldiers are waiting for you.

As soon as you complete the battle, it remains to return to Tsipal. Use fast travel to the hideout in the Deadlands, or take the same long journey (if there's nothing to do, although it's not that far). When you return to Zipal, follow the marker until you reach the town square. Here you will find Sayla, a tantu threatening Ouden's life. After the cutscene, follow the instructions to sneak up on the woman (go right and closer to the square through the crowd).

Traitor Knight

  • Max Health - 3000 HP
  • Weakness is the magic of Rights
  • Experience - 48 units
Another opponent who is vulnerable to magic, which is currently inaccessible to you. Don't worry, defeating him is not difficult if you know the right strategy:

  1. In the first stage, the Traitor Knight has two wings on its back and uses two standard attacks. He can slowly walk towards you on the ground and attack with a spear, or fly into the air and release a hail of fireballs. Use magic parkour to dodge these attacks, and be sure to fire immediately after dodging to deal critical damage.
  2. Use target lock on ALT, then use the left and right arrows to switch to either wing to make aiming easier.
  3. After destroying one of their wings, the Traitor Knight will no longer be able to fly, but will now be engulfed in flames. Ruthless spear combos will appear, which should be avoided using "Move Fusion". In this phase, it is more difficult to deal with permanent damage. Unless it turns out to evade and move away from the enemy. Use aerial attacks after a move fusion to deal extra damage.
  4. After destroying both wings, the Traitor Knight will use slow spear attacks, and it will not be difficult to finish him off.
This battle will teach you how to pin targets and switch to specific parts of the enemy. Use this to grab the Traitor Knight's wings and attack them exclusively. when low health, heal. The knight deals decent damage, so his attacks can leave you in a stupor.

Note. Both Oathbreaker Soldiers and Traitor Knights will become constant enemies for the remainder of the game - in the most difficult battles, you will have to kill several Traitor Knights at once.

Defeating the Traitor Knight will grant you a permanent stamina boost. The third chapter is completed.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, Frey will go after one of his main enemies, the tanta Sayla, the ruler of Preenost, whose mind was broken by filth. The case is unrelenting!

Oath of revenge

After the videos, you will be able to explore Tsipal again. There are several new events and side missions. Speak to the four deputies scattered throughout the city - Dax, Trichy, Jennesh, and Bellette. Also, go up to the crowd of praying townspeople and join them - praying for Olivia will earn you some experience.

Note. Three more cat chases can be unlocked in this chapter. You can complete two of them right away, but the third will become available a little later, after you visit the archives. In all three cases, you will receive one doll.

Associated task "Excursion"

Near the tavern you will meet a new character named Pilo. Talk to him to start the first side mission of the chapter, the events of which reflect its title. Just follow Pilo and chat at different points. Talk to three people in the square. As soon as you get to the farm and the cemetery, the second side task related to feeding the sheep will automatically begin (it is even called "Feeding the Sheep" as such). Just use the analysis from the bracelet to find three sheep to feed. Once you've done that (and gained experience points), continue following Pilo to the Upper City. After the cutscene where Frey argues with Pilo, return to the square in the Lower City to complete the quest.

Looking for Robian

Your main task at this stage is to find Robian. Look for him in the western part of Tsipal, in the Arkiska grove. Approach Robian and Ouden to watch a cut-scene of a man trying to extract sap from a tree. After the cut-scene, you will be asked to go to the archives - the entrance to the archives is in the middle of the stairs, at the top of which there are praying people.

Note. On the way to the archive, talk to the guard named Milia to learn more about her. This is another event, so it will be marked with a "question mark". You will receive experience points.

In the archive, you will meet Joedy, an archivist and former tanta blacksmith of Sayla. Examine all the books to learn more about Atia, and examine the large bookcase at the back of the room to unlock Witchcraft Trials. They are usually easy to complete, and with their help, you can increase the power and parameters of specific spells (once per spell). They don't burden you in any way. Three tests can be active at the same time, so make sure to choose the ones that you really intend to perform (for example, you often use this or that spell). For example, it will be useful to improve the flow and jump to increase your movement skills. I also use mainly the queue (attack spell of purple magic), so I unlocked all three skills and cast sorcery on each of the levels (I completed one test).

Council. From now on, you will find such bookcases for testing spells in every hideout and guild that are scattered around the world.

After leaving the archive, go back and talk to Joedy again to complete the triggered event. For this you will receive experience points.

Side missions: Robian's Treasure

Take your time! Before you leave town, go back to Ouden's room and talk to Robian. He seems to have lost something very valuable and you must find it. The first stop is Arxis Grove, where you found Robian earlier. Go back there, inspect some items (highlight with the Analysis from the bracelet) and talk to the guard behind the tree to find out that Robian came from the Upper City. Travel to the Upper City - to the area marked by the quest marker. Talk to three people. The woman at the bottom of the stairs will give you an animal bone, but that's not what Robian is looking for.

Follow to the Lower City, to the place marked on the map. As you approach, you will hear the voice of a boy standing against the wall. You may even have to look around before you can find it. He will give the book that Robian is looking for. With the book in hand, return to Ouden's room and speak with Robian to complete the task.

Council. Talk to Ouden right after this quest to complete the next event.

It is time to leave the city and go to the castle of Sayla. Before you do that, talk to the kids at the city gates to start the New Horizons side mission. It has to do with visiting and photographing the sights all over Athia, which then need to be shown to the children. For this you will receive new frames and filters for the Forspoken photo mode. The side task consists of three stages: photograph 6 places, photograph 10 places (in fact, 4 more, since the previous ones are counted), and 20 places (you will have already taken 10 photos by this point).

Path to Sayla Castle

This part of the chapter can be as long or as short as you like. You will be able to explore more than two separate regions of Atia. In fact, most of Preinost is available to you. No, you won't be able to fully explore this huge multi-region area, as you'll simply lack some of the abilities and skills that will unlock later. On the other hand, be sure to use the analysis from the bracelet. Almost all (one might even say “all”) sights for photographing will be on your way, and even before you enter the castle of Saila, you should have 6 photos on hand. To take a photo, you must not only aim at the subject correctly, but also select the appropriate zoom. That is, there should not be “arrows” along the edges of the screen, and the central square should not be white, but yellow.

At the very least, before you complete this chapter, you must pass through the Blessed Meadows, the Way of the Guardians, Middle Preinost, and the Citadel. On the southern outskirts of Middle Preinost there is a place called "Abyss of Filth". Watch the cut-scene at this location and dive into the gap to reach the next area - the Citadel. If you want to get out of here, use the fast travel system. The citadel is more straightforward than the previous Preinosta region. You need to go to the southeast until you get to the Prejnost Fort. Watch a cutscene where Frey and the bracelet discuss the frightening silence. Continue walking through the valley to the east.

Council. Don't forget to take the new spell from the Mulberry Spring in the east, between the western and eastern hideouts of the Citadel. You will unlock a great skill that allows you to jump on the ground even more, moving much faster than usual. Don't forget to complete the challenge of this spell as well, so you spend a lot less stamina.

Bastion of Prejnost Castle

A little further from the Citadel: Eastern Refuge, you will find the bastion of Prejnost Castle. A notification will appear before entering this area. Before you enter, make sure you have the maximum amount of healing potions available to you. It would be useful to pump attacking skills to the second or third level (burst or volley), which will simplify the next battle. When you enter the Bastion, you will have to fight two Traitor Knights. Perhaps, on the way to this place, you have already met several enemies (you certainly fought with one in Zipala), but confronting two traitors at once is another task.

It is important not to be greedy with attacks. Dodging and maintaining health is much more important than trying to squeeze out the maximum damage per second on opponents. This is not a race. Start with one Traitor Knight, destroying both of his wings. Don't forget that the One Wing Knight becomes much more aggressive and hard to ignore, so make sure you don't end up in a situation where you're facing two One Wing Knights at once. After completing this fight, you will receive another stamina boost. Keep moving south towards Saila Castle. Soon you will find yourself on the Pioneer Plain. From all sides you will be attacked by the Shattered opponents. There will be an infinite number of them, and even inside such a fog, Frey's health is gradually decreasing, so ignore the enemies and rush to the marker. Once you get to the cave, watch the cut-scene,

Chapter 5

An attack on the capital of Preinosta, the castle, is a difficult task for which one must prepare. There are many platforms and climbs to move on, and quite a few soldiers and enemy knights standing in the way.

Pioneer Plain

At the beginning of the chapter, once you have control over Frey, head south. You will be able to explore the part of the Plain of Explorers that you just ran through because of the haze without any problems. However, be careful of falls from a height that the game warns about - the area is filled with sheer cliffs and difficult climbs, so try not to fall.

Council. Your first destination should be the Belfry in the center of the area - once you're in it, activate the fast travel point. After that, you can safely fall down, because in which case you can always use fast travel to return to the surface, to the bell tower.

To the south is another destination, the castle town of Prejnost, but before heading there, head east to Fort Virtus. Destroying the enemies in this fort will give you a significant experience boost - so much experience for little effort - not a bad option! When you go up the hills to the castle, fireballs will fly at you. While using magic parkour, hitting Frey is almost impossible. Eventually, you'll encounter perjurer soldiers firing ballista fireballs. Kill everyone to secure the path to the top. You cannot destroy ballistas, but soldiers next to them will not respawn. When you get to the city gates, you will encounter a group of the same soldiers. Defeat everyone to get some ore, which will be needed in the upcoming side quest of the sixth chapter.

Prejnost Castle

This big city has a lot of enemies and loot chests. Once you're in place, Frey and the bracelet will discuss their plan of attack, and then take a break in a nearby hideout. Make sure you have a full set of potions. See if you can upgrade your equipment - the upcoming boss fight will require the highest amount of purple magic you can pump. Despite the hint that you can choose a plan of attack, you can actually get into the throne room only through a side passage. If you head towards the main gate, you will be attacked by Oathbreaker Soldiers and a Traitor Knight. Even if you manage to defeat them, the gate will be blocked due to the fallen debris.

Head to the marker indicating the emergency passage. Climb the slopes, dealing with annoying teratornis. The best way to get rid of them is with the offensive spell "Queue". In the end, you will reach the castle and stairs. Climb up the stairs and keep walking until a haze appears.

Run to the marker. When you get to it, you will be attacked by another group of soldiers with shields, led by a traitor knight. First, eliminate the regular soldiers that make your fight against the Traitor difficult. Defeating this enemy group will open the doors to the castle and be rewarded with the new Tremor nail design, which increases spell damage and releases a shockwave on last hits. Do not rush to use these nails! In the next battle, they will not be useful to you. Enter the castle.

Prejnost Castle

Directly above you in the castle is a chest (second floor). Go left from the top of the stairs towards the marker. After the cutscene, examine all the paintings in the hallway to learn more about Atia's four tantas. Then go to the door ahead to meet with the tanta Sayla.

How to defeat Tantu Sayla

  • Max Health - 9000 HP
  • Weakness - no obvious
The battle against Sayla is divided into three phases. At the first stage, Sayla uses fairly simple attacks that are easy to counter:

  1. Slow combo with a fire sword. If you are close to Sayla and she draws this weapon, just dodge with the help of a single movement.
  2. Launches a barrage of fireballs, very similar to those used by the Traitor Knights while in the air. Dodge with a single move and don't try any air counterattacks or you'll be stunned.
  3. An unblockable attack in which the tanta raises its arms and causes fire on you. Just run in circles while holding the magic parkour button. Don't try to hide behind the pillars as the bracelet recommends.
The first phase of the fight ends pretty quickly once you deal enough damage. Using charged explosive shots has a certain chance of knocking the tantu down, and you can even perform a last hit. When the tanta Sayla has about half of her maximum health left, the battle will be interrupted by a cut-scene. The boss will summon eight Oathbreaker Soldiers into battle. In addition, Sayla will start using new moves:

  • The boss can create a large fireball above his head, and then throw it in your direction. With this attack, in fact, she opens the second phase. Try to hide behind a pillar to avoid the projectile.
  • Her fire lance melee attacks become much more dynamic. She also has a movement, thanks to which she can sharply reduce the distance. Sayla prepares an attack for a long time, so you will have time to deal damage to her.
This phase is more dangerous. Firstly, thanks to the appearance of soldiers and a faster melee attack. It is recommended that you first eliminate the perjurer soldiers, who will only prevent you from attacking Sayla. Remember to hit them from behind to maximize damage. The best time to attack Sayla is after dodging her spear attacks. It is advisable to do this from a distance when she gets stuck in the attack animation. My advice is don't try to attack the enemy while attacking with the fire sphere.

As soon as Sayla's health is reduced to ~30%, another cut-scene will play, and the third stage of the battle will begin. In fact, tanta will become a completely new enemy. Even a new entry will appear in the archive. As a result, she will fully restore her health to 9000 HP and start using a new type of attack:

  • The melee attack will combine the use of a spear and an ax, Sayla herself will become even more mobile. You will have to dodge with the help of the fusion of movements to avoid damage.
  • A jumping ax attack that allows Sayla to jump straight towards you.
  • Tanta can create five spheres of fire above his head, which will fly towards Frey one after another. They are easy to dodge with a single move, so don't try to counterattack during this attack.
  • An unblockable attack in which Sayla shoots a lot of fire arrows into the sky quite quickly. After that, they will fall to where Frey is. Once you see the attack start, keep moving to avoid damage.
  • It can also create lava explosions from underground that remain in the arena for a long time. In fact, these are traps, falling into which, you will receive damage. The closer the end of the battle, the more such areas will be at the location. Therefore, in order to avoid damage, you will probably have to stand on one of the raised platforms.

The key to winning this fight is to keep an eye on the surroundings and pay close attention to the attacks the tanta Sayla uses. She can deal damage both up close and from a distance, so you need to be careful and make sure that the boss is in your line of sight. As in the previous phase, it's best to attack Sayla right after she finishes her own attack, as she takes some time between each move. All in all, it shouldn't be too difficult: if you learn each of Sayla's attacks and figure out how to avoid them (mostly with magical parkour), and then figure out when to counterattack, the fight won't drag on. After the victory, you will gain access to the spells of Sayla - red magic. You will be able to use the weapons and spells of the defeated Tanta. She also has the Anchor ability,

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Frey will learn how to use the new magical power, after which he will return to Cipal to share the good news. It is also a great time to visit previous locations and explore previously inaccessible places. However, this should rather be saved for the next chapter, since something will happen in the capital of Atia...

Solemn reception

After defeating Tanta Sayla, you will see several cutscenes. Once they're done, follow the marker to learn about the Anchor spell and how to use it for movement.

Note. "Anchor" works partially malfunctioning or rather clumsily. You can only activate it if you are close enough to the surface. You need to aim at the edges of ledges or other objects that are designed to interact with the anchor. Anchor will allow you to either get a serious boost to the speed of movement in the horizontal plane or soar sharply to a great height. Usually, the objects for "Anchor" look pretty obvious. And the spiky rock formations you've seen before, especially in Pioneer Plain, are the most common type of anchor points for the Anchor.

Follow the instructions and prompts on the screen to return to the city entrance at the Prenost Castle. Once you reach the gate, fast travel will become available again and you can quickly return to Cipal.

Council. Right now is a great time for you to practice using the Anchor and learn the new power of red magic. We recommend returning to the Deadlands to fight the Mutant and gain access to the ruined temple in the north. In both cases, you will be able to practice the new magic well. The same mutant is vulnerable to it, and the path to the temple lies through the use of an anchor.

Return to Tsipal on foot or using the fast travel system. Even if you try to teleport to the city center, you will still end up at the city gates.

Council. If you have taken enough photos of the sights of Atia, show them to kids, and kids to unlock new features for photo mode.

Back in Zipal, go up the stairs ahead and enter the tavern. There will be a celebration for the destruction of Sayla. Talk to everyone you can:

  • You will receive experience points for talking with Bellette and Joedy. The latter will even give you a nugget.
  • You can take part in the dance by talking to Pilo. This is a very simple rhythm game - if you somehow fail, just talk to Pilo one more time to try again.
  • In the square, interact with Olivia the cat and then follow her to the treasure dump to get a special item. This is a non-equippable item that will only appear as an archive entry.
After talking to everyone, a new cutscene will automatically start, so make sure you complete the above tasks before talking to the last person.

The appearance of filth

Once you regain control of Frey, head to the marker immediately. Look around to pick up healing potions (if you do not have them in the maximum amount). When you get to the Lower City, you will be attacked by a lot of Mist Zombies. Deal with everyone in any convenient way. After defeating the zombies, Shattered opponents of various stripes will begin to appear. These opponents usually appear only in heavy fogs (such as in Juno or on top of the castle of Sayla). Defeat all enemies, including boggarts, which look like fog zombies but are more likely to interrupt your spells. Having dealt with all the enemies, you will automatically be transferred to the Upper City. Head up the stairs to the marker to complete this short chapter.

Chapter 7

This time, Frey travels to Avoaleth with the intention of finding the beneficial tree sap to heal Robian. In this region is the tanta Prav, which Frey does not want to face.

New day

Once you regain control of Frey, follow the marker forward until you see a cutscene with Ouden. New events and side tasks have appeared in the city!

Note. Open the map to find several of the following events in Cipal: "Cat Lover", "Milia and Wallace", "Olivia's Cat" and "Innkeeper". Each completed event will reward you with a small portion of EXP.

In the east of the Upper City, you will find sheep that the inhabitants of Tsipal drove upstairs. This small area contains a man's shop that trades pupae for various items. Next to the doll dealer is a book collector - they can be redeemed for old coins.

Side mission "Syla's Oath"

Head to the archive and talk to Joedy to start the side mission. She will examine the ore you found outside of Praenost Castle in the previous chapter and say that she can make something with it if you return her tools. Fast travel to Middle Preinost, the nearest waypoint from your destination. For example, you can use the shelter in the West if you opened it when you went after Syla. Once you are in Preinosta, head towards the marker that points to the village of Pronoia. Once there, enter the workshop and collect the blacksmith set. Gather the other Lore Fragments scattered throughout the village to learn more about Joedie and her relationship with Tanta Sayla.

As soon as you leave the workshop, you will be attacked by five Traitor Knights at once. This is a very intense battle. Try to destroy the knights sequentially. Use the buildings to your advantage to draw out one of the opponents and fight against him one on one. Don't try to counter several at once, as you will crash in close combat. Once the battle is over, return to Cipal and follow to the archives. Talk to Joedy to give her the tools. In return, she will give Nemeni Prisacha's necklace.

Associated task "Help the victims"

When you leave the archives after the previous side quest, you will hear the man talking about Ouden and how hard she works while looking after the sick. Go to the council room and talk to the girl. This will start a side mission that involves completing simple tasks for Ouden. To start, take care of the three sick people in the atrium of the meeting room - just talk to them to complete the mission. You will be offered several answers to choose from, but it does not matter - say what you like best. After taking care of the sick, go get food. Follow the marker from the council chamber to the quartermaster distributing food. After communication, go to a new place to the person distributing rations and talk to him. The rest of this job is done automatically,

Find Robian and leave town

Robian can be found in the same place where you found him a few chapters ago - in the grove of Arksik, near a large tree. Talk to him to watch a cut-scene and get the next main objective - collect the sap of the flower tree in Avoaleth. Chat with Robian again immediately after the cutscene to complete the event. When prompted, the correct answer is Ouden. As a reward, you will receive experience points and a key to the house.

Exploring Avoaleth

Now that the task is clear, it is time to go to Avoaleth, south of Atia. Through the Blessed Meadows, follow to the marker, where you will find a place for a hook. Use the grappling hook to get to the first region of Avoaleth. Climb the wall and start exploring this new, brighter, and more vibrant area.

Note. The resource Ouden needs is right at the entrance. Open the map and you will see a side quest marker.

You will pass through at least four areas - Waterland, Springfields, Wildwood, Misty Coast, and Samoom Coast.

Council. We recommend that you do the following to get the most out of your trip to this region, without overworking yourself with side effects:

  • In the Water Garden, collect the spell from the Rosewood Spring and complete the trial at Fort Eminn. Visit the Monument to Justice.
  • In the Spring Fields, travel to Collin and eliminate the enemies to get a necklace that enhances blue magic - you get it after defeating the tanta of Rights.
  • In the Wild Woods, clear out the ruins of Tarija to get a nail design that makes it easier to fight against large enemy groups.
As you make your way across Avoaleth, you will come to two bridges, each of which will have scripted battles. This will introduce you to two new types of enemies: the Unrighteous Enforcer and the Merciless Judge.

Unrighteous guardian:

  • Max Health - 350 HP
  • Weakness - Sayla's Magic
  • Experience per kill - 32 units

These enemies are easier to defeat, but they are quite mobile and shoot with high accuracy. If you are surrounded by Guardians, be prepared to dodge and occasionally counterattack, otherwise, they will literally bombard you with arrows.

Ruthless Judge:

  • Max Health - 2400 HP
  • Weakness - Sayla's Magic
  • Experience per kill - 73 units
The Ruthless Judge is a more cumbersome and dangerous opponent than the Enforcers. Actually, it has two forms. In his normal form, he is vulnerable to Sayla's magic. However, when he draws a huge ice ax, he will become more aggressive and gain resistance to all Frey attacks. Therefore, try to attack the judge only during the phase when he is vulnerable to magic.

The first encounter with new enemies will reward you with a permanent increase in stamina, and the second - experience points. Continue heading south, deviating from the set path as desired to tackle any side activities. Until you reach the town of Avoaleth Castle on the Samum Coast. When you get to the southernmost edge of the Spring Fields, don't forget to plunge into the abyss of filth, as they did in Preinosta.

City near Avoaleti Castle

As soon as you reach the desired area, a cut-scene will start. Go to the tree in the city center and examine it to understand that there is no juice in it. You will be offered to find new clubs and still get the coveted juice.

You need to find three clubs - markers will immediately appear on the map for all of them. The top two trees will be empty. Only upon reaching the third and interacting with it, you will be able to move on to the next story part. However, when you get close to it, you will be attacked by a large group of Keleno. You should get used to these creatures by now - just use Sayla's magic to destroy them.

Be careful when moving along the cliff on the Misty Coast - falling will result in a long and tedious climb back up. You can even fall into the clutches of a mutant. However, you can run away from it. After interacting with the third club from the list, you will receive juice for Robian, but it is not enough for the rest of the inhabitants of the city. We'll have to move deeper into the region to find more Mace juice. To do this, you need to go through the Sarai gate. Behind the gates you will be attacked by guardians and judges. You should already understand how to fight them (read above). Eliminate the Guardians first so you can focus on the Judges. When you complete the fight, get another stamina boost.

Samum coast

Once on the other side of the Sarai gate, you will find yourself on the coast of Samoom, full of huge floating islands. Your target is on one of the lower islands, but be careful while descending. Here it is easy to stumble and fall into a bottomless abyss. When you get close to a huge mace, a storm will begin - do not rush to your goal. Instead, head to the nearest Western Hideout and rest. Be sure to stock up on a full supply of healing potions as tough battles await. When you get closer to the tree, you will be attacked by the Shattered Fang. This is a terrifying enemy, but it is easy to defeat him with the help of Sayla's magic. Once the storm is over, inspect the tree to get the required supply of sap. The chapter will end as soon as Frey decides to meet Prave's tanta.

Chapter 8

This chapter contains numerous battles that will test your strength, so it is important to carefully prepare for it. However, you have already met all the enemies before, so there should be no problems. With the exception of one new enemy...

Tanta test

Pravo's "test" is a normal battle divided into three stages. There is no way to stock up on healing potions before the trial. However, some potions will drop from defeated opponents.

Council. I recommend using your best cloak and necklace to enhance Sayla's red magic. The main method of attack for most enemies, including the Rights tanta itself, is Sayla's spells.

In the first fight, you will face several guardians. They will be spread out at first, so you are guaranteed to get hit by a few shots. Keep dodging and pick up the moments to cast red magic spells. Guardians are very weak in close combat - get close and they won't be able to do anything to you.

In the second fight, you will face a group of Canis Dirus and some Sinteras. This is a hectic confrontation. Sinteras will jump around the arena, making it hard to shoot them accurately. But the "dogs" will rush at you from all sides - be sure to dodge with the help of magical parkour. Basically, both types of enemies are two halves of an annoying whole, so it doesn't matter who you decide to finish off first. Both types of enemies are weak to Frey's magic (purple spells).

In the final round, you will again fight the Guardians, who will be supported by the Ruthless Judges. The only change, aside from the addition of Judges, is that some of the Guardians will perch on the upper ledges, surrounding the arena. Climb with magic parkour to destroy them. But first, deal with all the enemies on the ground - there are not so many guardians at the top, so they really won’t be able to interfere with you. After you complete the third battle, you will have to confront the Rights tant itself.

How to beat Tanta Rights

This battle is divided into two stages. In the first stage of the tanta, Prav flies over the arena, literally spamming spells. However, at the first stage, it is not so difficult to cope with her attacks. Naturally, Prav is vulnerable to Sayla's magic, so Throw should be used throughout the fight, due to its long range.

Council. At a certain time, the Pravo tanta will be distracted by an argument with his second personality. She will be surrounded by jets of water, but in reality, this is the best moment to strike with her best-ranged attacks.

  • In one of his attacks, Prav will create a linear explosion of ice spikes that emerge from the ground. Reception is easily telegraphed and you will notice it from a distance.
  • Another attack starts with Pravo soaring high in the center of the arena and then creating a huge water sphere. If you don't destroy the orb by attacking it directly, it will explode.
  • When she is temporarily distracted, after a few seconds, jets of water swirling around her will fly into the air and fall on you. Move constantly to avoid damage.
  • Periodically, Prav creates huge cylindrical jets of water, directing them into the walls. If the jets hit you, Frey will fly into the wall and take damage. Pravo can also shoot these jets directly from his hands - such an attack is usually deployed after a huge jet is used.
In terms of your attacks, the aforementioned "Throw" remains the best spell in this fight. However, if you can get close to Prav, switch to Arc Slash and attack with a fire sword - this will deal more damage overall thanks to Prav's vulnerability to fire and the speed at which you can attack her.

Council. If you can lure Prav into the Crucible trap, she will take massive damage trying to get out of it. As a result, she will not even be able to get out.

Once Prav's health level drops to approximately 33%, the second phase will begin. At this stage, the tanta will always be upside down, and you will have to move between platforms on the water. It is important to always stay on these platforms. Not only can Prave freeze water for massive damage, but Frey is a slow swimmer.

At the second stage, Rights will have new attacks:

  • It will still create a water sphere that expands faster and flies at you a few seconds earlier. Try using Crucible to destroy it easily (if the skill is on cooldown and ready to use).
  • As I wrote above, Rights can freeze water. In a few moments, she will summon huge ice spikes from the ground. To avoid damage, stay on the platforms.
  • Rights can drive you to the center of the arena and blow a lot of dangerous bubbles. To get rid of them, attack directly with any spell. If you put the "Crucible" in front of them, the bubbles will burst against the fiery walls.
  • The right can shoot fast jets of water. Dodge them by using fluid movement, but be careful not to fall into the water. There are two varieties of this attack. In the first case, the jets of Rights fly out one after another, and in the second, it launches a whole squall after breaking a huge water sphere.
At this stage, damaging Rights is somewhat more difficult. However, she will have less health, so not many accurate hits will be required. Do your best to get closer to Prav. She is very mobile, and the battle area itself is dangerous, so please be patient. The Crucible spell isn't as effective at this point, as Prave seems to move right through it during certain attacks. A few moments after the attack, Prav will freeze the water, and you can even move on it. Use this to get close to her and attack.

The main task is to save your health, because before that you fought with a lot of monsters and for sure the supply of potions is far from ideal. Focus your efforts and energy on avoiding damage, not on attacking Rights. Eventually, you will have opportunities for a safe counterattack.

Chapter 9

As soon as you master the new bizarre power, you will have to return to Tsipal. Once you've regained control of Frey, follow the marker until you reach a very large lake at the top of the hill. Here you will learn how to use the water slide. In fact, everything is very simple: hold the keys/buttons of the fusion of movement, as if using magical parkour. You will literally glide through the water like a surfboard under your feet.

Note. Note that sliding consumes stamina. Being in the middle of a large body of water without stamina is very dangerous because enemies are hiding in the water! However, if you upgrade a spell by making a spellcasting test, it will consume less stamina when cast.

As soon as you get to the other side of the lake, fast travel will re-activate. You can go straight to Cipal to continue the story, although right now is a great time to explore more areas and regions, mastering the use of blue magic spells. As soon as you return to Tsipal, a series of videos will begin.

The action sequence includes several tough battles. Now, with the magic of the three elements at hand, you can deal damage to any opponent, avoiding resistance. At the very least, even if the opponent is invulnerable to two elements, he will at least have a neutral status to the third. Therefore, you now have a better chance of defeating opponents that you previously could not hit due to their invulnerability. In any case, when you're ready, return to Tzipal, as you did after defeating the Tanta Sayla. Pass through the main gate, listen to the conversation between Frey and the bracelet, moving to the council chamber. When you reach the chambers, a cut-scene will begin. The short chapter will end.

Chapter 10

A rather unusual section awaits you, which includes battles with several new opponents at once and the study of new mechanics.

Where to now?

Once you have control over Frey, exit the room and go to the Ouden Library. You won't be able to get into her main room, but you can knock on the door inside the house. If you took the desired item in the eighth chapter, put it on the table.

Note. Before heading to the Archives to continue the story, research Tsypal for new events: talk to the innkeeper and Viceroy Dax, chat with Olivia the cat, and pray for Robian on the steps to the council chamber.

When you're ready, enter the archive to watch a cutscene featuring Joedy. At this point, Frey decides to leave Zipal. Instead, turn around and return to the archives. Talk to Joedy again - she will give you the Nae-Asha necklace. Leave the city through the main gate.

New York part two

After the cut-scene, Frey will return to New York, to an apartment that is very similar to the apartment from the first chapter. Learn the following items to advance the story:

  • Book
  • Sneakers on the wall
  • Magazine on the table
  • cat food
  • Bag
A cut-scene will start. After that, interact with your wardrobe. Now follow the markers - there will be no passing tasks here. Just let history guide you where you need to go. When you get to the street, stop for a few seconds at the floating event markers ("question marks") to gain some experience. This will happen twice before you reach your final destination. At the end, you will see a cut-scene with a woman who looks like a Tsingta tantu and a man with the voice of the bracelet.

Wake up...

Immediately after the cut-scene, the battle will begin. You will learn about a new game mechanic - Lanterns. Think of them as Summoners or Necromancers that constantly spawn enemies that you've fought throughout the game. In this chapter, you will encounter two types of Lanterns. Lantern Origgi - the most simple and safe. To complete the battle, it is enough to destroy the Lantern itself, and then all the opponents he summons will disappear. It is not necessary to kill mobs unless absolutely necessary, since the Lantern will summon them indefinitely.

After the destruction of the first Lantern, the barrier ahead will disappear. Keep moving and destroy the second Lantern located a little further down the street. The barrier he generated is located behind you, so turn around and move in the opposite direction. Climb up the ramp on the side. Further actions are not difficult: destroy the Lantern and follow the markers to the next one. Eventually, you will reach a new type of Bargad Lantern. These Lanterns have a barrier around them to protect them from damage. To remove the barrier, you need to destroy the Phantoms summoned by him. You can tell which Phantoms are attached to the lantern by the barely visible glowing lines connecting them. Once you defeat the Phantoms, try to destroy Bargad's Lantern as quickly as possible - after a few moments, he will again summon the Phantoms and restore the barrier.

Council. Soon you will find yourself in the same alley that Frey ran through at the beginning of the game. Be careful while following it as the next Lantern will spawn a Ghostly Goliath - these are very strong enemies with a permanent regeneration effect. If you have not encountered them before, you need to learn how to use the right spells. The spell "Nkeidre" of the magic of Rights poisons them, which neutralizes the healing effect and makes it easier to destroy the goliath. Aim at the back of their head for extra damage.

Returning to the beginning of the game, you will find yourself at the end of the path. After the cutscene, you will come across a special tanta illusion of Olas, the Dimwitted Scientist.

How to defeat the Witless Scientist

This is an interesting boss. The battle consists of two stages, although this is not obvious from the very beginning. The Witless Scientist has a variety of lightning attacks that leave long-lasting effects on the battlefield, so you need to be aware of your surroundings:

  • It can create an electric ball on the ground that slowly moves towards you. The sphere follows Frey for a long time, don't forget about it.
  • There is also a piercing attack which involves slamming lightning into the ground. A circle will appear under Frey's feet, which will haunt her for some time. You need to constantly dodge to avoid a possible lightning strike.
  • During another attack, the scientist will accumulate energy in himself, and then direct it towards Frey. It's a fast attack, but with an obvious telegraphic effect.
  • Another ability allows the boss to create a lightning barrier that counts as an unblockable attack, so you won't be able to get close to it. Stay at a safe distance.
  • The enemy can become invisible. When he does, he will attempt a quick melee attack. To avoid this, use fusion of movements while the boss remains invisible. Don't stop until he shows himself. If you're low on stamina, try your best to keep an eye on the piercing indicator and dodge in time.

The dim-witted scientist is weak to Olas's magic, so her spells are the best option for this fight. Since you will likely be keeping a good distance from the boss, Chain Reaction is a good offensive spell to cast. Olas also has some very useful support spells that you can use:

  • The boss can be poisoned, so pay attention to the Neidre.
  • The boss is also not immune to Ubliette's effects, so you can deal a lot of damage by trapping him and bursting the bubble with a fully charged Chain Reaction spell.
  • Whirlpool is a great counter to the boss' ability to turn invisible. If you catch him in the whirlpool while the enemy is invisible, you will see a visual display of his positions and you will know where he is. Yes, yes, in the whirlpool.
All in all, this is not a very difficult fight - just learn his attacks and use the combination of movements to avoid dangerous moves. In case of difficulties, pay attention to equipment that improves stamina regeneration. As soon as you reduce the boss's health to zero, do not rush to rejoice. This is how the second phase begins. Once the Dimwitted Scientist is revived, even more tricks aimed at your sight and hearing will appear up his sleeve.

At certain points in the second phase, the boss will disable one of your senses for a while. Otherwise, his attacks will be the same as in the first stage, but the complications and confusion that can result from losing his senses makes the task more difficult:

  • When the boss deafens you, a strange screen filter appears. You will not see warnings for piercing or unblockable attacks.
  • Once the boss removes vision, you won't be able to lock it on ALT until the effect ends. And you won't be able to see the boss until he's directly in front of you.
  • When the boss removes third sense, you cannot use offensive spells. However, you can still activate support spells, so try using them or just wait for the effect to wear off.
After you experience all three effects, they will repeat until the end of the battle. As soon as you damage the Witty Scientist a little during the second phase, he will create two phantom versions of himself. They will use the same set of attacks as the main boss, but they are much easier to destroy. So do it first. As long as you use a good ranged spell (such as Chain Reaction), the extra phantoms shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once you defeat the boss, you will complete the tenth chapter.

Chapter 11

This will be a long chapter. You will be able to explore Vizoria, the largest region of Atia, but there are many things to do once you get to Vizoria Castle itself.

Vizoria research

You'll start this chapter in the Unknown Plain, the central region of Visoria, so don't worry about the long walk to the castle. You can already see the castle in the distance! You will be able to go through at least three regions, including the one indicated above. In addition to the plain, these are the Vizor Plateau and the Tanta Lands. Explore this region as much as you want. You can choose the most interesting activities for yourself. The Unknown Plain has some easy-to-find magic bonuses, and the Vizor Plateau has a nice cloak at the end of the Forbidden Labyrinth. The only thing that prevents you from going to Tanta's Lands is the main gate of the Vizor Castle, which is located on the western edge of the plateau. Go there and fight the enemies. Inside, you'll have to destroy four of Origgi's lanterns and three of Bargad's lanterns.

Note. Remember that Origgi's Lanterns must be destroyed first, and then the phantoms summoned by them will disappear. But in the case of the Lanterns of Bargad, you first have to kill the associated phantoms, after which the barrier will disappear, and you can destroy the Lantern itself. In this fight, we recommend that you deal with Origgi's Lanterns first.

After winning a battle, you will receive another stamina boost. Continue to Tanta's Grounds, activate the fast travel point in the hideout, stock up on healing potions, and head towards the castle in the center. This area is difficult to navigate. First of all, make sure that you choose the right exit from the main gate of the Vizor Castle: the passages to the left and right lead to completely different areas. The entrance to the castle itself is located well below street level - you need to find a staircase leading to the outer walls of the courtyard. There are several of them, so it shouldn't take long - just be careful of the many annoying flying enemies.

Vizor Castle

Before you can enter the castle, you will have to deal with another Bargad Lantern located in the courtyard. This Lantern will summon a Merciless Judge and a Traitor Knight, making it one of the hardest fights in the game.

Council. Eliminate the Merciless Judge first, as he can heal allies. Once he is defeated, finish off the Traitor Knight. Save the break magic for the Lantern - a few normal offensive spells, combined with a fully charged break attack, will instantly destroy the Lantern without respawning enemies.

After you deal with the Lantern, enter the castle. There are four floors to climb:

  • There is a workbench on the first floor. Use it to stock up on healing potions and upgrade gear if needed.
  • On the second floor, you need to destroy Origgi's Lantern, but the main difficulty is to find it in a small maze.
  • On the third floor is another Bargada lantern that needs to be destroyed.
  • On the fourth floor there will be a battle with a mini-boss - Kastal's Lantern. It's basically a huge Bargad Lantern - all you have to do is defeat the phantoms it summons and try to reduce the Lantern's HP. Surely in one cycle (not at an easy level of difficulty), this will not work.
Note. There are many paintings in Vizors Castle to explore and they all tell the story of Atia and the tents. Don't forget to do this as you go up the floors!

After destroying the Kastal Lantern, go through the door on the floor and go up to the throne room.

How to beat Susurra

In fact, you won’t be able to defeat Suzurr right now, but you can’t lose, as in the case of the Dragon. You can't cast spells, you can't use movement fusion, and Suzurr's attacks deal a lot of damage. If you get under fire, heal immediately. After a short communication between Frey and Suzurr, after a few minutes, the enemy will say that the girl will have to run. A marker will appear and you can interact with the door to avoid the fight. In the next video, Frey will be transported to another place.


Frey will end up in Svargan, a place that only tants know about. Before interacting with the large glowing spot in the center of the area, gather the mana scattered around. There's a total of 36 mana here - a great trophy! The next sequence of actions is very simple - just follow the markers on the map to each light source, view and listen to episodes from the past of each tanta. The goal is simple - with the help of the past, you must return the entire set of spells from each magic. When you encounter a torana, always go inside. Eventually, you will come across a torana leading to Vizoria. After the cut-scene, the battle against the Beast will begin.

How to defeat the Beast

If you've fought Amphicynodon in any of Atia's Forbidden Labyrinths, then you know what to expect from him. The Beast is a fairly aggressive attacking monster, though all of its movements are telegraphable. The boss is highly vulnerable to Frey's magic. This is good, since only purple magic is available to you. Use support spells to your advantage to quickly end the fight. The boss does not have much health, so the battle will end quickly. After the battle, you will re-learn Olas magic. Keep moving towards the next lights until you reach a new boss.

How to defeat the second Beast

This opponent will have the same move set as Gigas. To defeat him, you need to rely on the magic of Olas.

Note. The key to using Olas magic is to use the normal Dart attack - just left-click without holding your finger on the button. Each dart that hits the enemy will leave a trail. After that, as soon as the spell is charged, the marks will be fixed. And the more darts / marks, the higher the subsequent damage.

The strategy is very simple: avoid the boss's attacks by throwing a lot of darts at him. When the opportunity arises, charge your Pulse Dart and deal a ton of damage in one hit. However, this is a training sequence, so there should be no problems. After this fight, you will return the Rights magic. Keep going until you meet the next boss in Preenost.

How to beat the Bird

This bird is an illusory version of Apsarawi. For most of the fight, the boss is high up in the air, so you'll have to climb buildings to attack him. The best option is Olas magic. In particular, "Chain Break". Bird is weak to these spells, and Chain Break is quite fast and has a very long range, which is perfect for this fight. The Bird has little health, so killing it is not difficult. A few fully loaded chain bolts will do the trick. After the fight, you will return Sayla's magic. As before, continue moving from light source to source. When you get to the nursery, inspect all the interactive objects in the room to go to the end of the chapter.

Which toran to enter?

Functionally, the eleventh chapter is complete, but the last choice awaits you. One leads to New York and the other leads to Zipal for the final battle.

  • If you go through the torana to New York, the game will end abruptly. Don't worry, you can return to the selection by clicking on "Continue" in the main menu.
  • If you follow through the torana to Tsipal, the eleventh chapter will end and the twelfth will begin.
Please note that right now you can return to other parts of Atia (sort of) to complete various activities. As soon as you move to Cipal through the torana, all activities will be blocked until the end of the game.

Chapter 12

A real fighting marathon awaits you, so it is important to prepare carefully.


After passing through the torana to Tsipal, you will find that the city is under attack. Follow the markers, destroying the enemies you encounter along the way. Use Sayla's magic against reptile monsters and Rights' magic against birds. This will put pressure on their vulnerabilities and quickly end the battles. Eventually, you'll reach the square and run into the Mutilated Goliath, who is backed by a group of Canis Dirus. Dogs can be ignored. You will somehow kill them with normal attacks, and they do not pose a threat at this stage. But the main threat comes just from the Mutilated Goliath.

To deal with Goliath's constant regeneration, use Neidre (one of the Rights support spells) to poison him. After that, switch to Olas magic and cast any offensive spells that Goliath is vulnerable to. Especially a lot of damage will be dealt if you throw darts at the boss. Every time repeat the use of "Neydre" and dodge enemy attacks. If you have previously fought with any Shattered Goliath, then the battle will be almost the same.

Preparing for the final battle

After the battle with the Shattered Goliath, you will find yourself in the archives where the inhabitants of Cipal are hiding. Talk to everyone you can - each of the governor will give a healing potion. There's also a crafting table and a spell bookcase here, so make sure you get what you need before heading into the final battles. I recommend choosing a set of equipment that enhances all four different types of magic, as in the fight with the final boss you will have to use all of them. When you're ready to move on to the final part, talk to Pilo standing in the aisle.

How to beat Suzurr in the first fight

This is the first of three stages of the final battle. Throughout the phase, you will be riding the Dragon. A fairly simple phase - hold RMB to use fire breath and destroy Suzurr, who has turned into a flock of birds. Respond to red tags. If you do not destroy the birds, they will attack Frey, who will lose precious HP and will be forced to use healing potions. And you will need them in more difficult stages of the battle! Basically, you will reduce Suzurr's health to 0 pretty soon. In the next cutscene, hold LMB and RMB and watch the cutscene that will lead you to the second phase of the fight.

How to beat Suzurr in the second fight

At this stage, Frey will gain super strength and her attacks will deal massive damage. At various points during this phase, Suzurr will summon enemy groups. You will understand how strong Frey is, so you don't even have to switch between different spells, picking them up for one type of enemy or another.

Note. At the beginning of this phase, you will receive the Pass ability. It allows you to enter an invulnerable space for a while, literally moving through the air and completely avoiding damage. Stamina is consumed, so be careful!

Suzurr is an easy boss. He will teleport between different points in the area and shoot fire.

  • When Suzurr launches a golden bird, simply use your movement to dodge it. If you hit a bird, you will be temporarily immobile.
  • The boss can summon huge stone spiers from underground to attack you. They are difficult to see if you are in the air, so you are ready to recover and heal.
  • The enemy can fire laser beams and homing orbs - you'll know he's using one of these attacks when the orbs around the central orb start to spin. Just be prepared to dodge with fluid motions.
  • At different points in the battle, three copies of Suzurr will appear above the castle, charging a huge flurry of lasers across the battlefield. While charging is in progress, run to the archive door - this is a safe area. Use "Pass" to avoid lasers if you are far from the door.
You can use any spell you like to damage Suzurr. Dealing enough damage will cause Suzurr to move to other areas of the arena, so be prepared to chase him. You can't call this a difficult battle. Summoned enemies are more annoying. Use buildings next to Suzurr if you can't hit him from below (rare, but it happens). After defeating the suzurr once again, you will proceed to the final phase of the battle.

How to defeat Susurra for the last time

The final stage of the battle against Suzurra will be difficult until you figure out one simple trick. Did not notice? Suzurr tries to mimic the fighting styles of the four tantas in the order they died, but in doing so, gains a severe vulnerability to the magic of the tanta used. This means that in the first part of the fight he is weak to Sayla's magic, then he becomes vulnerable to Rights magic, after - Olas and so on.

Suzurr likes to teleport. In addition, he will transform into a flock of tiny birds - during this movement it is impossible to hit him, so do not even try. Use these moments to charge up your attacks and then release when he returns to his normal form. Watch out for quick sword strikes, which he uses right after transforming from a flock of birds. Other tricks:

  • One of the most annoying attacks: Suzurr jumps into the air, which is accompanied by an unblockable attack indicator. After a few moments, he will crush the earth with a huge explosion that cannot be dodged. To avoid damage, use "Pass" right after Suzurr disappears into the air.
  • Suzurr has melee combos that are hard to keep track of due to the constant teleportation between hits. Use fluid movement to avoid damage.
  • Suzurr can charge a very large laser. An obvious, telegraphed attack, although the beam generates incredibly fast, so be on the lookout.
Attack Suzurr during the downtime between his attacks. There are many such moments. When you reduce his health to 75%, Suzurr will use a fully unblockable laser attack that will trigger a cutscene. During this video, you will notice how the symbol on the back of the boss changes. This signals that he is in a different phase. Now he is weak to Right magic, and will use her spells:

  • Suzurr can fly into the air to fire lasers, so attacking him during this move is not recommended.
  • The enemy can fire multiple golden orbs. They are unblockable and cover most of the battlefield, so use Skip to avoid the initial flurry of this attack. The spheres will follow you for a while, so be careful.
  • When the boss is on the ground, he can use a very fast attack at close range, launching a fan of spheres. Just keep your distance.
Use Chain Break to deal with Suzurr in this form. She has the best damage of any Prava spell and has a very good range, making her useful even when Suzurr is in the air. When you reduce his health to about half, he will change his form and become vulnerable to Olas' magic. At this stage, Suzurr summons several tornadoes. They gradually suck you in, making it hard to dodge Suzurr's attacks or do positioning in general.

  • Suzurr is a bit more aggressive in this phase. He will perform more powerful melee attacks after transforming from his tiny bird flock form, and his teleportation combos will trigger faster and more frequently.
  • One of his new attacks is a ground slam that creates a massive shockwave that deals damage. Use "Skip" or fusion of movements.
Tornado avoidance is the main task in this stage. Shoot a lot of darts at Suzurra, putting as many marks on him as possible. And then use the impulse dart. Between the third and fourth phases, there is a lengthy full cutscene after which Suzurr will be weak to Frey's magic. New tricks up his sleeve:

  • He will hover higher to activate a laser attack from a greater distance. Use the fusion of movements to move to the boss and attack.
  • Suzurr can fire golden orbs all over the battlefield, similar to the attack used during the Rights phase. Use Pass!
  • After golden spheres, the enemy often turns into a flock of golden birds. And again, you need a "Pass" to avoid contact with the ground.
  • The boss can summon one golden bird and launch it at you. Dodging is quite easy using the movement fusion.
The task at this stage is to get to Suzurra. He will avoid you and shoot from a distance. You need to get close and deal as much damage as possible with Multi-Shot or Burst. In the end, a monologue will begin, during which Suzurr will not even attack you. This is the perfect chance to get up close and shoot him with fully charged volleys. Don't try to use break magic when the enemy is in the air. You simply won't hit it.

When Suzurr is low on health, a cutscene will start, causing a huge explosion. Try using Pass to avoid it, or heal right away. This is the perfect time to use breakthrough magic and finish off the enemy. During the next cutscene, hold LMB and RMB until the bar fills up. The plot of the game is fully completed!

Chapter 13

While there aren't many side missions in Forspoken's post-game, the ones that do appear will prove to be much more difficult. There are even some fun quests. In addition, you have a whole world at your disposal that can be explored without any pressure, as Atia's biggest threat is once again on Frey's right arm.

Peace Keeper

The plot of the game was completed in the previous chapter, but there is still some work for you to do. Once you get to the postgame, Frey will reunite with the bracelet, which has taken the form of a gold tattoo on the girl's arm. In the conversations of the heroes, you will now and then hear discussions of what happened in the last chapters.

Naturally, you will wake up in Tzipala. In addition to the new side missions listed below, there are many new events for you to witness:

  • You can complete the last cat chases and get the last two dolls.
  • Talk to the innkeeper, Wallace, Milia, Viceroy Triha, and the priest.
  • After talking with the priest, go to the junkyard to find Elef's knife. Talk to the priest again about the knife.
  • Speak with Viceroy Bellette at the apple stand and then with her in the Council Chamber.
There are even more events, but let's switch to side tasks!

Associated task "Revived Cipal"

Find Pilo and talk to him to start a new quest that involves helping the Cipalis rebuild the city. Follow Pilo through Tzipal until you decide to help those in need - you need to help three people.

  • The first is a man who needs cat food. This is a very simple quest - another person with cat food is right here in Tsipal. Just find it, get the cat food and automatically deliver it to the man.
  • The second person is a woman who needs different flowers that grow only outside Tsipal, or rather, on the Sacred Peaks. In order to get to the Sacred Peaks faster, if you haven't been there yet, a new gate will open in the north of Tsipal. Go there, kill the enemies and collect all the flowers, highlighting them with the analysis from the bracelet.
  • The third character is a boy who wants a bench. To fulfill his request, you need to go to the village of Minera, located in Preinost. It's not a long journey - just go there, kill the enemies and check out a couple of benches. Keep in mind that you will return to Tsipal automatically, so activate the shelter in advance.
By completing these three small requests, you will complete the side quest and get a good experience. After completing the "Reborn Cipal" you will unlock a new mini-journey - "Dancing in the Cipal". This is a much more difficult version of the rhythm game that you could play with Pilo in Chapter 6. To get started, talk to Pilo. Follow the prompts on the screen and press the corresponding keys. Each repeat dance will have the same key sequence, so you can write it down somewhere. For the victory, you will receive a very large increase in experience. Also, by completing this side mission, you can find Olivia's cat and see a new event.

Side mission "Forgotten Lullabies"

Talk to Joedy on the steps to the archive to start this quest. After the cutscene, follow the marker to the top of Binna's tower to talk to Jennesh, who will give you a tiny key. Your next destination is Juno Castle and the western gate of the grove will open to allow you to do so. Although you can use fast travel to the hideout in the city at Juno Castle.

Head to Juno Castle. When you enter the yard, you will be attacked by three waves of the Maimed, which include Horns, Skeletons and Wings. After dealing with them, you will be able to enter the castle through a hole in the wall, which was done at the very beginning of the game. Follow the markers and watch cut scenes. In the last room, examine the picture frame to complete the task.

After this quest, you can return to the top of Binnoy's tower to witness a new event. Enter the cell from above and talk to the guards. In addition, now you can pray for all tantu and tantu Tsingtu in particular. Praying for all four people: Olivia, Robian, tant and Tsingta will unlock the achievement.

Side mission "Greetings from the past"

This quest will start right after finishing the previous side quest. This is because Frey wants to remember the various stages of his journey and become strong enough to hold back the bracelet's influence. Functionally, you can simply repeat all the battles with the main bosses of the game. True, you will have to defeat the bosses in the allotted time. Unfortunately, the battles and bosses themselves don't change in any way, so you'll most likely blow them all but the last one.

The various bosses are listed below in the order in which you must fight them. To start these memories, you need to go to the indicated place - the marker on the map will indicate the correct path.

  • Location: City center at Juno Castle.
  • Allotted time to win: 10 minutes
  • Reward: mana, materials
Tanta Sayla :

  • Location: Preinst Castle Hall
  • Allotted time to win: 10 minutes
  • Reward: mana, materials
Tanta is right :

  • Location: Avoaleth Castle Yard
  • Allotted time to win: 15 minutes
  • Reward: mana, materials
Dimwitted Scientist :

  • Location: Vizor Castle Hall
  • Allotted time to win: 15 minutes
  • Reward: mana, materials
Suzurr :

  • Location: Square in Tsipal
  • Allotted time to win: 20 minutes
  • Reward: mana, materials

General information on the task:

  • These boss fight sequences will play out in full, including cutscenes. However, you can skip them by pausing the game and selecting the appropriate item.
  • If you score the maximum number of points, flowers will be your reward. If you don't reach the upper threshold, you'll get something else.
  • During the fight with the Pravo tanta, you will also have to go through three rounds against normal enemies. Defeating them does not give bonus points like in a normal flashback.
  • The fight with Suzurr rules out the first phase when Frey is on top of the Dragon.

What to do next

After defeating Suzurr, you will complete the side objective. After that, it remains to explore the vast world of Atia, become stronger and complete small tasks that Forspoken has to offer. Here are some recommendations:

  • Complete all tasks in each region. During this time, you will find all the points of interest and be able to complete the New Horizons side mission.
  • Get the highest scores in all memories.
  • Collect all achievements.
  • Buy everything you can, including all books from the bookseller, cat toys from the cat lover, and curious items from the merchant inside Visoria.